Media Lesson: Music Videos Today in lesson my classmates and I presented our favourite music videos, so tha t we can

get influences and ideas from one another for our own music video. Belo w shows notes that I took down in class about the music videos I watched. Media A2: Lesson two Gaaron: Elvis vs JXL A little less conversation Abstract: various performers, dancers, singers used Larelle: – Work It: Performance, genre: hip-hop re-enacting the lyrics to the song, conventions of h ip hop videos: girls wearing thongs, the costume: bling, jewellery, conforms to stereotypes of hip-hop videos. Louie: Rihanna – Rudeboy. Performance based also abstract video, Genre: Pop Colourful, sexual based, pop art influenced by “Neneh cherry buffalo stance” and or salt and pepper. Dennis and Kayleigh: Evanescience- Wake me up. Genre: Rock. Director Phillip Stozl. Music video is a hybrid contains performanc e, abstract and narrative. A lot of high production. Suicidal elements, dark yet gothic elements. Fits conventions of the genre; dark overall look, everyone loo ks happy but when the mask is lifted she is crying. Ibrahim: Ed Sheren A Team Genre: Indie/Folk, Abstract and Narrative. £20 to make the music video, black and white e ffect throughout the video. Apart of reality sense of realism Sonia: Usher ft. Ludacris, Lil John- Yeah Genre: Hip-Hop, Artist performs within the video, conforms to hip-hop stereotype s (costume, at a club dancing with girls, talking about girls and there bums, ty pical dance moves) Monique: Chris Brown ft Kevin McCall- Strip Performance based, genre: pop, costume is very stereotypical of a party scene; t he music video is casual and gives a sense of realism. Selassi: 50 Cent – Many men Director Jessie Terreo. Narrative: about him and him being shot. Conforms to hip -hop video stereotypes. The shop that 50 Cent walks out of before he gets shot i s named “Terreo” which is the directors last name. Shows the story of how was shot, when recovering, how people were on his hitlist, how he tried to find more infor mation on whom shot him. (Considered as a short film) Shannon: Nicki Minaj ft Chris Brown – Right by my side Off of Nicki Minaj’s album “Pink Friday”. Shows stereotypes of a pop video (shows a m an and women finding love in one another), a lot of bling, designer clothes, mak es young girls want to grow up to be like her and have expectations of their boy friend buying them cars etc. Sofia: Time ft Delilah- Chase and Status Shows rape, domestic violence that the father has given, shows children starting to understand that the father is abusing the mother. Shows the father is an alc holholic