Floor care buzzwords “Slip and Fall risks, Less time, Fewer dollars, More shine….

” We have and continue to hear them all. But imagine a solution that addresses all this and more?
Swish Clean & Green™ High Traction Neutral Gloss Restorers is the latest breakthrough in oor maintenance that improves foot traction or “Coe cient of friction” performance. It is designed to be used for deep cleaning and to enhance the gloss of the oor nish, all in one easy step. At the same time cost is within R.T.U. pennies of the various hard oor care products available that are used in an attempt to obtain the same results. The simplicity and ease of use is amazing. It starts with a simple dilution of Clean & Green™ High Traction Neutral Gloss Restorer at a ratio of 2 oz. per gallon (60 mL/4L) of water in a mop bucket or automatic scrubber. Prior to washing the oor surface should be dust mopped to remove gross amounts of dust, dirt and debris. Then the oor is washed in the typical fashion. The deep cleaning properties of this amazing product go to work instantaneously and the di erence is seen immediately. A cleaner higher gloss oor is left behind as it dries and best of all the gloss can be further enhanced if desired. Bu ng with a single or two speed swing machine works well with a white pad but electric, battery or propane burnishers will enhance the gloss even higher. If you are concerned about your slip and fall risks, have less budget and time but still need to maintain a brilliant shine be sure to include Clean & Green™ High Traction Gloss Restorer in your maintenance program.

A key characteristic of any oor nish is its slip resistance. It is absolutely critical that a nish is safe to walk on and that it provides adequate anti-slip characteristics to help prevent slip-and fall accidents. The anti-slip characteristics of a nish can be measured in the laboratory and are called the “Coe cient of friction”. The coe cient of friction in oor nishes is measured using a laboratory tool called the James Method D-2047. The standard for acceptability (0.5 or higher) was rst recommended by the Federal Trade Commission in 1953 and has since been adopted as the standard of our industry. When selecting a nish or sealer you should always choose those that meet or exceed this 0.5 standard and qualify as “slip resistant”. When oors become slippery, it is very common for the oor nish to be blamed. Almost always, slippery oors are caused by a surface contaminant. The surface contaminant could be liquid (water, co ee, oil, silicone, grease, etc.) or solid ( our, sugar, sawdust, sand, etc.) Aggressive cleaning that removes surface contaminants usually removes the slippery condition provided the oor is not worn. Neutral type cleaners for frequent oor washing are commonly used with only one typical bene t in mind, a low price. These cleaners are being marketed to not harm, leave residue behind or dull shiny oors. This is true for the most part; however what fails to be recognized is that there are many di erent qualities of neutral cleaners available today. Some neutral cleaners are based on pH only and they too fail to deep clean and remove dirt and debris from the nish that causes premature wear and yellowing. This also creates the need to schedule the use of an all inclusive product to reduce the risk of slip & fall incidents, enhance the gloss, prolong the life of your current oor care program and be UL Certi ed. UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Certi cation is the added protection and peace of mind that the product has been tested, classi ed and documented for slip resistance.

#65334-4 • 3.78L