These are the backstage elements, which help in a great way for the customers to evaluate the service. When we talk about tangible product in Travel and Tourism the 1st would include a) Swagat It means warm welcome. Everyone loves a warm welcome. It really gives a good start to the whole holiday. Thus keeping this tangible factor in mind the tourism agencies for exampleThomas cook always keeps in mind the Swagat of their traveler. One good example of such is in this package of Thomas cook from Mumbai to Goa, wherein they give a welcome drink to travelers and provide them with a fruit platter and famous cashew nuts of Goa. b) Suvidha It means facility. Today if you talk top any business traveler they want to be pampered silly from flat beds in business class to Wi-Fi in hotels customize the needs. These are the kind of facilities they expect. Thus if a Travel and Tourism organization is able to provide all such demanding facilities then it adds value to its travel products and makes the product hike from standard quality level to superior quality level. c) Safai It means cleanliness. Hygiene is also an important factor of a travel package. Clean hotel rooms and lobby create a spik and span impression of the package and add to the quality level.

A very important way, in which THOMAS COOK responded to their highly complex pricing circumstances, is to operate at two levels.  T h e f i r s t l e v e l i s c o r r e s p o n d s wi t h t h e ma r k e t i n g s t r a t e g y, which concerns with the product positioning, value for the money, long run return on investments etc.
 The second level corresponds to the marketing operations or tactics where

the prices are manipulated to match the current demand and competition.

cooking gas switch to be turned off etc and if the customer is going for foreign tour then a list of basic words like hello. direct booking can b e d o n e f o r wh i c h t h e p a yme n t c a n b e ma d e t h r o u g h t h e c r e d i t card. water etc in the foreign country language which will make it easy for the customer. natural service. comfortable seats while traveling. layout. telephone booth also form a part of the physical evidence. Printed matters such as brochures also play an important role in the development of tourism. route maps. . in tourism is intangible. ADD THIS POINT IN PLACE AFTER D MATTER OF HARD COPY (7P’S) Different distribution strategies are selected for Tours marketing b y T H O M A S C O O K . TH O M AS C OO K a c t s a s wh o l e s a l e r s a n d also act as a retailer. the sign posts that indicate directions. a list of things to be done before going for a holiday e. this establishes value for money.g. which must be matched when the product is delivered. product image and status.ADD THIS POINT OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE (7P’S) PHYSICAL EVIDENCE The tourist attraction. It also has its own offices from where booking can be done. Th e r e a r e a l s o s ma l l a g e n t s ( wh o h a v e t a k e n franchise of THOMAS COOK) spread all over the town/country who a l s o p l a y a r o l e o f p l a c e . THOMAS COOK provides its customers with a detailed brochure of the tour they have selected. which is an expensive for the customer must be tangibilized with the help of tangible items like. The latest mode of reaching the customers is through Internet that is it has its own website from where information on the tours can be procured. As the product. information regarding rules and regulations of the tourist spot and the sign regarding the public utilities like toilets. etc. and design of the resort.

comfortable and conv enient trip . spectacular sights and music Totall.ETC FROM INTERNET IN PRODUCTS POINT(7p’S) Sr. BASIC.y customized tours packages.ADD THIS TABLE AND ONE DIAGRM OF CORE. hotel reservation Customer friendliness. A grade service at every 1 Benefit Core product Meaning The fundamental benefit or services that the customer is buying Basic. . functional attributes Set of attributes/conditions the buyer normally expects That meets the customer’s desire beyond expectations The possible evolution to distinguish the offer With respect to Thomas Cook Travelling 2 3 Basic product Expected product Ticketing. good food 4 Augmented product 5 Potential product Promt services.