eggPlant Features ?Fast and easy scripting.

Allows you to identify interface elements, like buttons and text fields, to drive the application. For each step, eggPlant captures the image?completely independent of coordinates?writes a command into your script and executes the command. Provides an easy way to move into automated testing? without spending months training to use the tool. You just need to know how users work with the application. ?Script execution guide. Highlights each line of a script with a distinctive background color while that line is being executed so you can follow along with what is happening during script execution. ?Progress communication. Communicates information about the script?s progress, events that occur or problems encountered?without stopping the script. Results logging. Records information in a log file as a script is run, which means you can ensure that the script does what you want it to do and that you can verify the user?s experience. ?Script tracing. Enables you to click on a line in the detailed results log and display the image associated with that event, if any. This capability provides an efficient way to identify the steps that were taken by a script and view the image that was actually seen out of a list of possible variants. ?Batch scripting. Allows you to make a list of scripts that can be run as a batch. You can indicate that a script should only be run if the higher-level script succeeds. This type of automation saves time and effort and avoids testing errors. eggPlant is a cross-platform, test automation tool that allows testing of any application on any system.With its point-and-click, image-based interface, test scripts develop before your eyes. And, because it uses the mouse, keyboard and screen just as you do, anything that you can do manually, eggPlant can do automatically

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EggPlant Feedback

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it can test in many situations that other tools cannot. Silverlight. Property handling is strange Tool best advantage is that it works on both WIN and MAC.Net.Recognizing images or text in images is not as reliable as it needs to be . Since it does not reside on the system-under-test and is technology agnostic.The communication via VNC in EggPlant is not very reliable on a large scale . HTML. High License cost of EggPlant Server makes it too costly . eggPlant is a low-overhead. Testing Methods: Automatic Testing Black Box testing Functional testing Performance testing Testing Objectives: GUI testing Java testing Mobile testing Performance Analysis .Running a large test set requires reruns due to often not repeatable errors .Changes to the Look and Feel often force a redefinition of the tests . non-invasive black-box test automation tool. By using image capture and advanced search techniques. eggPlant is ideal for GUI test automation and black-box testing of any application including those that can cause problems for other tools such as: Flash. Java. .The language tries to simulate normal speech instead of focussing on a consistent modern programming language.. TestPlant’s GUI automation and software testing product eggPlant is designed with businesses analyst.Pros: + Working with different Browsers and OS is possible + Scanning images to locate elements is in principle independent of technology + Every user action involving mouse and keyboard and feedback from screen can be handled (in principle) Cons: . The core of the tool is VNC over which wrappers are written to provide easy functionality. This black-box driven test tool does not interact with the underlying code. most GUI changes are not a problem. professional software application testers and manual testers in mind.

With a patented innovative approach.Web testing Special SUT Support: AJAX Android apps DHTML Dot. IT. and entertainment. with full browser compatibility and the ability to run in dynamic environments including HTML5. Flex and Flash. enabling automation of screen-based testing through „search and compare‟. Target Platform : All Language: Language Independent eggPlant profile: . Silverlight. media. eggPlant is technology agnostic. eggPlant is non-invasive and a unique and invaluable feature for testers working in defense. security.NET Flesh Flex HTML iPhone apps Java App Java GUI Mobile RIA Silverlight Swing SWT Symbian apps Web Windows GUI Windows Mobile apps Scripting Language: Visual Design Recorder: 1 User Interface Available: GUI usability Integrated into ALM Stand Alone application System Integrate: Android Emulator Test Management integration Description: eggPlant is a powerful test tool that creates an abstraction of a GUI for any device type.

This black-box driven test tool does not interact with the underlying code. Our image recognition algorithm can be trained to spot any variances in expected outcomes – bugs! eggPlant can be tuned to detect colors . even those that they previously thought could not be automated. TestPlant‟s GUI automation and software testing product eggPlant is designed with businesses analyst. All of these features defined in the patent filed in 2003 and granted by the US patent and Trademarks Office in January 2011. In computing terms. TestPlant‟s automated visual testing tool uses patented image recognition technology to test the entire functionality of an application rather than its technical design. eggPlant‟s GUI testing capabilities aren‟t limited to just these languages. eggPlant is completely technology-agnostic. load testing or any other software testing – it‟s incredibly secure because all processes occur inside the organization‟ firewall. eggPlant‟s image recognition technology means it‟s perfect for GUI testing on C4ISR applications with rich graphical dashboards. so the quality assurance process becomes much cheaper. it can be tuned to tolerate customized screens and. because eggPlant is designed for professionals. This also reduces the amount of manual testing required. anywhere. eggPlant also allows testers to run several automated testing cycles simultaneously. Flex and Flash. eggPlant can validate and verify applications across any platform. under all conditions. Another unique feature of eggPlant is the two computer approach. QA automation and software testing can be a demanding job. As a test engineer trains eggPlant through a test procedure (or a manual test) a simple command “script” is compiled. eggPlant for defense: eggPlant helps defense organizations address all these challenges. professional software application testers and manual testers in mind. fail to replicate the way in which your customers will interact with your product/service offering or are lacking in ease of use features are of little to no benefit. This integrated command language in eggPlant is “SenseTalk” and it has proved to be extremely easyto-use as it was designed for non-development users not necessarily trained in computer languages. non-invasive [it doesn't "mess" with systems under test] and can link with any device with an IP address. These features include: Image Doctor .eggPlant is an intelligent robotic test tool capable of seeing the display on the systems under test. And no matter how it‟s used – be it for regression testing. a single eggPlant license and user can test many systems in any hardware of operating environment across a test lab or across a global network. each time an inconsistency is spotted. so it can test applications across multiple platforms. eggPlant is loaded on the test controller and using virtual networking communication (VNC) a link is established with the system under test (the SUT). The eggPlant visual automated test tool helps defense organizations ensure applications are robust. and budgets stretch a lot further. solutions can go live much faster than if the quality assurance team was using traditional testing tools. By such method. TestPlant appreciates this fact and offers eggPlant – a QA automation tool that is easy to use while immensely powerful. QA analyst it includes numerous features to make software testing simple yet powerful. fit for purpose and user-friendly. As a result. it can operate in dynamic environments using Silverlight. eggPlant is ideal for GUI test automation and black-box testing of any application including those that can cause problems for other tools such as:      Flash Java HTML . operating systems and physical devices.Net Silverlight But. any device. eggPlant is technology agnostic (cross browser and cross-platform). This means that quality assurance teams can ensure that software provides a reliable user experience. a fault report with a screen shot of the actual point of failure is saved for easy reference by developers.even tones of color. Software test tools that take a long time to learn. Plus. TestPlant‟s customers have found eggPlant to be capable of automating any application they like.

groupings of scripts. For situations where multiple runs of a script are desired. The Image Doctor can also be used interactively while developing scripts to add support for new platforms or languages. global property. without capturing an image of that text. Text Image Generator Enables a user to specify text. or to change a property. the user can specify a repeat count to run an entire batch multiple times in a row. Allow you to quickly open a previously created suite as well as the ability to delete an open suite by dragging the suite icon from its title bar to the trash. at the same time an image is captured. Connection List Enables the opening and closing of connections to Systems Under Test during script execution. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) . file. Quick Create Generates a script command. etc. function. Scheduler Allows users to make a list of scripts that can be run as a batch. This significantly improves image recognition and script maintenance. the text attributes (styles) for use with a given platform and assign a name to that style. Script Manager Improves the manageability of test and QA automation scripts by enabling you to create suites. The Scheduler also provides a mechanism for specifying System Under Test connection information individually for each scheduled script in a batch. open folder/closed folder. etc). such as a label or menu item that eggPlant should interact with. The user is able to specify various attributes such as how text images are to be generated for different platforms. Each script in a batch can be indented relative to the preceding script. and executes that command. It is also ideal for localization or crossplatform testing where images will be different but the steps remains the same. the user is given the option to automatically update their script with the new image that was found. When run in automatic mode the doctor determines the best match and continues script execution without failure. indicating that it should only be run if the higher-level script succeeds. After the test is complete. Image Collections The same image may have multiple states (highlighted. variable or file.eggPlant‟s Image Doctor can detect and diagnose when your underlying images change. It also enables you to delete the result logs for one or more script runs. AHDB Enables any command to be issued through the AHDB during a script run (whether paused or not) to display the value of a variable. eggPlant allows various states of an image to be grouped together and accessed within eggPlant using a single name. images and results. This allows image representations to be added without the need to modify your scripts. Results Pane Displays the detailed result log of actions performed on a System Under Test (SUT) on each script run.

eggPlant remains completely agnostic to the underlying technology. By using image capture and advanced search techniques.OCR enables eggPlant to read or find virtually any text on the SUT screen without sacrificing any of the advantages of a pure image-based approach. most GUI changes are not a problem. it can test in many situations that other tools cannot. Since it does not reside on the systemunder-test and is technology agnostic. non-invasive black-box test automation tool. . Summary eggPlant is a low-overhead.viewing and reading the SUT in the same way that a human user would.