A 150 meter square-house is sold!

(Sumber: www.renovasiataubangunbaru.blogspot.com) Facilities: 4 comfortable bedrooms 1 dining-room I kitchen Double bathroom Spacious front yard A garage Clean water supply Only 10 minutes ride to downtown. It’s only 200 million Rupiah! Please call Anis (021-2385766)

22.What is the purpose of the advertisement? A. To describe the house in simple way. B. To tell the readers there is a sold house. C. To persuade the readers to buy the house. D. To inform the reader about a certain house. E. To give short description about a nice house. 23. How many rooms does the house have? A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8 E. 9

A grand opening of King Supermarket.30 a. A new Shop.750 Rupiah B. 50.000 rupiah Hotel Cannero 28051 Cannero Riviera. Bar Staff. E. shirts. B. A job vacancy in Hotel Cannero. 6 days per week. Applicants should be fit and healthy. how much will you pay? A. Three day tour to Eropean countries. 20. What is the text about? A. A great discount for every item in King Supermarket.250 Rupiah C.000. 24.250 Rupiah E. Applications from 25 March to the end and send to Maria Carla at the above address.Italian or French required. Swimming Pool Attendants. King Supermarket Jalan Budaya No. 21. Sale 55% off Furniture: leather sofas. skirts. A week tour to Italy. Who is the addressee of this advertisement? . Around $ 150 per week. 42. to 10 p. 35. C. and sweaters. bookshelves. B.750 Rupiah D. Italy Phone:323788046 Waiters/Waitresses (2). 22.m. dining tables and chairs. D. The description on Cannero Riviera. What is the advertisement about? A.King Supermarket Great Sale This week only Sale 65% off Men and Women’s clothing: shoes. Knowledge of German. Free board and accommodation. If you buy skirt on sale for Rp 65. C. 29. A great discount for certain things.00.m 23. 12 hours per day. D. Period of work 3 or 6 months between end of March and end of October. E. 34 Open from 8. A healthy and clean environment. A new King Supermarket. organized and clean.

All who are fit and healthy.600 to 6000 square feet are available for immediate occupancy. Jawaban: B 21. The educated people who can handle service jobs. Jawabannya bisa dilihat pada kalimat “Period of work 3 or 6 months between end of March and end of October” Jawaban: E This new and unusual building in the down-town business district offers unique opportunities for small to midsized tenants to occupy an entire floor. Shopping centers E. For leasing information call. Buildings in business districts C. are under the control of Maria Carla D. A. and business services.. “For leasing information call 303-572-5947. D. Sudah jelas iklan lowongan pekerjaan akan memerlukan siapa saja yang memenuhi persyaratan yang disebutkan. Restaurant D. Availability to get unique opportunities E.. Hotels C. A. Commuting is easy. will start working between March and October 20. Business services 20.” The underline word means …. B. hotels. are mostly Italians B.A. Jawaban: C 22. Leasing office space B. Hotels and restaurants in the down-town 19. What is the advertisement about? A. Those who can speak two foreign languages. Teks tersebut mengenai lowongan-lowongan yang ditawarkan di Hotel Cannero. Parks B. Purchasing B. Convenient to shops. Buying . will get accommodation C. with the nearest subway stop only one block away.. Conveniences offered by the company D. Which of the following is NOT close to the building? A. E. Building C. C. restaurant. 22. Those who can serve foreigners. will take control of each department E. All who meet the requirements mentioned. 303-572-5947 18. Those who are accepted to work for the hotel . Selling D. OFFICE SUTTES From 1.

Iklan itu menawarkan sederetan kantor (office suites). Jawaban: A 19. Jawaban: A 20. Renting 18. and business service. Disebutkan di iklan itu “convenien to shops. hotels. restoran.” (cocok untuk toko. restaurant.E. Leasing = renting = penyewaan Purchasing = pembelian Selling = penjualan Building = bangunan Buying = pembelian Jawaban: E . hotel dan layanan bisnis) jadi yang tidak sesuai untuk parks (taman).