ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGYthe conscious knowledge of the normal state and condition of certain parts of the body

wherein one would be able to tell any abnormality.-the body exerts uneven p oints of pressure against different areas of the

mattress.The sacrum may become the site for pre-assure sore because of the weight of the patient’s body and a reduced blood

• CHEMISTRYwoolen blanket f ibers may cause irritat ion to the patient’s .supply to the tissues over bony prominence.

skin. soap and bleaches used in . there must always be a sheet to separate the blanket from the patientstrong detergent.

commercial laundries may cause skinirritati on if bed linens are not thoroughly rinsed • MICROBIOLO GY-pathogenic .

microorganism may be transferred from the source to a new hostdirectly by contaminated linen. Hands should be washed before .

and after making bed.-bed linen should be folded away from the body to minimize the transfer microor ganism to the .

and air motion is a method of transfer. • .clothing-fanning bed clothing stirs up bacteria in the air.

PHYSICSfriction can irritate the skin and cause rashes. It is therefore appropriate to keepthe lines smooth and .

stability of body (center of gravity over its base) • PSYCHOLOGY -use skill and efficiency in making the .wrinkle-free.

his . If the procedure brings comfort and relaxation.bed to minimize undue exertion and fatiguefor the patient.

• SOCIOLOGYthe nurse should know how to talk to patients. The nurse should also know thesubject .attitude willimprove.

3 KINDS OF LINENS A. 3.a large piece of . family.and work.Blanket.of conversation which interests the patient including his condition.

woolen and is used for warmth as a bed cover B.Top sheet-used to cover the patient to provide warmth. made .cloth often soft.

Cotton drawn sheet.of thick cotton. thermal material C.a piece of cloth that covers the rubber sheet and is used to .

Rubber sheet-used to protect the .used to cover the bed after mattress cover E.absorb and protect moisture D.Bottom sheet .

bottom sheet from soothing due to patient secretions and prevent the patients from getting bedsore. It is usually .

Wool en blanket-a .Mattress cover .a piece of cloth to cover the mattressG.placed over the center of the bottom sheetF.

large rectangle piece of cloth of soft fabric often either bound edges used especiallyfor warmth as a bed covering. It .

GUIDELINES IN BEDMAKING .should be light. warm and large enough to cover theshoulder and to tuck in well at the foot and to extend over sides. 4.

3. Wash hands thoroughly after handling client’s bed linen.Hold soiled linens away from the body.1. .2.

Linen for one client is never placed on another client’s bed.4.Soiled linen is placed directly in a portable linen hamper or

tucked into a pillow case atthe end of the bed before it is gathered up for disposal in the linen hamper or in linenchute. Pillowcase is

then tied and labeled with: name, room number, communicable/n oncommunicable 5.

When stripping and making a bed.Soiled linen is never shaken in air. 6. conserve time and energy by stripping and .

Gather all needed linen . 7.making upone side as completely as possible before working on the other side.

5.Keep the patient’s enviro nment as clean and as neat as possible.before starting to strip the bed.8. BEGINNING SKILLS IN BEDMAKING .

A.Stripping the Bed – Removal of used linen and the airing of the mattress. Procedure: .

2.1. Place pillow on chair.Place chair at the foot of the bed.Remove pillow case from pillow. Place soiled pillow case on .

Loosen all bed linens starting at center of head of bed. raising the mattress with one handand drawing out bed .lower bar of the bed.3.

4. Wrap them all in asheet and place .Remove sheets separately. Fold each linen with soiled part inside.clothes with other.

B.For an UNOCCUPIED .Roll rubber sheet and place on chair.on lower bar of the bed.Remove mattress cover.6.5.

Equip ment: a.CLOSE D BED – Arranging clean bed linens on patient’s bed ready for admission.BEDa. mattress .

rubber sheet g. pillow cases 2c. top shee tb.Refold each sheet according .cover e. blanketd. cotton draw sheet Procedure: 1. bottom sheet f.

Place clean linens on chair in order of use.Plac e bottom sheet .2.3.4.Cover its system of use. See to it that the bed is flat.

Tuck extra .with center fold in center in line with rim of mattress at foot part. Make mitered corner of head part.Spread across bed.

Cover with drawsheet.sheet at side from headto foot. Spreadacross .Put rubber sheet 1215 inches from the head of mattress.5.

bed.Place topsheet in line with mattress at head part and spread across bed.6. Tuck together extra length. Tuck extra lengthof sheet at .

Put pillow case on pillow. Miter corners.Go to opposite side and repeat same procedure. Allow to hang free at sides.foot part. To put .7.8.

grasp middle of slip’s bottom.on.Spread top sheet over . Pull pillow slip over body of pillow. Flip open and graspshort side of pillow.9.

10.Pull folds of clean sheets into place. Tuck bottom sheet at head part and miter at the side.pillow.11.Tighten rubber sheet and .

Place clean fanfolded .draw sheet.12.Help patient to roll on his back at center of bed. Tuck together with bottom sheet.13.

14. Draw fanfolded sheet together with used top sheet at foot part.sheet over patient. Cover shoulders.Tuck .

Fit pillow into pillow case.16.Fold dirty linens separately.15. Miter corner. Wrap .clean top sheet at foot part.

OPE N BED – Preparing the bed with new .Car ry soiled linens to one sheet. b.

bed linens ready for newly admitted patients.Refold each sheet according to its system of use.2. Procedure: 1.Place .

Cover mattress.3. See to it that the bed is flat.Plac e bottom sheet with center fold in center in line .4.clean linens on chair in order of use.

Tuck extra sheet at side from headto . Make mitered corner of head part.with rim of mattress at foot part.Spread across bed.

Put rubber sheet 1215 inches from the head of mattress.5. Cover with drawsheet.foot. Tuck together extra . Spreadacross bed.

6. Miter corners. Tuck extra lengthof sheet at foot part. Allow .length.Place topsheet in line with mattress at head part and spread across bed.

to hang free at sides. Fanfold at foot part or .Gra sp one corner of top sheet.Go to opposite side and repeat same procedure.7.8.

c.diagonally to one side.POSTOP ERATIVE BED – Arranging of bed linens to receive the .

blankete.patient who has just undergone surge ry. emesis basinc. cellu wipesd. tongue .Equipment: a. linen for occupie d bedb.

bladef. sphygmomanom eter and stethoscope Procedure: 1.Make foundation bed.Place top sheet. Do not .2. wash clothg.

Spread b ath towel at .3.Fanfold bedding across b ed from side nearest the door.tuck.Turn sheet back.4.5. Fanfold at sides.

Equip bedside table with emesis basin.7.6.Pl ace folded blanket across bar at foot of bed. cellu .head of bed.

BP Apparatus andstethoscope. C.wipes.For an OCCUPIED BED – . tongue blade.

Making the bed using new bed linens with patient on bed. cotton draw sheetsc. pillow sl ips Procedure: . clean sheetsb.Materials: a.

1. Place on chair. 2. at foot side/part of bed. Screen if in ward. .Bring materials to bedside.Explain procedure to the patient.

Remove pillows if permissible.Adjust bed to level position.4.Arrange in order of use.3. Loosen beddings on .

Go back to original side. .6.Go to the other side of bed and turn patient towards you.5.Fanfold used draw sheet.side of bed.

7. Place clean folded sheet on bed in line with mattress at foot. .rubber sheet and bottom sheet towards center of bed and under patient.

Fanfold upper half of sheet toward center and under patient. Make miteredcorner and tuck extra .Open and spread toward thehead part.

Fanfold upper half of draw sheetunder .Pull back rubber sheet.8. place clean draw sheet over it.length of sheet.

9.10.Go . Tuck extra length of rubber and draw sheets together.patient.Assist patient to roll to finish the other side of the bed.

Loosen the opposite side. Place atlower bar of the . Remove soiled sheets one by one.

Tuck bottom sheets at head part and miter at theside.Pull folds of clean sheets into place.12.11.Tight en rubber .bed.

Place cle .Help patient to roll on his back at the center of the bed. Tuck together with bottom sheet.14.13.sheet and draw sheet.

15. Dr aw fanfolded sh eettogether with used topsheet down to foot part.Tuck .an fanfolded sh eet over the patient. Cov er shoulders.

16.17.Fold dirty linens separately.clean top sheet at foot part of the bed.Fit pillow into pillow case. Wrap . Miter corner.

Car ry soiled linens to one sheet. .