In My Place In my place, In my place… Were lines that I couldn`t change,I was lost oh yeah… Crossed lines I shouldn`t have

crossed, I was lost… Yeah, how long must you wait for him? Yeah, how long must you pay for him? Yeah, how long must you wait for him? I was scared, I was scared… Tired and underprepared But I wait, for you… Eaving me here on my own Well I wait for you… Sing it please, please… Come back and sing to me, to me… Come on sing it out, now… Come on and sing it now, to me, to me… Written by : DENI MEBIYANA

THE PROGRESSIVE TENSES The present progressive 1. 2. 2. 5. . Tera will not borrowing my hand phone. He studied English every night. Tom will bring a bag tomorrow. Santi will not come to class tomorrow. He is reading a magazine. 5. You helped your uncle last week. 3. She goes to campus every morning. 7. She does not go to campus every day. Riki was watching a film in the movie last night. 3. 9. 2. He does her homework. I am eating in the canteen now. They will be playing basket ball tomorrow. I bought a new bag last Monday. They will be eating food in the canteen. Andi and Anton read a newspaper. She breakfast every morning. The future progressive 1. She sleeps in the bad room. 2. The simple past tense 1. I was reading magazine last night. She is washing his shoes. He bath in the bath room. I was playing a new game next week. Riki will shop with his girl friend next Friday. She is cooking a food.A. 2. 4. Wiki was buying a dictionary in the bookstore. I will help you next week. I will go to Bandung next week. 3. 8. We visit to the library. 4. I walked at the street yesterday. 5. B. 3. I wash a car yesterday. 5. You studied at the school last month. 5. 3. He is not sleeping in the class. 4. 3. 4. He will be going to Pangandaran afternoon. 4. He drives a new car every day. 10. The past future tense 1. 6. The past progressive 1.THE SIMPLE TENSES The simple present 1. 2.

They have swum at river. Has he been living here for two month. He will have teaching at SMP for six years. 5. 5. . 3. 3. She had been at room when he went. C. The past perfect progressive 1. 4. 5. I had been at year when you went to Bandung. 5. 4. 5. The future perfect 1. 3. When I sent the parcel they had been waiting me. The past perfect tense 1.THE PERFECT TENSE The present perfect tense 1. 3. He had sleeps when I come last night. He shall we coming to your house afternoon. 2. I have been here since night. Had he been reading the book when they arrived.THE PERFECT PROGRESSIVE The present perfect progressive 1. 4. 2. He will have bought a bag. We have met her once. Have been learning English for a year. 4. She will have finished their work by Sunday. She will be reading novel tomorrow. Andri will have been at market. He will not have bought a bag. 5. She has eaten your cooked. D. 5. They had not gone 2.4. 4. Yadi had eaten when I come last week. The future perfect progressive 1. She will not have finished their work by Sunday. I have not been reading for an hour. They had been singing when we studied dancing. 3. 2. I have been reading for an hour. 2. She will not have been working in the office for five years the end of the years. John will have been staying in my house two weeks by the end of this month. 4. They had not been singing when we studied dancing. When I sent the parcel they had not been waiting me. Shall I have been studying here five months by the end of May. She will have been working in the office for five years by the end of the years. Rini has bought my bag. He has not been staying in hospital since his accident. 3. 2.

Writer by: DENI MEBIYANA .