A Project Report Founder of the

Bata Shoe Organisation

M r. T o m a s B a t a


( 1876 – 1932 )

A Message from Mr. Tomas Bata We are not afraid of the future. Millions of human beings know nothing of footgear of any kind whatever and very few of the rest is well shod. This best shows us how little we have accomplished so far, and what an immense task lies before the shoemakers of the whole world. Tomas Bata started life as a poor boy but he did not dream of making millions, he seems, rather to be obsessed with the idea of helping his country and his people. In the young Bata there quickly ripens the wish and the determination to achieve something. He is a shoemaker - a practical man, but with a power of imagination amounting to genius.


Thomas has visions of colossal factories, with the most modern machinery, installed in airy workshops, and a system of the most modern factoryhygiene. In those workshops, people freed from slavery and squalor are working for the realization of his great social ideal : the shoeing of millions. Tomas Bata remained true to his dreams of " Good and cheap shoes, even for the very poorest, and high wages for all who worked for him ".
He coined the motto

“Our customers are our masters ".





Over the year it has become a household home with millions of customers loyal to it‟s brands. My object here was to study the existing training and development facilities in Bata India Ltd. Is the organisation that has been ruling the world of shoe manufacturing in India for more than 75 years now and it‟s largest plant is situated in Batanagar. It should go a long way in improving the production. planning. costing. 24 Parganas (s) West Bengal. It has one of the oldest but excellent systems of day to day operations and record keeping including production. ethics. It‟s motto. on the banks of the river Ganges. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 6 . the unit is producing quality foot wares hugely in demand all over the world. With manpower of nearly 2400. And if necessary to develop a program that shall enhance the potential of its employees and executives. quality. purchase. beliefs and practices of the land. It also has been instrumental in starting its own chain of retail stores which has crossed 3000 in number. technological know-how and above all individual personal growth.Preface Bata India Ltd. “ Challenge …… Skill …… Commitment …… Teamwork ” is yielding great results even in this era of fervent socio economic changes that are taking place globally. personal audit etc. This program should be in accordance with the actual situation related to the morals. salary. organisational climate.

P.P. under Rani Durgawati University. student of M. Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology and Sciences. do hereby declare that this project has been done as a partial fulfillment of the award of post graduate degree in business administration.) .Declaration I Chandan Chakraborty. ( 3rd semester ).A. Jabalpur (M.B. Jabalpur ( M.) for the year 2007 -08. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 7 .

analysis. it also has the widest retail network within the BSO. whose preciseness is expected. INTRODUCTION The Organisation: Bata India Limited Bata India is the largest company for the Bata Shoe Organisation in terms of sales pairs and the second largest in terms of revenues. The data upon which this project is based is secondary data collected from various record books of the organisation. which has not been published before in its present form any where in India or abroad. By the time Bata had come to India in 1931.I declare that this project is entirely based upon my personal findings. judgements and is thus an original piece of work. not guaranteed. It‟s CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 8 . it was already recognized as a leading shoe brand. With 1250 stores across the country.

The Company went public in 1973. I've lost almost 300 games. the overall site was doubled in area. It has cornered around 35 % market share in the organized sector (and approx. It was also the first manufacturing facility in the Indian shoe industry to receive the ISO : 9001 certification. Incorporated as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited in 1931.000 shots in my career. Before Bata. the company was set up initially as a small operation in Konnagar (near Calcutta) in 1932.now called the Bata.. Bata.. footwear was produced primarily in the handicrafts and small enterprise segments. when it changed its name to Bata India Limited. Bata India has established itself as one of Asia's largest footwear retailer. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot. over the decades. the foundation " I've missed over 9.manufacturing and marketing operations heralded the rise and the development of a modern footwear industry in India. And that is why I succeed! " . In January 1934. 8. Today. I've failed over and over and over again in my life.Michael Jordan stone for the first building of Bata's operation . This township is popularly known as Batanagar. In the years that followed.5 % of CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 9 . used the „current knowledge' from its international experience to create adaptive and innovative baseline standards for the shoe businesses in India.and missed.

market-oriented collection that is in line with fashion trends and offers a good quality to price ratio. And the new face of Bata India is now visible to the industry as well as its customers. the company has now built a good.the total footwear market) Almost 98 % of the company's revenue is from the domestic market while the rest is from exports. Its retail network of 1250 stores gives it a reach/ coverage that no other footwear company can match. " The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort. In terms of products. 8000 million (USD 178 million). but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy " . Its product range now encompasses classic shoes such as Ambassador for Men and comfort shoes such as Comfit for ladies. The company currently sells over 45 million pairs of shoes every year and has an annual sales turnover of more than Rs. which has helped change consumer perceptions to a large extent. backed by a brand perception of experience.Martin Luther King Jr. Over the years. It has significantly transformed its retail formats to become more lifestyle-oriented. Bata India has established a leadership position in the footwear industry and is easily the most trusted name in branded footwear. as well as a more trendy collection for ladies in the Marie Claire range and a sporty fashion collection for young adults in the North Star range. the company is working towards positioning itself as a vibrant and contemporary young brand. The stores are present in good locations and can be found in all the metros and towns. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 10 . Today. Bata's smart looking new stores supported by a range of better quality products are aimed at offering a superior shopping experience to its customers.

Roosevelt Bata is Divided into 6 regions: 1.000 employees speaking 100 languages CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 11 .000 pair of shoes per day Over 50.  We are partners in progress with the communities in which we deal.00.  We constantly improve in what we do. 3. But above all. 2. " . If it fails.Franklin D. 6. 5. 4.  Our strength is people.The 6 Principles :  We provide quality for value.    3000 retail outlets of it‟s own Producing 10. Europe North America Africa Pacific Latin America India Bata operates in more than 70 countries worldwide with. try something.  We build respect and loyalty through service.  We practice “ A Step Ahead ” management. " It is common sense to take a method and try it. admit it frankly and try another.

separation. It is also responsible for the recruitment and selection of “ the right people for the right job ”. Personnel department : Personnel department is the heart of the organisation and is one of the most important portfolios. In Bata India Ltd. that is it‟s manpower. performanceappraisal.. the Personnel department maintains individual personnel audit records in its “ kartotek ” and uses it for important decision makings related to the transfer. trade unions and other external entities and the management.Various departments operant in Bata India Ltd. It acts as a connecting bridge between the employees. welfare schemes. Personal department plays a vital role in interconnecting various departments to enable smooth operation of the organisation. as it has to maintain each and every transactional records in the book of accounts on a regular basis. profit & loss a/c CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 12 . The income statements. based on commonly used double entry system. Accounts Department : The accounts and payroll department is one of the busiest department of the organisation. labour relations. services and benefits. dealing with matters directly or indirectly related to its human resource. grievance handling etc. promotion.

insurance. special hourly fixed. the pay structure of Bata India Ltd. 1. in the state of West Bengal.00. Bonus. Batanagar plant is not a selling unit the profit earned by it is accrued profit not actual " One needs to be slow to form convictions. Night allowance. 5. is very well structured in relation to contemporary manufacturing units.00. ( Batanagar plant ) pays property-tax to the Maheshtala municipality in the volume of nearly Rs. but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds. As Bata India Ltd.00. Product Development Department : CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 13 .000 per month. Provident fund.  Bonus paid to the employees once in every season (6 months) amounts upto Rs.20.Mahatma Gandhi profit. medical cover etc. accord ) payment is made by calculating many factors along with their basic pay. " .000. some of these factors are DA. Accrued profit is acquired when production is completed below the estimated production limits and it is in loss when production surpasses this limit.  Electricity charges for 24 hours 3 phase connection comes somewhere in the vicinity of Rs.000 per month. hourly fixed.and balance sheet are prepared on a quarterly basis for the management as well as shareholders to analyze the developments. 60. essential. The payroll section is in charge of preparing the fortnightly as well as monthly pay slips for its different types of employees ( such as fixed. Production incentive. House rent. The extent of transactions through this department can be expressed through these facts:  Bata India Ltd.

Accordingly designs are prepared for all types footwears along with the material to be used in a particular article. Sizes of the shoe to be manufactured are pre-decided region wise e. This department is more concerned with providing comfort to its customers rather than style. Production Planning & Control Department : Production planning and control section of management which delivers the estimate for the production of particular style during a specific period. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 14 . where designs are prepared and cut by a computerized cutting machine. Looking at small advantages . These designs along with the material are tested in the Research & Development laboratories before reaching the production department. This department consists of a separate CAD / CAM section. so that they may serve the best possible service to the customer without unwanted late in delivery or unwanted dumping of the produced goods. Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly.Confucius design or pattern expected to be in demand in the near future. The software used for this purpose “ Crispin Cad Suite ” prepares two-dimensional view of designs.: For eastern region sizes between 5 to 11 (gents) For southern region size is 7 onwards gents) and 4 to 5 general sizes for ladies products. Do not look at small advantages.g.The actual job of the product development department starts with collecting the information from the marketing department about the " Do not be desirous of having things done quickly.

previous years performance and promotion of selling effort they actual did. and their capacities of production in terms of manpower they are having. machineries. And accordingly volume of goods is projected for the production department and costing department then the costing and production department plan for the procurement of all the necessary materials.The sales department sends the estimate for the volume of the goods that is likely to sell. " .e. Manufacturing Department : Batanagar plant is one of the biggest manufacturing units in the state.  Prepares the plan sheet for the different articles that has to be sent to either the whole-seller or retailer article wise or the number of pairs of specific size so that the box of packing completes their capacity. The leather factory ( producing leather shoes ) CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 15 . but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas. Some of the newly installed machines are capable of producing high quality footwear round the clock. Other functions of this department are:  This department also prepares the records the volume of product in the production stream daily. market " Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas. grinderies etc. most of them imported from Korea and other countries. distribution of order plan wise. It is a well equipped with the best machines and safety equipments. This is called production invoice for whole sales and retails i. This is called workshop production balance sheet. to take a calculated risk and to act. This department is further divided into the: 1.Maxwel Maltz research. on the basis of statistical method.

Various mechanical properties related to the materials to be used for the upper and sole of the footwears are thoroughly checked using electronic machines these include Tensile testing. upper-insole. sorted.. Jaro-molding.2. promote) Research and Development Department : The research and development department is responsible for validating the products and designs prepared for production. gimping. check for accuracy damage. The rubber factory ( producing rubber and canvas shoes. preforming. embossing) (components stitched together) (upper & lower components brought together) (shoes checked. force-last etc.Mario Andretti both within the Batanagar plant itself. 6 Stages in production: Manipulation Prefabrication Sewing Assembly Warehousing Retail stores (leather & other material cut and bundled) (stamping. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 16 . stored. but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal . Some of the operations involved in shoe manufacturing are last-preparation. rubber chappals ) " Desire is the key to motivation.that will enable you to attain the success you seek” . skiving. A constant quality check during the production process reduces the number of defective pairs getting to the shops. shipped) (receive goods. Skilled employees known as rink conveyor (leather) and sandal conveyor (rubber) carry out the production through a chain of operations.a commitment to excellence . inspected. punching.

first machine from Germany 1900 – First factory building constructed 1904 – Tomas first journey to the USA 1905 – 2. first of the "new type" 1908 – Antonín dies. & A. the Balkans and the Middle East. T. & A. Austria-Hungary by Tomas.flexural testing etc. in two shifts. Tomas takes over company's control. Anna gets married 1897 – The ”Baťovka”.400 pairs per day produced CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 17 . Anna and Antonín Bata 1895 – First business crises. Bata. 3. Suggestions to improve the overall quality of the finished products are sent back to the product development department. & A. Bata Shoe Company (T. first sales agencies in Germany. sales department founded 1906 – Second factory building constructed. Bata) registered in Zlin.200 pairs per day produced by 250 employees. introduced and with it production mechanization. the first fabric shoe. Tomas takes full company's control 1909 – First export sales. designs are checked for its durability. Antonín leaves for the army. An overview of the company history : 1894 – The T.

the USA (Bel Camp) CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 18 . Bata builds factories in Switzerland (Mohlin). massive losses.1911 – Tomas second journey to the USA 1914 – World War I breaks out.700 pairs daily 1919 – Tomas' third journey to the USA. France (Hellocourt). consumer purchasing power at an all time low. 2 million pairs per year sold. Bata cuts shoe prices by 50% to attract customers and to expand into 160 company shops throughout Czechoslovakia 1923 – Employee profit & loss sharing introduced 1925 – The “Bata system” organizes operations in autonomous workshops. production down to 1. the "Bata School of Work" founded.000 employees. getting acquainted with Henry Ford's mass production 1922 – Currencies devalued due to World War I. advanced production equipment imported from Germany. schools and hospitals 1918 – Second crises of the company. 10. Poland (Chelmek).000 produced daily by 5. England (Tilbury). non-paid deliveries for the state (Austria-Hungary. education and practical training to future Bata managers. the newly founded Czechoslovakia doesn't recognize the debt). 563 company shops throughout Czechoslovakia 1927 – Assembly line production introduced 1929 – Customs tariffs introduced in the world. housing. Yugoslavia (Borovo). Holland (Best). Germany (Ottmuth). "Bata community" around factory with shops. large orders by the Austro-Hungarian army for military shoes 1917 – World War I large scale orders contributed to company's exponential growth.

s. Bata". replacing the former "T. the Bata family leaves to the USA after Nazi occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 19 . bicycles. Bata (Thomas J. Bata) starts to operate from Batawa. Jan Antonín Bata " subdues " to the plans of Nazis to save the business. founded. Canada. near Toronto. machineries. the "House of Bata's service" opens in Brno 1939 – Bata operates 63 companies in various industries with footwear remaining the core business with 60 million pairs sold per year in over 30 countries. the "House of Bata's service" opens in Prague. 40 hours week introduced 1931 – Bata a. replacing older premises 1930 – 100. the company starts rebuilding itself from the remaining entities outside Eastern Europe. five-day.and India (Batanagar). a A. aircraft. at this time the company continues the diversification into the production of tires. including Jews by using the Bata worldwide network 1942 – Tomas J.000 pairs produced daily. by the early 1930s. Bata becomes the world‟s leading footwear exporter 1932 – After Tomas Bata‟s plane crash his half-brother Jan Antonín Bata becomes head of the company. he saves a large number of countrymen. on the other hand supports the exile government of Edward Benes and the Czechoslovak armed forces in Britain. Instead of leading the Canadian subsidiary 1945 – All Bata companies in Eastern Europe "nationalized" by communist or procommunist governments.

. Power. now as Czech retail subsidiary 1990s – Bata enters the high-price segment: Bata Premium collection.Jan Antonín Bata accused by the Czechoslovak communists of various "crimes" and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in absentia and all of his properties in Czechoslovakia are confiscated. large format stores and sport concept stores 1989 – Thomas J. 1995 – Partnerships in Eastern Europe. Bata. Marie Claire. manufacturing moves to low-cost countries and subsidiaries 2001 – Thomas G. further expansions through new factories in local markets 1970s – Pvt. marketing and distribution. & North Star 1980s – Bata develops retailing: Bata city stores. Bata.1946 . Poland. In spite of conflicting decisions has never been fully resolved 1947 .s. Croatia. later on buys some of the leftovers of the former company from the state and founds Bata a. Bata stores in Russia. sets up his team to do the work. 1960s – Company‟s headquarters relocated to Toronto by Thomas J. Labels created: Bubble gummers. Bata visits Czechoslovakia to check and negotiate on the restitution possibilities. Tomas' grandson becomes the Group‟s chairman.Two decades of litigation ensue – members of the Bata family begin to sue one another over ownership of the international subsidiaries of Bata. restructures the business into regional " 4 meaningful business units " CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 20 . and Slovenia 1999 – Bata concentrates on design.

Thomas J. Bata Overturned. All of these facts. with 2500 housing for employees. son of the company's founder. was sentenced in absentia in 1947 for collaboration with the Nazis by the National Court in Prague. distribution partnership for the opening of Bata retail stores established 2006 – A township construction began to modernize the Batanagar factory complex (near Kolkata. Jan Antonin Bata financed the Czechoslovak government-in-exile to the tune of a quarter of million dollars in secret donations or roughly four-million of today's US dollars. say his family. have fought to clear his name. They say far from being a collaborator. to be completed by 2011. brother of the world famous shoemaker Tomas Bata.Communist Verdict Against Jan A. A former Jewish employee also testified that Jan Bata had helped her and up to 80 Jewish families escape from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia. led by the sprightly 92-year-old Thomas J. a hotel and residential flats along the riverside). testified on Monday in court to achieve the cancellation of the verdict against his uncle.2002 – Bata Shoe innovation Centres for shoe development introduced worldwide 2004 – In China. a hospital. Branded Business Division founded to consolidate all the branded business activities 2007 . For the last decade his descendants. The City Court in Prague. They say the post-war CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 21 . Czech Republic has re-opened a 60-year-old case in which an international businessman and Czech nationalist was falsely accused of collaboration with the Nazis. Bata. 91. an IT park. nephew of Jan Bata. Bata procurement centre in Guangzhou opens. were ignored by the court in 1947. Bata. a school. He said that he believed that justice would win. Jan Antonín Bata.

buckling under Communist pressure. Vice President Batanagar General Manager Makamahghat Vice President Bangalore & CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 22 .Czechoslovak state. ORGANISATIONAL CHART Managing Director Deputy Managing Director Executive Director Exports and Commercial Vice President Faridabad Sr. was primarily interested in seizing the Bata Empire and its assets. Vice President Patna Sr.

I.L. Comprises of specifically designed courses segregated as under: 1) Technical Courses 2) Concept Oriented Courses 3) Functional Courses CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 23 . Batanagar THE EXISTING SYSTEM The existing training and development program in Bata India Ltd. B.Bata Shatak Vice President Product development Vice President Commercial Senior Manager Moulds & Equipment Senior Manager Purchase Senior Manager Quality assurance Senior Manager Training & Development Senior Manager Research & Development Senior Manager Tannery Senior Manager Service Senior Manager Personnel Senior Manager Costing Senior Manager Procurement General Manager SBU (R) General Manager SBU (L) Senior Manager Manipulation Source : Quality manual 2006.

Costing and Cost control C ) Functional Courses : 1. Work-Study appreciation 2. Basic drawing and technical steps 7. Plastics for shoe making 3. Effective Presentation 5. Product development B ) Concept Oriented Courses : 1. Work Simplification 4.4) Management Courses 5) Industrial Relations Courses 6) Presentation Courses A more detailed structure has been given below. Balham Technique 6. Work measurement 3. Leather selection and grading 4. Purchasing Management CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 24 . Tanner‟s Course 6. A ) Technical Courses : 1. Materials for shoe making 2. It should however be noted that these were developed individually at various times and places. Manipulant‟s Course 5.

A CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 25 . AMA ( Part . Industrial safety 3. Accounting system 4. Safety hygiene and First aid 6. Effective Communication 5. AMA ( Part . Production planning D ) Management Courses : 1. Human relations 2. Post course presentation 2. SEMPROF ( Professional seminar) Apart from these the operation has a set of 73 operations required in various stages of the shoe manufacturing process. MANDEVCO ( Managerial Development Course ) 2. Floor administration F ) Presentation Courses : 1. Every accord employee directly involved in machine operations or other related jobs has to master a minimum of 6 skills to be eligible for working in Bata India Ltd.2. Maintenance Management 3. COVOSOC ( Connaisses Votre Societe ) 3.II ) E ) Industrial Relations Courses : 1. Quality control 5.I ) 4. Interflow management 4.

Cement sole 16. Unit moulding 38. 8. 70. To go press 44. 67. 65. 60. Last preparation Upper insole preparation Sole preparation Insole preparation Counter putt Counter tight Toe puff putt Cement upper Cement insole 26. 55. 69. Pre-forming 30. Cement pocket 12. Wrinkle chasing 37. Lamp & Transt 34. 58. Counter nail 18. Strap lacing 27. 56. Shank putting 46. 7. 64. 63. Removing staple 36. 59. 3. Toe marking 39. Apply MEK 45. 73. Cement toe-tip 14. Thumbing 19. It should however be noted that mostly this training is given when the employee joins the organisation. Astra pull CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 26 . Force last 31. 71. 61. Thong selt 28. Derby lacing 29. Air pressing 42. Strap last 32. Cement lining 11. 6. The list of skill-sets has been listed below : 1. 68. 4. 62. Cleaning 53. Hydraulic press 43. 66. Cement strap 13. Repairing last 33. Thread cut Hammering Trimming Scouring Bott skiving Vert scouring Clamping Brushing Edge colouring Edge sett Fillering Upper polish Sole polish Spray Filler putt Foam past Sacks putting Lacing shoes Repairing F Packing Supplying 10. Rand roll Cement 17. 2. Sole putting 41. 5. 57. 9. Sest press 35. 54. Roughning 40. 72. Cement bottom / sole 15.separate Training and Allocation department ( TAC ) is responsible for providing these basic – skills training.

Beating 51. Rand laying 49. Schon F part 21. Sole stitch Training and Allocation department ( TAC ) judges the potential and capabilities of every employee and assigns a rating to each of them. Rand cut join 50. Heel last 23.20. Schon B part 24. To equip selected members of the senior / middle management team with hand on techniques of professional managerial behavior. Yellow Pink Brown : : : 50 % to 65 % 65 % to 85 % 85 % to 95 % Orange : 95 % and above MANDEVCO ( Managerial Development Course ) Duration : 12 weeks Objectives : 1. It‟s indicated by colours against their names in skills register. Last putt 47. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 27 . Knotting 25. Unlasting 48. Hand last 22. Fimac stitch 52. This is done during their induction training in the organisation.

2. To reinforce the knowledge of the product. Modules : 12 nos. 3. the respective work areas and key function aspects of the company. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Rubber factory Leather factory Tannery Materials Management of human resources i) ii) Communication Leadership skills iii) Need hierarchy iv) Motivation v) Change vi) Perception vii) Ethics 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) General awareness Accounts Production planning Sales Designing and Drawing Costing Purchasing Module Co-ordinator: Each module under a senior manager as trainer CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 28 . To promote interface and team building attributes.

Methods: Practical work in departments Practical shoe making workshops Chalk-talks Group discussions Idea tanking Case studies Exercises Store visits Criterion for the assessment of trainees : Written tests – 20 marks Practical – 20 marks Concept – 10 marks Participation – 10 marks Leadership skills – 10 marks Attitude – 10 marks Team spirit – 10 marks Reliability – 10 marks A confidential report with remarks is prepared by the Module Co-ordinator on each of the participants. COVOSOC ( Connaisses Votre Societe ) Duration: 2 hours in a week for 14 consecutive weeks Objectives: Same as MANDEVCO CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 29 .

World of BATA ( Know your Organisation ) 2. Tannery 3.Modules: 14 nos. Services 6. Maintain dominant market share through producing high quality products in large volume within stringent cost parameters. Product development 7. 11. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 30 . Costing and efficiency 8. Finance and accounts 10. 1. Leather SBU 4. 12. 13. Moulds and equipments 9. Rubber SBU 5. Personnel and welfare Administration Safety and Environment Purchasing Procurement ORGANISATION’S TRAINING OBJECTIVES 1. 14.

4. 6. To be able to control stress related problems. To provide active leadership to the work groups. 9. To develop the urge of taking responsibilities without being assigned for. where together we shall make a difference. write and speak effectively. To help them identify that personal development should contribute effectively to organisational development. 7.2. read. To communicate properly i. retention and persuasion power. To develop creativeness and innovativeness in their thought process. 12. 10. To change “ Survival of the fittest ” mentality to “ Collective survival ”. listen. To be confident at grievance handling / conflict resolution.e. 11. THE TRAINING PROGRAM Introduction A] To start with : 1) Need to change CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 31 . 3. To be motivated to thrive for more and ability to motivate others. To be able to set priorities through time management. To identify the psychological needs and aspirations of colleagues and subordinates. 8. To be able to move ahead from “ failures ” and “ Successes ”. To have better observation. 14. To have better knowledge of decision making alternatives & skills to use. 13. 5. 15.

2) 3) 4) Ice breaker Break your habit Communication effectiveness test Have you seen it ? Attention – Retention Building blocks game What can he say ? On the other side of the table The solitary judge Parliament Give me the options Guess work 5) B] Phase – I : 1) 2) 3) 4) C] Phase – II : 1) 2) 3) 4) D] Phase – III : 1) I want to be _______ 2) 3) 4) E] In the end : 1) 2) 3) It‟s an emergency It‟s the only time you have got Never say “ No ” Let‟s discuss Grid management Know your boss . CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 32 .

as per organisation‟s SOR (Standing Orders and Rules. NRS replied within the stipulated time along with a Medical Certificate proving his illness. The personnel manager planned the process to regularize his unauthorized absence and fraudulent means by creating an atmosphere where NRS should fully recognize " Success does not consist in never making blunders. Batanagar. An in depth scrutiny of the Medical Certificate proved that the documents were fake under the provision of 19(A) of the SOR. He is directly involved in the shoe manufacturing conveyor. NRS ( actual name not disclosed ) is an “accord” employee of BATA INDIA LTD.1. requiring him to explain in writing. the reasons for his continuous absence from work. as in agreement with Bata Mazdoor Union). but at the same time a multi-skilled worker with lots of experience. NRS surpassed his casual and medical leaves available by more than 125 (days). During the first half of 2007. He was known to be a regular absentee. " . Show-Cause notices were issued under section 15(h). The organisation‟s personnel department looked at the possible options to solve this problem. but in never making the same one a second time. However the management decided to give him one last chance to mend his ways (and not to lose a skilled employee) and handed him three days suspension without pay.Josh Billings what is expected of him in the future. The guilty can be terminated from his present job. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 33 . Case of Absenteeism : Mr.

He was trailing behind his colleagues working in the same conveyor. Batanagar plant. Unable to mentally adapt to this decision to shift him to another job. officer) Mr. provided to him. SKR. hampering the rate of production. Mr. SKR started abusing his superior Mr. and thus was allotted a new job by his immediate boss (Asst. DKB and also attempted to physically assault him. DKB (actual identity not disclosed for obvious reasons).He was scolded by one manager and was comforted by another as was planned before to make him aware of this last golden opportunity. Mr. He also threatened to cause him harm outside the factory. Case of Misconduct : A permanent line cutter of a production department in BATA INDIA LTD. As of date NRS is still an employee in BATA INDIA LTD. to be answered within 48 hours as per clauses D and K under section 21 (a) of the " It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it " .Aristotle CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 34 . 2. The case was reported to the personnel department the very same day and a show cause notice issued to the defaulter Mr. SKR (actual identity not disclosed) was involved in a particular job for sometime. And his problem has relatively minimized to a great deal. This incidence proves that human resource planning is not only to follow the rulebook but also to invent complimentary ways to solve such type of problems in long run interest of the organisation.

The said employee pleaded guilty and was ashamed of his act and promised not to repeat the same.Thacker J.standing orders and rules (SOR) of Bata India Ltd. 2007. Effective training systems strategies and practices. This case is another fine example that the organisation provides ample opportunity to rectify their improper acts and every opportunity provided to him to put forward his version of the unwanted event. 2001..B. and clause 14 of the model standing orders applicable to all industrial establishments of India. Mamoria C. Gankar S..W. Himalaya publishing house.. Kothari C. Personnel management text and cases. Blanchard P. officer Mr. Pearson education. reformative rather than punitive. New Delhi. which would have been the perfect way to conclude this natural justice? Bibliography Books : 1. 2007. Delhi. CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 35 . Research methodology methods and techniques.. The serious nature of the offence demanded disciplinary action but considering it as his first minor offence was let of with a warning and written undertaking. Although. DKB was advised to “ forgive and forget ”..V. 2. Thus the disciplinary policy is preventive.R. Mumbai. 3. corrective. one important information missing here is that whether the Asst. New age international publishers.N.

New York. www.org/wiki/Bata_ Shoes 2.in CHALLENGE ……SKILL……COMMITMENT……TEAMWORK 36 .com 6.bata.bata.org 4.org 3.bata.wikipedia. www.org 7.org 5. 1976. www.en. www. www. www. www. Websites : 1.4. Sikula A. Personnel administration and human resource management..rdunijbpin.ggits.F.google. John Wiley and sons.