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Under Apprenticeship Training Scheme

Government of India Ministry of Labour & Employment Directorate General of Employment & Training New Delhi-110001


Name of the Trade


Mechanic (Electrical Domestic Appliances) 7233.58 Passed 10th class examination under 10+2 system of education or its equivalent. 02 years One year and six months for trainees completed Broad Based Basic Training in Electrical Sector under Centre of Excellence Scheme and Advanced module of Centre of Excellence Scheme in Repair and Maintenance of Domestic Appliances. 1:2

N.C.O. Code No.


Entry Qualification


Duration of the Apprenticeship Training Rebate allowed in Apprenticeship Training

: :

Ratio of apprentices to workers other than unskilled workers


. Course Outline : The training shall comprise of – a) On the job training The actual training shall be dependent on the facilities available in the establishment, with an idea to expose the trainees to as many activities as possible. The trainees shall maintain a daily work dairy for on-the-job training. Which shall be periodically authenticated by the supervisor. b) Project Each apprentice shall under take a project in any of the areas depending on her interest and facilities available in the establishment. The duration of the project shall be two Weeks.


List of the members participated in design of the curriculum Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Name & designation D.P.Vaishnav Durgadas Bhutad Mahindra Raut R.S.Jathar P.N.Sahastrabudhe V.D.Devdhar V.P.Tandel A.S.Parekh P.H.Limaye Madhav Shintre D.A.Dalavi M.V.Khatavkar Dr. Shivajirao Chavan Organization Godrej Ltd. RPG Cable Ltd. Blue Star Ltd. Pragat Electrical Pvt. Ltd. Bharat Bijlee Ltd. Crompton India Ltd. Automatic Electricals Ltd. Bharat Bijlee Ltd. Thane Industries Association Electrical Contractor Principal, ITI Nasik Principal, ITI, Mumbai Ex. Chief Engineer, MSEB


S. No. 1

SHOP FLOOR TRAINING Introduction & understanding of shop floor working process in concerned industry.

2 3 4 5

To understand the domestic appliances manufactured in concerned industry. To understand the heating appliances and their applications. To understand the magnetic appliances and their applications. Repairing & maintenance of Heaters, Hotplates, Iron, Toasters, Ovens & MicroWave Ovens, Geysers, etc.

6 7 8 9

Repairing & maintenance of fans, Mixer & Grinder, Blenders. Wet grinders. Fault finding & replacement of parts of Washing Machine, Dish Washers. Fault finding & rectification of Air Conditioners & refrigerators. Servicing and customer care of compressors, refrigerators & controlling devices.

10 11 12 13 14 15

Servicing and customer care of washing machine, its inspection. Dismantling and assembling of magnetic rotating appliances. Testing and fault finding of various heating appliances. Installation and testing of Geysers & Cooking Range. Installation & testing of Washing Machine& dish washers. Repair & maintenance of water lifting pump and connection of water level controllers.

16 17

Installation & servicing of Water Coolers & Air Conditioners. Connection and maintenance of protective devices for appliances like ELCB, MCB & Home Protector.


Oiling, greasing & overhauling o rotating parts of appliances & their replacement.


Project Report on specialized module.

S. No. 1 2

Related Instructions Shop floor process in various departments. Manufacturing processes of appliance manufacturing in concerned industry.

3 4 5

Heating appliances – types, working & principle, uses. Magnetic appliances – types, working & principle, uses. Heater – types, construction. Iron types-& construction. Types & construction of Oven, Toasters, Geysers & Micro Wave Ovens.


Construction & types of fans, mixers, blenders & wet grinders, their circuit connection & testing methods.


Construction, types & circuit connection o washing machine & dish washer and testing methods.

8 9

Fault, remedies and troubleshooting o A.C. & refrigerators. Construction and principle of compressor, controlling devices, its servicing chart.

10 11

Construction & principle of washing machine& its servicing chart. Dismantling procedure and study o various parts of magnetic rotating appliances.

12 13 14 15

Faults, testing and diagnosis of heating appliances. Assembly technique and fitting method of appliances. Operating & installation procedure of washing machine & dish washer. Construction, parts, function and repair of faults of a water lifting pump & motor.


Mounting & fixing of Air Conditioners & water coolers & its servicing chart.


Study the various types of protective devices used for domestic appliances, its function & operation.


Preventive maintenance & overhauling schedule, lubrication of rotating parts of appliances, check points & inspection.

List of Tools & Equipments for the trade of Mechanic (Electrical Domestic Appliances) S. No. 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 Name of Items Measuring Tape Steel 100cm Plier Insulated Combination 250mm Pincer 150mm Punch Canter 150mm × 8mm Hammer cross peen 115 gms with handle Firmer chisel wood 12mm Bradwal 100mm Heat Sink Plier Screw Driver kit ( set of 6 blades with common insulated handle with neon tester) Soldering Iron : 15 W, 230V(temp. controlled) Plier round nose 100mm Soldering Iron 15W, 65W, 250W Frost Free Refrigerator Soldering gun Allen Key Set Grease Gun( small size) Hammer Hard Plastic with handle Spanner Kit(Double ended) Hack Saw frame 200mm Drill S.S twist block (2mm-8mm) File round 200mm 2nd cut File triangular 150mm Vice table 150mm jaw Crimping Tool Ammeter AC, 0-1A Voltmeter M.I. 0-150-300-600V S. No. 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Name of Items Screw Driver heavy duty 250mm Insulated thick Knife double blade electrician 100mm Scriber 150mm × 4mm Hammer Ball peen 0.75 kg with handle Saw Tenon 250mm Gimlet 6mm Wire Stripper 150mm Electronic Tester Plier insulated 150mm

19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51

20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

53 55

Megger 500 V Variable Auto Transformer

54 56

Screw Driver 150mm with insulated handle Tweezer 100mm De-soldering pump Window Air Conditioners Drill Machine electric portable 06mm capacity Oil Cane 0.12 ltr. Grinder Bench Motorized Hammer Ball Peen 0.4kg Hack saw Frame 300 mm Snip Straight 150mm File Flat 200mm smooth File half round 250mm Vice hand 50mm jaw Pipe cutter to cut 5 cm jaw Multimeter (Digital) Ammeter M.I. 0-5-10-15 A Wheatstone Measuring Bridge (complete with galvanometer & battery) B.A taps & Dies 0-2-4-6-8 sizes Washing Machine (SemiAutomatic)


Washing Machine (Fully Automatic)



Ammeter M.I. type, Rectangular shape, Flush Mounting size 106 × 84mm, multi-range 0-5-10 A Spanner set various types





Monkey pliers(100mm)


65 67 69 71 73 75 77 79

Digital thermometer with puncture prods Tube cutter Tube bender Pinch off Pliers Male & female Quick Coupler Compound Gauge Burr Remover Grinder –Cum Buffing

66 68 70 72 74 76 78

Wattmeter single phase, single element (Flush mounting type ) multi range : 0-750-1500 Watt, Rectangular shape Voltmeter M.C type AC, Rectangular shape, Flush Mounting size 106 × 84mm, multirange 0-150-300V Ratchet wrench/ Service valve wrench (Socket ¼" × 3/16" sq and 9/16" × 1/2" hexagonal Digital clamp mater 200kw DC Voltage up to 1000V AC, 750 V, Current 300A Electronic leak detector Capillary tube cutter Flaring & Swaging Tool Piercing Pliers Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Gauge Manifold Light Weight Hand Electrical Blower