Document: Van ‘t Hof, S. (1991) Périmètre de Garangassou: avant projet détaillé. Mémoire explicatif, p.

1-20 [LL026] Key words: irrigation systems, villages, project design Abstract: Design for a 11 ha community-based, small-scale irrigation scheme on the plain of Garangassou at 2.25 km downstream of the Niger river port of Koryoumé, Timbuktu, Mali. Drawings and calculations for the canals, earth works, and irrigation pump are included. Observations (Sjon van ’t Hof, HIPPO Foundation, 4/4/2002): The report was written at the request of local school teacher on behalf of the Association Villageoise (AV) de Garangassou. The members of the AV are mostly Bozo from the camp of Alhadji Dagha. The report adopts the system followed by the DNGR (Direction Nationale du Génie Rural) with some minor modifications. Following the preferences of the DNGR, the canals were designed with a horizontal slope (normally in Timbuktu canals with a mild slope of about 0.02% are used).

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