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Mom and Daddy, Will I Survive after You?

That we do not eat the flesh of other humans does not mean that we have lost the status to be called beast. Many of our actions today reflect the existence of this nature in our societies, said the baby I had a conversation with in one of my dreams. In addition, this baby told me that their chance of survival is a lot higher living within their mothers worm than in many part of the world troubled by the conditions of wars, famine, contamination from illegal dumping, air pollution and other environmental concerns that we humans have created today. Furthermore, asking this baby what was the biggest problem on earth that threatens their survival, he replied: You human living on this earth today have made the world more dangerous than it has ever been before; you have reach the extend of committing crimes that not even the dinosaurs would have committed if they were still the dominant creatures on the Earth; and, besides your imperfections and weaknesses, you are continuing to build more tensions in the world. Thus, you have succeeded in making the words terrorism, crime, and war more reverberating than the words harmony, love, and peace, this baby concluded. Furthermore, when asked if he could cope with the present conditions, he replied: I cannot longer breathe fresh air anymore because you humans think that running your machineries is more important than the thick layer of the air that keeps our heart beating; on the other hand, one cannot have the amount of sleep he deserves anymore because of the disturbing noise that many of your machines produce, particularly those you use to fight your own brothers, taking over his life and his property. All of these actions have exceeded our level of tolerance. We were suppose to be the one ruling on

this earth tomorrow, he added, but I see our chance of survival every day more limited than the day before, he concluded. In addition, continuing his speech, he added: You human ruling the world today must remember that everything destructive that you build today will be use to destroy tomorrow. Thus, destructive materials will not help to improve the dignity of our lives but destroy our chances of survival, affecting more deeply the generations to come. Would you care a bit about us and build a friendlier environment instead of constructing dangerous materials and fighting wars at home and overseas? Finally, to end his speech, this baby said to me: Humans living on the earth today are causing a big mess that could trigger the end of this world. You have succeeded in transforming the knowledge you gain from your surrounding into a lethal weapon, which aim is to exploit the environment and other human beings. Thus, you have used science to build technologies that are responsible for much of the turmoil that currently exists around the world. On the other hand, something that impress me talking to this baby was the fact that he looked very confident expressing his ideas. In addition, at the end of our conversation I realized that actually he is the kind of person I would enjoy talking to. In fact, he did not hesitate expressing his views. Therefore, he was straight. He said everything he wanted to say without any concern about the politicians, the multinational business corporation, the media, and the religious leaders. Which, he said, were the one who held the key toward solving many of the problems that affect us today.

We keep polluting our environment and destroying the finite resources that are still available to us these days; thus, where is our courage and the concern that we have toward the generations to come? A letter to Mom and Dad

Botala Boloso, Jorge at 7:30 am, Dec. 3, 2006 USC, Columbia, SC.