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Pervez Musharraf
General (ret) Pervez Musharraf (born 11 August 1943), NI(M), Tamgha-e-Basalat award, is a Pakistani politician and military figure who served as the tenth President of Pakistan (2001– 2008) and the Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army (1998–2007). He took power on 12 October 1999, following a nonviolent military coup d'état and subsequent ouster of the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The military-led government stated its intention to restructure the political, economic and electoral systems. On May 12, 2000, Pakistan's 12 member Supreme Court unanimously validated the October 1999 coup and granted Musharraf executive and legislative authority for 3 years from the coup date endorsing his governance. On 18 August 2008, Pervez Musharraf resigned from the post of President under impeachment pressure from the coalition government. He was succeeded on 6 September 2008 by Asif Ali Zardari duly elected as Pakistan's 11th President.

Early life
Pervez Musharraf was born on August 11, 1943 in Nehar Wali Haveli meaning "House Next to the Canal", situated in Kacha Saad Ullah Mohallah, Daryaganj in Delhi, British India,[4] and stems from a family of government servants. After Musharraf's grandfather, Qazi Mohtashimuddin, retired as the Deputy Collector of Revenue based in Delhi, he acquired Neharwali Haveli in the old walled city of Delhi where Musharraf was born. The haveli, with its high roofs and arches, and is believed to have been previously the home of a "Wazir" (Minister) in the court of Bahadur Shah Zafar — the last Mughal emperor of the 19th century. After independence of Pakistan, Musharraf's family migrated to Pakistan where his father, Syed Musharraf Uddin — a graduate of Aligarh University — joined the Pakistan Foreign Office as an Accountant, and ultimately retired as a Director. Musharraf's mother, Zarin, received her master's degree from the University of Lucknow in 1944 and supplemented the recently immigrated family's income to support the education of her children. She recently retired from a United Nations agency in Islamabad.

Articles: By Daniel Benjamin an era superrich in nightmare scenarios. Standing between order and that cataclysm. having been the target of multiple assassination attempts by the militants who infest his country. who is from Okara. Ayla Raza. later attending Forman Christian College in Lahore and is said to have been good in mathematics during his academic life. U.S.S. 2001. 1964 in the Artillery Regiment. who are his most dangerous opponents. and a daughter. Quetta. 12. . those leaders believe. has paid a price for his decision. He was commissioned on April 19. Musharraf made a snap decision to side with the U. he entered the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul. Military career In 1961. On Sept. His ties with the U. nothing disturbs the sleep of world leaders more than the prospect of chaos in Pakistan—and jihadists' gaining control over its nuclear weapons. Called "my buddy" by George W. Musharraf is married to Sehba. Bush. Musharraf revealed in his memoirs that in 1965 he was charged with taking unauthorized leave and was about to be court-martialed for it. is General Pervez Musharraf. Bilal. the country's leader since 1999. but was excused due to the war with India. and he has two local rebellions to deal with. 62. Musharraf remains the West's best bet in Pakistan. enrage religious radicals. Musharraf. Musharraf attended Saint Patrick's School. who was a graduate student at Stanford University and currently works in Silicon Valley. Later he joined the Special Services Group and was posted to Field Artillery Regiments. in the not-yet-named global war on terrorism. half tiger riding. They have a son. despite his country's longtime support for the Taliban.-Pakistani cooperation has since led to the arrest of al-Qaeda kingpins and a diminution of the threat from Osama bin Laden's group. Yet his rule has a circus quality—half high-wire act.S. graduating in 1958.He revealed in his memoirs that he was critically injured after falling from a mango tree as a teenager. Musharraf is also a graduate of the Royal College of Defence Studies of the United Kingdom. Musharraf styles himself a blunt-talking soldier.a graduate of National College of Arts and works as an architect in Karachi. A graduate of the Command and Staff College. and the National Defence College. Rawalpindi. The question is whether he is good enough. Karachi. and he considers this his first direct experience with death. He has yet to confront the broader jihadist movement. graduating 11th in his class.

a close aide to the former President. Syed Javed Hussain Gen. By Shahan Mufti ISLAMABAD. On August 11. Musharraf also faces threats from militant outfits such as Taliban. the second largest English daily in Pakistan after the Dawn. the military. His new party is called All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).– Ansar Abbasi. conventions. Abbasi has taken on the Pakistani bureaucracy. apex court in province Sindh that currently is grinding under the threat of super flood. 2010 that security around Musharraf‘s farm house at Chak Shahzad.‘ Musharraf has requested the masses to offer their support to it. Security at Musharraf's Farm House Increased The News International. Musharraf is accused of imposing emergency rule and subverting the constitution of Pakistan in 2007. has started taking long winding routes to his office in Islamabad. Sipah-e Sehaba and other banned groups that tried to kill him several times when he was in power. On his return Musharraf risks arrests as he has been declared a proclaimed offender by Sindh High Court. 2010 talking to The News International. Mainly. reported on August 11.By Dr. and even the powerful intelligence services. said. press conferences and public demonstrations on issues of national concern.‘ In his message displayed on the official site of Pasdare-Pakistan Mr. major political leaders. one of Pakistan's most popular print journalists. ‗Musharraf will formally initiate his political activities after the holy month of Ramadhan. former military dictator of Pakistan who ruled the country with iron hand for about eight years. .‘ According to the Chaudhry. Lashkr-e Janghavi. (Retd) Pervez Musharraf. PAKISTAN . is entering Pakistan politics through a brand new political party of his own making. In his two decades as an investigative reporter. An online registration form is offered on Pasdar-e-Pakistan official site with a request to the masses to join the new political party. The new political party has its precursor in Pasdar-e-Pakistan which Musharraf calls ‗a grassroots organization of my supporters. Fawad Chaudhry. They are engaged in building support all over Pakistan and beyond. ‗Musharraf will brief the Pakistani and international media about developments in the final week of September 2010. a semi developed area near Islamabad. has been stepped up. Mr. Musharraf says that ‗the Pasdars have been holding seminars.

the director of Internews. Abbasi has exposed financial dealings between the Army and religious parties in the current ruling coalition and broken news of corrupt practices by the chief justice – stories that did not win him any friends." In the past few months. but his is not the only story of a journalist at risk in Pakistan. compared with 15 in Iraq. . bare-walled basement office. it stated. Last year. the fight against militants. "After what we'd been through with President [Pervez] Musharraf [in the past year]. a Washington-based media watchdog group. or most recently the aftermath of the Mumbai (Bombay) attacks – are facing growing pressure from the government. Musharraf. The death threats against Abbasi are making front-page news. reported in December that Pakistan has become one of the most dangerous places on earth for a journalist to report in 2008. "I'm not sure whether the people protecting me might just be the ones trailing me. The government offered to provide him with an armed security detail. Journalists covering sensitive issues – politics. targeted the independent media in the country and forced all private TV news channels off the air for days. a New York-based group that monitors press freedom around the world. In this country caught in several domestic battles and the global "war on terror. sitting in his florescent-lit. The Committee to Protect Journalists. "maybe even worse." both state actors and militants pose a threat to journalists. He also had journalists arrested en masse in November 2007. Mr. in his final days as president in 2008. the group reported.But in recent weeks he's been told by some "well-wishers" to be more "unpredictable" in his movements – a string of recent scoops has put his life in danger. he says. we hoped something positive would come out for us with a new democratic government. Army. when he declared a state of emergency in the country. seven reporters were killed." says Abbasi." says Abbasi. The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders also released an annual report this week that found that Pakistan had the second-highest death toll for journalists after Iraq in 2008 – an "annus horribilis" for journalists in Pakistan. and after a pause. and intelligence agencies and from militants who would "like to control the media's message. "But things are still really bad." he says." says Adnan Rehmat. but Abbasi refused.

who also asked not to be named for security reasons. One journalist."We are in a fix. Abbas says three reporters working for a major US publication in the tribal areas were detained this month by the Taliban." says Mr. and a worsening domestic militancy – may be lashing out at the media. we risk becoming targets for one or the other side. Another local journalist. "There's been fewer overt coercive measures by this government but the conditions on the ground – the laws in the books and the very real danger of being killed – those are still what they were when President Musharraf left office. of Internews. says Rehmat. a crippled economy. Rehmat. "The security agencies and Army are fighting militants. he continues. and a Japanese journalist was shot a few days later in a kidnapping attempt in Peshawar. Journalists are "working under serious danger" while covering many conflicts. and no matter what we write. began receiving threats from militants in the Punjab region after covering the same story. domestic and international. ." says Mazhar Abbas. The reporter left Islamabad for about a week but has now returned. especially in covering the conflict in the northwestern tribal areas where the Pakistani Army is battling Taliban militants. who handed them over to local officials before the union of journalists was able to get them released. foreign journalists have also faced difficulties. received veiled warnings following his report last month on the village of Faridkot. A Canadian journalist was kidnapped by local militants while reporting a story from there in November." he says. He has not been able to go home since then." While local reporters are more vulnerable. The new government and the security agencies – which are facing a host of troubles including US airstrikes on its territory. "It's the age-old instinct of any weak government to become hostile toward independent media. who asked to remain anonymous. the capital city of Pakistan's North West Frontier Province. Mr. The article was the first to confirm claims by Indian police officials that the sole surviving Mumbai attacker came from the Pakistani village. a journalist who heads the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists. with the country's largest Urdu news channel. he says. A few journalists who covered the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks have also received threats from militants and security agencies to remain silent on the issue.

which is ―DINNER. and QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION. the police – they're all failing to uncover the truth so it puts extra responsibility on us to hold people accountable. "The conflict in Pakistan is intensifying." says Abbasi. For instance.‖ An additional line further elaborates the purpose of Musharraf‘s visit to Dallas. a Washington-based group funded by the US government. TEX. and party members. SPEECH. the government.‖ . he has said many a time that his decision to first suspend and then sack the chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry was essentially erratic. he has the candidness to confess and acknowledge his wrong decisions. "I fear things are only going to get worse next year. he confessed publically too that the impostion of the state of emergency way back in November 2007 was not only unconstitutional but also politically incorrect." Says Abbas: "In the end the truth might be the biggest casualty in all this. the judiciary. ―All Pakistan Muslim League‖. Pervez Musharraf is coming to Dallas on October 15 to launch the local chapter of his political party. consisting of both houses of Parliament and the four provincial assemblies by receiving 658 out of 1170 votes. said that 88 percent of Pakistanis thought their country was headed in the wrong direction. 2000 unanimously validated the October 1999 coup and granted Musharraf executive and legislative authority for 3 years from the coup date. Here in Dallas he will meet various important people besides the media. in January 2004 Musharraf won a vote of confidence in the Electoral College of Pakistan. Sixty-six percent of those polled disapproved of the job President Asif Ali Zardari is doing." By Saeed Qureshi One quality that distinguishes Pakistan‘s former president Pervez Musharraf over other luminaries in politics is that while others usually take cover under the lame excuses and try to justify their misdeeds. the journalist. He will also address a select gathering of his well-wishers. t should be noted that it was a 12-member Supreme Court panel that on May 12. Again.A recent opinion poll conducted by the International Republican Institute. The announcement contained in a flyer says ―DINNER WITH FORMER PRESIDENT PERVEZ MUSHARRAF AT 6:30 PM on October 15. As such his governance and remaining in office was legally and constitutionally justified. the head of the journalists' union. 2010 HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL ADDISON. and so is the pressure on the media. adding that in the process many reporters are putting their lives on the line. "The institutions in this country." says Abbas. Also.

If Musharraf does settle in Richardson's state. it would signify a marked détente between the two men.before correcting his characterisation to "tyrant" and called for the Pakistani's resignation in late 2007. Musharraf received the displeasure of the religious lobbies because of his 180-degree tilt and support for the American war in Afghanistan. scoring points. "This is my understanding. called Musharraf a "terrorist" during a January TV appearance . both army generals by profession." Nawaz told the PBS NewsHour programme yesterday. A US state department spokesman told reporters today that Musharraf has so far not asked for asylum in America but added that the resigned president "has a right to live wherever he wants". Now as part of rooting out extremism and curbing separatist and fissiparous tendencies of regional leader like Akbar Bugti. he had to take certain unpalatable and tough decisions. and then eventually may be New Mexico in the United States. based on conversations with people in Pakistan. no one can conclusively figure out whether Musharraf would be stuck in the roadblocks or move forward towards his political goalpost. making alliances and shifting positions. who was America's UN representative under Bill Clinton. The Law minister known for his caustic sarcasm and pungent repartee said that those who want dictatorship were either in graveyard or in England alluding to former president Zia and president Musharraf. In normal circumstances these decisions could have been appreciated but their positive side was eclipsed because of the extremely hostile propaganda whipped by his antagonist political parties and domineering clergy and fire-spitting religious circles. that he's likely … to leave the country. Richardson. The prime minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gilani sarcastically remarked the other day that Musharraf would be welcomed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry. and that a possible immediate destination may be Dubai. these are the same religious elements that were part of the group that voted for him to keep both the offices of the COAS and the president of Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf has been successful in bringing about certain far-reaching reforms in Pakistan. Musharraf‘s era was relatively known as economically strong. Notwithstanding the urge to remain in power which human beings have in abundance because they are not angels. Otherwise.Barring a few controversial decisions. But politics being a game of wits. His role in liberating media from the official strangleholds and empowering the women folks cannot be denied even by worst of his detractors. . This is a very ominous statement.

and weathered domestic charges that he is a dictator and American puppet. it's an election year in Pakistan. Under the current constitution. pressure to drive jihadis from the country's northwest frontier no-man's land. Still. Pakistan's president is elected by four provincial assemblies and the parliament.By Ian Bremmer Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has dodged a lot of bullets over the years. a loose alliance of six conservative religious parties that hope to one day bring theocracy to Pakistan. managed intense U. Some of his old allies have abandoned him. The list of his enemies is growing. and his bid to sack Pakistan's chief justice has provoked outrage. Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party (PPP) won parliamentary elections five years ago. and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM). an ethnically based party blamed for provoking political violence around the country . which allows the president to remain chief of . Adding to his troubles. secular middle-class professionals fed up with broken promises of full democracy. and the president's former Islamist allies have almost entirely abandoned him. He's survived multiple assassination attempts. and allies within the military elite who fear they will share the blame for his missteps. It includes exiled former prime ministers Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif.-led war on terror. deadly violence and the first large-scale public protests of his nearly eight-year rule. Musharraf knows he must scramble and improvise if he is to both extend his presidency another five years and maintain his position as army chief.including riots in Karachi on May 12 that killed more than 40 anti-government demonstrators. Musharraf has survived tough challenges before. But Musharraf managed to exclude the PPP from government by persuading 10 of its members to defect to his coalition and by forging a political deal with the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA). Knowing that the next parliament will contain fewer of his loyalists than the current one. Islamic radicals who charge that his army has killed Pakistani tribesmen sympathetic with Afghanistan's Taliban to appease American crusaders and that he has broken promises to serve as a civilian president. both of whom hope to return to Pakistan to contest national and state assembly elections this fall. mainly over his support for the U.S. due to lapse this year.S. and it won't be so easy to drive him from power. But even a political operator as skilled as Musharraf may not survive the current crisis indefinitely. a party he invented following the 1999 coup that vaulted him to power. Musharraf shows no sign of retreat. He also hopes to extend the life of a constitutional amendment. two former prime ministers have demanded his resignation. His core political support comes from a coalition that includes the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q). Recent polling suggests Bhutto's party remains popular. Musharraf intends to seek re-election before the next parliamentary elections reshuffle the political deck.

If Musharraf refuses to restore Chaudhry to his post. the courts may not rule in his favor as he seeks to maintain his hold on both the presidency and the army. a person needs to actually be born with in order to be a leader later in life. whipping up anti-Musharraf fervor as he lectures on the importance of an independent judiciary. high crime rates and rural poverty continue to burden Pakistan's development. Chaudhry's criticism of the president has won him admirers all over Pakistan. his tolerance for a relatively free press. The political cost of that choice is on the rise. and the stability that comes with some $10 billion in U.S. That's intelligence. the judge has refused to go quietly. All these moves would spark court challenges. Conclusion: Pervez Musharraf is a born because. public protests could spin out of control. where he is regarded as a crucial ally on the frontline of the war on terror and the ultimate safeguard against radical control of the only Muslim country (so far) to successfully test a nuclear bomb. Musharraf has often chosen to appease his American benefactors at the expense of his domestic standing.the army. In fact. the country's capricious chief justice who offered no promises to rule in the president's favor. the support Musharraf receives from Washington.and why Musharraf decided in March to sack Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. inflation. His support for talented technocrats and their liberal economic reforms has earned him accolades both at home and abroad. And he have these abilities. encouraging him to tour the countryside. only deepens the hole in which he now finds himself at home. . That's why control of the courts is so important . Effective leaders aren't necessarily the smartest people in the room or the company or even on the team.particularly since corruption. He may decide to try to rig the elections. Pervez Musharraf's resume has its successes. aid since 9/11 can guarantee his political survival . But not even strong growth rates (expected to reach 7 percent in 2007). A leader needs to be smart enough. But they have to be smart enough to do the job they're assigned. Unfortunately for Musharraf. persuading the president to declare a state of emergency and sharply upping the stakes for his political future. If Musharraf finds a face-saving way to give the chief justice his job back.