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i.Multiple choice. Choose the correct answer at the provided space. __1.Are energy producing food because they contained. a. Carbohydrates and Fats b. Carbohydrates c. Fats d. RDA __2.When foods rich in carbohydrates are digested into Glucose which gives ____. a.strength c.heat and energy d.efficient digestion __9. Chemical substance that nourish the body substance b.Nutrients c.protein d.carbohydrates __10. A diet is balance if the essential foods are complete and adequate It must compared to the number of servings required a.Nutrients b.Vitamin and minerals c.Balance diet d.Recommended Daily Diet

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__3. These nutrients also make your body strong enough __11.This phase of material and child care before the baby is born is To resist and in the efficient digestion and absorption of called ____ Food in your body. a.body regulating foods a.Pre- natal care b.body building foods b.Post-natal care giving foods c.Pregnancy care d.none of the above d.non of the above __4. A severe deficiency disease caused by absolute lack of Protein for a long period of time. a.Goiter b.Kwashishikon c.marasmus d.Ricket __5. This refers to the enlargement of thyroid glands due to Lack of iodine, a.Goiter b.Iodine c.Thyroxin d.Iodize Salt __6 . This the softening of the deformation of bones due to Lack of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D. a.Goiter b.Rickets c.Marasmus d.Beri-beri __12. The health of a pregnant woman depends to the food she eats a.Proper hygiene b.moderate exercise c.Proper and adequate nutrients d.all of the above __13.Walking is the best form of exercise is an example of a.Regular but moderate exercise b.Proper and adequate nutrition c.Obsevance of proper hygiene d.all of the above __14. The period of life before the child is born a.Conception b.Pregnancy c.fertilization d.Menstration

__7. This is a severe a severe deficiency cause by absolute __15. As soon as fertilization took place on the ovum has attach it self Lack of niacin or nicotinic acid. To the lining of the uterus , menstration stops a.Beri-beri a.Nausea and vomiting b.Pelagnia b.Changes in Breast c.Xeropthalmia c.Areola d.Rickets d.Failure of menstration __8. This disease is a result of severe deficiency in lack of Vitamin A. a.Rickets b.Beri-beri c.Xeropthalmia d.Marasmus __16. Also called morning sickness and common during the first three months of pregnancy a.Failure of menstration b.Areole c.Nausea d.Changes in breast