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Choose the correct answer. Answer all the question. 1. Which of the following groups of food are prepared by using bacteria?


A. B. C. D.

Ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, cheese Soya souce, cheese, yogurt, vinegar Tempe, bread, yogurt, cheese Tapai, vinegar, bread, cake

2.Diagram 1 shows a food chain. Plant Goat Tiger

The plant in the food chain

A. B. C. D.

is called a producer is called a consumer is eaten by all living things gets energy from other living things.

3.Which group of seeds or fruits are dispersed in the same manner?

A. B. C. D.

Love grass, balsam, durian Okra, rambutan, coconut Watermelon, tomato, chilli Lotus, rubber, shorea

They produce a large number of eggs. . They take care of their eggs until the eggs hatch. -They can only be observed through an electron microscope -They are the tiniest microorganisms Which of the following represents M? M ? 5. The carry their eggs. C. B. They hide their eggs.4.Look at diagram 3. The information below is about M. D. Which characteristic is common among the animals to ensure the survival of their species? ? A.

Look at the diagram 5 Choose the characteristics of the fruit shown in the diagram to help its dispersal. ? i The shape is round ii There is water inside the fruit iii There are air spaces in the husk iv The sin of the fruit is waterproof 7. Diagram 10 shows a food web What would decrease the population of snake? ? .6.

i and iv B.Tadpole Based on the information which food chain is correct? ? A. S The yield of cocoa beans from the plantation is low. S S feeds on the cocoa beans in the plantation. C. Ii and iv D. S .Look at the information below K.i Kill the sparrow ii Plant more paddy iii Rear more snakes iV Kill more mouse A. ii and iii C.Read the information below S is and animal living in a cocoa plantation. B. iii and iv 8. D.Fish L. K M L N L N M K M K N L N L K M 9.Kingfisher M – Waterweed N.

Sparrow 10. D. Which of the following have the same transformation of energy when they are switched on? A. S2 C. Chicken D. S1 B.Which of the following animals can help to increase the yield of cocoa beans from the plantation? ? A. Owl B. S4 . ? A. Look at diagram 4. B. Rat C. C. S3 D. Which switch if it is turned off causes all the bulbs not to light up? . Torch and oven Fan and blender Calculator and gas stove Television and hair dryer 11.

Which is the direction of the shadow of the tree? ? A. . The table below shows the observation of an investigation Number of bulbs 1 2 3 Which statement is correct? ? Brightness of the bulbs ( Bright Dim Dimmer ) A. D. Diagram 7 shows a tree in a field. C. The bulbs are arranged in parallel circuit The bulbs are arranged in a series circuit The bulbs are controlled by one switch The circuit needs one more battery 13. D.12. B. C. B.

S and T B. The gaps make the railway tracks stronger. . The gaps prevent the trains from being derailed.How do the gaps on railway tracks save the lives of human? ? A.Diagram shows 25ml of four types of liquids are poured into a test tube each. S.14. U and V 16. Look at the diagram The principle of expansion and contraction of matter is applied in ? A. C. . 15. D. B. The gaps enable the railway tracks to be installed faster. S and V D. T and U B. The gaps allow the railway tracks to expand.

ii. Hair shampoo flows slower than water but faster than soya souce Soya sauce flows slower than water but faster than hair shampoo iii. Air occupies the space in the glass D. i . A kite flies up in the air B. Hair shampoo flows faster than grease iv.Which of the following shows that air can be compressed? ? A.Choose the correct observation when the test tubes are held as shown in the diagram. Grease flows faster than hair shampoo A. iv 17. iii B. i . Water cannot be compressed C. iii D. iv C. Water cannot enter the glass B. ii. A fan circulate air in a room . i. Water does not flow against the gravity 18. ii. .Look at the diagram below Which inference explains why the tissue paper does not get wet? ? A.

B. The process above is similar to the A. A Balloon deflates when air is blown out of it.C. Look at the diagram below. D. ? A. C. D. 19. sea and ponds evaporate? . D.How do members of society contribute towards keeping the water resources clean? ? A. Formation of rainbow Formation of glacier Formation of snow Formation of rain 20. When their temperature is lower than the surrounding When their temperature is higher than the surrounding When the water vapour in the air decreases When the water absorbs heat from the Sun. C.How do water from lakes. 21. By keeping their homes and local community areas clean . Cooking gas is stored in a cylinder. B.

Spray pesticides in their homes 22. Bring their own shopping bags when they go shopping C.Which is not the advantage of the ability of water to flow? ? A. Which of the following is neutral? 24. Lime juice 23. Which of the following represents liquid M? M ? A. Sugar cane D. Vinegar B. Look at the diagram below. Help to organise the campaign of “Love Our Rivers” D. Blood circulate throughout our body . Detergent C.B.

Adam pours some water into the glass and drink.Diagram below shows an investigation. The roots of a plant absorbs water from the soil D.B. P B. S 27.Which of the following shows the correct directions shown by the constellations? ? A B C D Constellation Southern cross Orion Big Dipper Scorpius Direction North South North North 26.Look at the diagram below. At which position can the Moon be seen only through a telescope? ? A. Q B. . R D. Flash flood occurs when the river overflows C. 25.

F – The body is made bigger G – The tyres are made bigger H. V. Look at the vehicles in the diagram below Arrange the vehicles in increasing order of stability. V. D. To study the direction of Earth moving around the Sun 28. X. . V. X. X. A. X. Which factor is not considered when building a strong and stable structure? ? A. V. Read the statement below.The height of the body is reduced 30. Y 29. To show the pathway of Earth around the Sun D. W. B. The materials used The colour of the structure Its base area Its height . Y B. To study the rotation of the Earth B. W. W.W.Which is the aim for the investigation? ? A. Y D. To study the occurrence of day and night C. C. Y C.