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Unknown regions of the Mind matrix! Part one. ( The borders of reason and perception.

) Little known profoundity has been cast forth by those whom judge themselves "proffessors" of Science, in relation to the wonderments of human cerebrality! It is a science unto itself, masquerading with some integrity as "human-conciousness". A preheld theory taught as a secondary principle to what really makes us humans tick? Lets disregard scientific principle as hogwash, for it bases itself on this planet alone, formulated by scientists or proffs whom know nothing of the REAL internal-workings of the mind! Cells, the formulation of distributed-activity within the Brain ARE linked to "other" stratas, other fields? like common "doorways" they open up when triggered by sentient activity or psychicdevelopment. Such "cells" have "twins" throughout the cosmos, twins whom sometimes when "approached" give forth imformation. you see, this little insignificant-brain of ours is HARDLY used! Trapped in its latent-abilities by our own "immersion" in Material-forces! Of course the elite of this world cover-up the truth, blind us too perception, close our eyes to the manifesting-light. Brainwashing, the Art of "drowning" the Cells from recognition has been employed since the times of Atlantis! Boo, hoo, time to educate, time to eradicate the veils harbouring our brains-defences. dreamstates aquire imformation from these Cells to formulate the scenario the storyline within. They ALSO if activated by psychic-means allow the "invasion" of outside-forces! forces comparable to distant-star knowledge and earthly-dimensional-realms. To a large degree, knowledge can be attained by Predetermined sleep or subconcious brain-activation. The will is a powerful instrument, defining that which is imaginative and that which can be achieved! your goal in any measure should be to "recognise" your responsibilities to mind, to the interaction of your perception of "what is" and "what can be!" The Cells, the lighted-doorways distribute imformation and ALLOW access to OUTSIDE! That is to say outside your normal conception/perception of reality. There are for sure many, many dimensions, which form or interact with spacial-gateways. The Himalayas has portals (seen-gateways or manifest-gates) amongst its mountanousregions. The antartica-too! however, we can by certain-means "manouvere" "negotiate" some of these gates, via TUNNELS! There are certain formulae pertaining to some "tunnels" beneath the kabbalah. They are known as the tunnels-of-set, though their real-hierarchy or ploy is closer to alien or denizen-activitys!

Mother used to say I "always walked where angels feared to tread?! Quite correct! certainly one "does-not" attain a greaterknowledge by being stagnant in morose materialism! One must be adventurous and willing to open the doorways to the unknown to progress! So, the brain, the grey looking bewilderment of manifest segments, of unknown-infinite-cells and therefore unboutiful-knowledge! The apparatus by which human-will interplays between reality and cosmic-perception. The all-seeing EYE of Will and action. Make nomistake there is a devil and a god, but these names are neither powerful nor near to the real-nature of the word of that being! to understand to decrypt/decypher ancient grimoires one must be "activated" in various cellular-levels. outside is inside, as is above is below? The great cosmic-serpent whose name is briefly mentioned in my book, manifests throughout eternity undulating and awaiting any CALL, which time-honoured Magi have cause to invoke? joyous then our humanframe our capable-structure, our WILL, our cause to live and passover for endless incarnations. do not be falsely led by preachers by churchfanatics by harbouring charlatans whom profoundly preach much of spiritual-law but in truth know little! continued Part two