Unknown regions of the mind matrix part two, ( Inside timeless space.

) Born then from a womb, manifest by actions of both sex. given stardust-virtue at birth, a pre-conceived MAP upon which "outside-influences" WILL react! space and its dimensions, its hoardes of denizen and entity-type beings, hidden unseen in tunnels, through gateways/Pylons insignificant to human mind yet REAL and always awaiting contact! Consider the Vampire! consider its mind its cerebralmatrix? Oh yes it exists, as do angelic-beings and other gods. The vampire feeds on lust and thought, blood only retaining its equality with man. Great minds think alike, how portent! Some of us, we humans, are known as mediums. born to interact with closer-dimensions, their CELLS within the brain have in some "segments" been "activated". A link has been formed with "other-beings", a New-Source" of light has burnt within a cell, leaving a permanent open-doorway. As in ceremonial-magick (if prepared properly) the master the Adept when "contacted" by Invocation or Evocation, has certain CELLS burnt within by the New-source of Incoming-light! So Too in retrospect a contactee of UFOs, he or she ALSO are burnt within and new "opened-cells" remain! Science is to progressive in its theoretical-teachings its radicalism on trigonometry on calculas, on "known" formulae relating to the elements and matter. Better to teach in occultist-terms in laymans theology, easier to understand and "much-quicker" in action and ritual! We see only that we WISH to see? If we are afraid to open up our eyes, both internal and external, then ALAS we remain unknowledgeable in TRUTH. Like a Computer the Brains-matrix switches from one form to another in seconds. funtioning on three-levels it is " BY FAR" more intelligent and Precise than ANY computer here on earth! YET, its realfunction remains dormant for many! The very idea of a ritual ( more so an occult ritual) is to concentrate the mind on "outside", on a fixed-task which dis-associates from modern material dogmas! materialism can be soul-destroying LITERALLY! do not be fooled by Media presentation by so-called politicians whom are after all only puppets for a far worse scenarion. There are many books on "dreaming-true", on practising the same "concentration" on what you wish to manifest on awakening. Consider though that the candle-flame is a minute "observation" of the real-flame within us all. A person possesed by spirits, ( not just one) have had their internal-cells compromised, one-opened NEVER closed! and yet if they "survive" such an ordeal, their "knowledge" of other-worlds" will have been GREATLY heightened! their cells have been lit or "burnt" by

numerous " entries". For to achieve a good-exorcism one must Vibrate the words of power, in such "repetitive-frequency" that the vibration enters the "invaded-cells" and "pushes-out" the unwanted intruder! again, if there is "an-understanding" of these cells, one should quite rightly be aware that "further" returns of these beings is paramount! And such is the reason or one reason why the Romanians used to cut off the heads of known vampires! Marijuana or cannabis release "toxins" which also burn "to a degree" some cells, leaving outside-influences a gateway into the system. Certain latin/south-american peoples have a drug which also opens these internal-doorways "which then remain open"! Of course over the years i have "opened" certain cells within myself, either by occult-experimentation (kundalini) or certain "visitations" via "outside-beings" both in the Awakened state and sleeping-state. via sex and daemonic-intrusion with an ex-grey witch girlfriend. the daemon rather than Entity, for there is an enormous difference, opened my cells internally, shone a New-light within burning some and causing permanent activation. Hence my occult-knowledge of other worlds was "drastically heightened", be it a VERY dangerous way to do so!! TRThompson