Steve McCabe MP House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Keir Starmer QC Crown Prosecution Service Rose Court 2 Southwark

Bridge London SE1 9HS 14th September 2012

Dear Mr Starmer, 1. I am writing to you in relation to a company, How To Corp Ltd1, which created a product, TrafficPaymaster2, that appears to be specifically designed to circumvent the rights of copyrightholders. I believe offences under Section 107(1), (2) and (2A) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 19883 may have been committed by individuals connected to How To Corp Ltd. There may be other breaches of the law identified pursuant to a full and proper investigation. 2. How To Corp Ltd was founded in 2005 by Grant Shapps MP and his wife, Mrs Belinda Shapps.4 Mr Shapps used a pseudonym, Michael Green, to run the company.5 The website has been active and trading since at least 2002.6 Mr Shapps has claimed he stepped down from the business in 2008 and said it has since been run solely by his wife, Mrs Shapps.7 In 2008 he transferred his shares to his wife and resigned his directorship according to documents filed with Companies House. 3. In 2011 How to Corp launched TrafficPaymaster. There are two versions of TrafficPaymaster, a “Regular” version costing 297 US Dollars and a “Pro” version costing 497 US Dollars. The differences between the two, taken from the promotional site, can be found at Appendix A.8 4. Both versions of TrafficPaymaster are “autoblogging” software packages designed to be uploaded to an internet server. Once installed the user can specify the type of blog they wish to create, specify the subject of the blog, integrate click-through advertising relevant to the subject of the blog and then set the software to automatically generate web pages. 5. The content of these web pages is created by “scraping” content from other websites, i.e. copying it and using it without permission in the process of running a business. This might constitute copyright theft. The “Pro” version of the product “spins” the content using integrated software called TheBestSpinner. “Spinning” is changing certain words in the plagiarised content 3 4 5 6*/ 7 8
2 1

to make it appear to search engines that the content produced is original content. Transcripts of promotional videos explaining this can be found at Appendix B. 6. An example of “spun” content can be found here: This site is owned by Seb Fox of How To Corp Ltd.9 The original content appears to be found here: The original content is published under a Creative Commons license which does not permit alteration nor does it permit republication without attribution. 7. TrafficPaymaster is specifically promoted as a way of generating altered or unaltered plagiarised content that will appear high up in search rankings for the product being promoted by the user and then generate click-through revenue through services such as Google AdSense and Amazon Associates. 8. There appears to be a forum in which users of TrafficPaymaster can discuss the service. This appears to indicate active collusion in the creation of “spun” and un-“spun” plagiarised content. On the promotional webpage at, it says: “If you're successful in getting hold of a copy of TrafficPaymaster then you'll also enjoy the company of other users in the TrafficPaymaster Owner's Club Forum... This is the place to hang out and chat through different strategies with fellow TrafficPaymaster owners.” 9. The stealing of other people’s content is an offence under Section 107(1) of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Creating an article specifically designed or adapted for making copies of copyrighted work is an offence under Section 107(2) of the Act. Section 107(2A) of the Act criminalises the communication of copyrighted works in the course of a business. Commission of any three of these offences would allow a judge to impose fines and a jail term. TrafficPaymaster and its associated services appear to be designed to aid or abet the commission of such acts. In having used the software, the law may have also been broken by users, including “Seb Fox” of How To Corp Ltd. 10. I believe there is sufficient prima facie evidence of a breach of the law to warrant investigation. Yours sincerely,

Steve McCabe MP


Appendix A – Difference between “Regular” and “Pro” versions of TrafficPaymaster

Appendix B – Transcript of YouTube videos produced by HowToCorp
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