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B.D. Smith

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P. Gepts and T. Famula

Introduction: The Domestication of Plants and Animals: Ten Unanswered Questions 1
P. Gepts, R. Bettinger, S. Brush, A. Damania, T. Famula, P. McGuire, and C. Qualset


The Local Origins of Domestication
J. Diamond


Section I Early Steps in Agricultural Domestication
R. Bettinger


Evolution of Agroecosystems: Biodiversity, Origins, and Differential Development
D.R. Harris



From Foraging to Farming in Western and Eastern Asia
O. Bar-Yosef



Pre-Domestic Cultivation during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene in the Northern Levant
G. Willcox



New Archaeobotanical Information on Plant Domestication from Macro-Remains: Tracking the Evolution of Domestication Syndrome Traits 110
D.Q. Fuller


New Archaeobotanical Information on Early Cultivation and Plant Domestication Involving Microplant (Phytolith and Starch Grain) Remains
D.R. Piperno


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