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95th Street Terminal – Off Site Improvement Project - Questionnaire Due September 29, 2012 Dear West Chesterfield. A $20 million 95th Street CTA Terminal improvement has been announced. Speculation indicates CTA may purchase the land East of State Street. This may include the vacant lot from 9401 S. State to Ed’s Livery at 9443 S State just north of the alley. (See the grey box to the left.) What happens to this land can affect your home value, life style and other. Please complete by September 29, 2012. • Fax to 866.399.6996 • or • Drop in mail slot at 9351 S. Michigan • or • Call 773.821.8928 for pick up •
Yes No Maybe
94th St. S t a t e CTA Red Line and Bus Terminal Alley S t Vacant Lot New Bldg Citgo Station Currency
Ed’s Livery

1.) Should CTA purchase this land for development? (Circle One)

2.) Think about the site now. Rank the following improvements in order of importance: (#1 Being highest.)
____ Vehicular Safety (Congestion…) ____ Rider Security (Assault, Robbery etc.) ____ Security (Cameras and Layout.) ____ Loitering (Eliminate) ____ Rider Safety (Sidewalks, crosswalks Ped-ways) ____ Public Restrooms (Eliminate Public Urination) ____ Aesthetics (Curb Appeal) ____ Littering (Reduce Trash on Site, Streets and Alleys)

3.) How should CTA develop the site if purchased: (Pick Two)
___ Park & Ride Only (unmanned) ___ Park & Ride Only (manned) ____ Park & Ride with a Chicago Police Office ____ Greyhound bus facility Fast Food

___ Mixed Use, Park & Ride with (Circle Choice(s)) Office Space Day Care Drug Store

4.) Should CTA transit police assist with law enforcement…(Circle One (a.) or (b.))
a. Within a one (1) Block radius of the station: b. Within a two (2) Block radius of the station: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe

5.) Should CTA assist with regular alley and perimeter street cleanup at the site?
(Circle One) (Circle One) (Circle One)

6.) If CTA develops the site should a bridged pedestrian-way to the CTA terminal be built? 7.) Are you concerned about air quality and the additional cars attracted if a Park & Ride were built? 8.) Please write comments on the back.
For more information on the Terminal’s Improvement go to: www.transitchicago.com/95thTerminal

Michael E. LaFargue, President Jenny LaFargue 3rd VP Loretta Turner, Financial Secretary st Jocilyn Floyd, 1 VP Sharon Banks Pincham, Secretary Beulah Pressley, Sergeant at Arms James Frye, 2nd VP Claudia Harris, Treasurer Phyllis Johnson, Parliamentarian P.O. Box 19323 • Chicago • IL • 60619 • Phone 773.821.8928 • Fax 773.821.8929