Lecture 1 : Joe the Diver Themes 1) Homeostasis - Physiology and understanding of disease - Definition: Process by which the Body

maintains a stable internal environment to ensure optimum functions of cells and tissues. - Cardiovascular and Thermal 2) Sustenance and Equilibrium 3) Host defence - Normal - Diagnose of Infection - Antibiotic treatments - Hospital infecting disease 4) Lifestyle factors that effects Health - Adults put health at risk and how does it impacts - Smoking - Illicit drugs 5) Health Education and Promotion, Disease Prevention - Improve health of population - Health Promotion: process enabling ppl increase control over and improve health. - Harm minimization. 3 Scenarios (Joe - 26, Marco - 62 cardio, Rosa Joe – DVT) - Italian - ECG - Blood Pressure - Risk factors and exercise - Lifestyle patterns Marco - Smoking - Burden of disease - Pharmacotherapies - Modify risk factors - Stages of readiness - Prevention strategies - MI, Atherosclerosis, ischemia Rosa - Peripheral circulation - Thrombosis

Coronary . .If not fit. Communication . TV. Sedentary behaviour? .Aterial disease Exercise physiologist .Vo2 gain? Exercise .Longer TV increase metabolic syndrome.Cerebral vascular .It doesn’t matter if you are doing how mny exercise.6 month program Evidence of effect of Exercise . .There’s difference between physical activities and exercise.ST section in ECG for ischemia .Exercise where out of breath . not tht hard if physical exercise .To max cardio test . they will not reach max and stop middle. but if theres .- ANS Cardiac failure Host defense Health care issues.Anitibiotics .Prescribe and deliver exercise with cronic disease (intervention) .Vo2 peak and mortality link .Community care CVD .Sitting behind desk.Joe was refered (healthy) Joe Previous palpatations and collapsed at 14yr – normal No further incidence but Marco has CVD (family) Healthy Referred to EP to evaluate his fitness Should have no respiratory and CVD to dive Vo2 max? . .5days a week for30mins . increase PA decrease metabolic syndrome.Making lifestyle choices.

Endothelial Fx is realted with CVD . for oxygen to muscle o On-set has immediate response but HR is progressive o Greater lesion.Lest have a look at ur exercise.For exercise. increase Car O.Vo2 peak = oxygen in lungs is in the same amount as in the cells . Add strength.Resting heart rate .Affects prognosis VO2 peak and Joe’s measurement . but more workload but the heart won’t push the heart hard. so there would be risk in future.All excercie increase vasodilation in arteries. it will improve the dynamic of physio Exercise on endothelial function . (Blunting?) o Mismatch between oxy supply and oxy demand. . NO . . work and dll. improve sedentary behaviour. Exercise training .Blood pressure . lifestyle.Is fine for diving..Improve symptoms of disease and angina threshold. and I would like you to other excercises too .Increase Quality o Life . o Increase ventilation.Primary : CAD .. . (can exercise a longer time before angina) .If family has it.Second : Rehab .Great that you want dive.sedentary behaviour itll increase risk. continue exercise to maintain.Increase angina threshold .Rate pressure product = HR X BP (increases with exercise) .ECG .Once started.It can’t reverse the plaque but just slow the growth and prevent from reocuring .You have risk factors .Bike or treadmill and monitor by ECG and rates. How to tell joe .Don’t change Rate product. Role of exercise in CVD . greater Blunting. Arterial stiffness .

- Exercise reduces AS C.Reduces with exercise .Def? Mortility .reactive proteins and cardio marker .