We feed them with Inhumanity


It is the second largest grower of rice and wheat, We are proud to say it’s our country. It is also the home to 230 million malnourished people, A quarter of the world’s hungry.

Here it is not about protruding bellies and sunken faces, It is about - not getting food enough to eat, Not getting food nutritious enough to live, Learn and a healthy life to lead.

Here it is not about that agriculture is declining, More than 50 million tonnes of food grains are lying In government warehouses, but problem is getting it to the needy, Wherein this vast and corrupt infrastructure is failing.

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Has a statutory stipulation to provide 100 days of work a year, But the poor and unemployed are offered work for 30-40 days; It generates insufficient income to beat hunger and combat fear.

Here it is not that we don’t have enough grains for a universal PDS; Food Corporation of India has twice the grain it is equipped to stock, So the grain rots, rather than the hungry at home eat it, It is not distributed, not released at low prices, just piled up behind locks.

And then millions of tonnes of grains are exported to feed, The European cattle at prices lower than that offered to our unfortunates; Domestic food inflation is pushing India’s poor to brink, While that rotting grain is flogged off to private traders at throwaway rates.

Here it is not that we don’t have money to adopt a universal PDS, We spawned 49 dollar billionaires and one lakh dollar millionaires, Government tosses five lakh crore of tax exemptions to the rich In the current budget under just three heads, and it itself so declares.

You can’t be a little bit pregnant, you can’t be a bit universal either, The Food Security Act, Right to Food, Right to Life, all fall far short of what India’s poor need; here, MNREGS is restricted, PDS is targeted, Only exploitation is universal that our deprived and underprivileged have got.

Leave the governmental issues aside, where is our own conscience ? We are quick at galvanizing debates but where action is to be found ? Are we trying to make the ‘justice of eating’ reach everywhere ? Are we using our intellect and energy to make our nation healthy and sound ?

What can we do? - is now the another thorny question, Just sit back and curse the corrupted leaders won’t work ; If we are one among those who are privileged by God’s grace, Our heartless inhumanity deserves a tough jerk.

We would dine at five stars spending thousands of rupees, But won’t bother to share our food with the hungry at street. Or arrange work for them so that they could earn their own bread Or teach them some vocational skills so that their sufferings may deplete. Or dug a tube well at dried lands to assure groundwater supply, And lend a helping hand in arranging good quality seeds, And make available organic manures, fertilizers and pesticides, Build proper storage houses at places where still nobody proceeds.

If each one of the privileged family takes responsibility on their shoulders To work for food, clothing, shelter and education of one pitiable family, We will feel more blessed, more fortunate and contented, Because we have accomplished our individual human duty.

There are hundreds of little ways in which we can make their life worth living, Only begin and the mind will grow heated , To make this earth a beautiful paradise to live, let’s move collectively, Only begin and the journey of thousand miles will be soon, very soon completed.