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The concept of Taxi Branding/Advertising in Calabar City is new hence the imminent need. The Cross River State Government in her developmental effort have since last year scraped motorbikes popularly known as Okada and in place introduced an efficient Taxi system in which Pronto Cab Limited blazes the trail. Pronto Cab Limited as a leading operator and presently managing over 500 city cabs can create a platform for intensive mobile advert in its fleet. This will afford intending advertisers and brand owners an ample opportunity to position their products and services in Calabar City in an efficient and cost effective manner. To this end, we have designed a Taxi Branding system to operate in conjunction with Pronto Cab Limited tailored to meet the unique image of all intending advertisers.

Vehicular Branding though fast becoming a new trend in this part has grown enormously over the years. Without overlooking the effects on revenue, the growth, awareness and impact results of outdoor media are no doubt keys to achieving this goal. Taxi advertising campaigns are normally targeted at a specific consumer market, the volume of commuters who use taxis in Calabar is now substantialthanks to ban on motorbikes; they (commuters) are Exceptional Advertising Targets. Companies who wrap their delivery and company vehicles have responded positively, with most reporting a significant increase in brand awareness and keen interest shown towards their branded vehicles. Statistics have also shown that consumers who are repeatedly reached with a message, show higher advertiser awareness, brand recall and purchase behaviour. Business needs are indeed changing and companies adopt strategies such as advertising, promotions, branding, re-branding and even temporary branding to target product launch events or updating. Also, research has shown that nothing will get any brand or product noticed more than a fleet of branded vehicles and unfortunately many companies do not have such fleets at their disposal; our collaboration will serve as the perfect platform for this need.

Implementation Technology Limited a subsidiary of AIR-TIGHT MEDIA specializes in providing mobile and outdoor advertising solutions to corporate bodies and government agencies all over Nigeria. We undertake designs, implementation and outsourcing of advertising deals between clients. Our specialty covers fields of fleet branding, large format outdoor digital printing and transit media. These exciting, innovative and new forms of advertising create impact and are eye catching marketing channels, reaching millions of potential customers. Our creative skills in the areas of communication have been enhanced by our highly trained experts and technological skill in the aspect of information dissemination and strategic campaign drive. This gives us the cutting edge and puts us well ahead of our competitors in terms of service delivery. Our job is to bring your campaign to life!


Our vehicle branding, building wrapping, vehicle stickers and fleet signage products have the flexibility to suit your changing business needs, such as rebranding or temporary branding for targeting product launch or supporting campaign drives. For a fraction of the cost of other advertising media, we offer flexibility and mobility in our services that provides for a cost-effective and broad-reaching advertising and marketing campaign. We are able to offer completely new creative design through our innovative inhouse design department, or we can take existing designs and roll it over an entire fleet of vehicles. Utilizing the latest technology, our high quality materials are transformed into artworks of uncomprising quality, ready to be applied to your vehicles. In addition, our in-house process guarantees that your fleet branding will be handled seamlessly and professionally ensuring that your vehicle is off of the road for as short a time as possible. Our intention is to provide our services by liaising with Pronto Cab Limited in executing this proposed Taxi Advertising scheme in Calabar Metropolis.

We have the perquisite expertise and experience to carry out the enormous task conveniently owning to the fact that we have a team of experts who have handled similar jobs in the industry for over a decade. Why Our Services: 1. Implementation Technology Limited is one of the branding companies around with the relevant knowledge in Vehicle branding, maintenance and monitoring, Fleet Signage and can deploy Approved Installers to ensure quality finishing. 2. Our management & experts continuously strive to improve in areas such as quality of workmanship, delivery deadlines and building lasting relationships. 3. We offer more than 10 years of experience in the vehicle wrapping industry. Our passion and dedication is unsurpassed. 4. We offer a full range of services, including Site Surveys which include digital pictures, survey and accurate dimensions to the final installation of the finished products. 5. We are able to handle the execution of fleets nationwide, through our network of approved installers, who comply with international standards.

We desire to collaborate with Pronto Cab Limited only at this stage to provide all the vehicles available in their fleet for branding as well as working out a standard tariff charge or daily rate together for prospective clients. We shall source for and manage all adverts on the cabs within the advertising period. Pronto Cab Limited and Implementation Technology Limited shall jointly raise a Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) to clearly specify roles that each party is obligated to. The terms will include: Tariffs; Profit Sharing; Fleet Management and Control; Supervision; Indemnity & Insurance. Our Offer includes: A. Designing a prototype for the brand: Defining brand position; Writing a brand story; Establishing a believe system for brands; Creating a visual design for the brand; Planning brand experiences; Creating brand language; Carrying out brand community management; Creating images for leaders and founders.

B. Designing a prototype for the product C. Planning a prototype for the showroom D. Planning channels for the brand E. Planning adverts for the brand

We have all these services on offer and are devoted to finishing the original beliefs of brands as well as searching for hidden assets in companies. We will also help you understand better how to influence your peers in the same field, passions and preferences so that your company can establish the value of Taxi Adverts. We deploy top creative experts to find the keys, the core and the differences together so that we can develop a brand signal that will stand out and take even you by surprise.

We can make your vehicles work harder for you on the road, generating money from advertising as you drive. You will be making use of probably the largest advertising space you already have, your vehicles! Vehicle branding reaches thousands of people everyday and is both a high impact and cost-effective way for companies to promote their brands, products and services in Calabar Metropolis. Vehicle branding is relatively affordable compared to other forms of outdoor advertising and it is no misnomer that most brand managers, agencies and marketing experts recognize this need. Hence, the high demand for fleet branding with quality prints and flawless installations. Pronto Taxis will no doubt be the first choice for companies - brands, new businesses, promotions and product launch - needing to gain good market share in Calabar city and environs because vehicle wraps are one of the very few mediums that people will make an effort at viewing.

We are solution providers, always adding value because we are always implementing. We build prototypes for brands, new business development, strategic planning, environmental designs, creative advertisements and promoting new experiences. We are available for discussions to give further details and provide pricing if our proposal is highly considered.