FPT Corporation

February 2012


Corporate Profile
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Founded in: Company type: Dec-06) Revenue:
(Millions USD)

1988 Public (listed on VNSE US$ 1.2 Billions (2011)
13,000 (2011)

(2nd largest private company in Vietnam)


FPT Cau Giay Building



Partnershi ps:

FPT Vision & Strategy
FPT aspires to be recognized as an organization driven by scientific and technology innovation, intending to satisfy customer, contributing to the prosperity of the nation, and inspiring to its staff to develop its full potential and to achieve both material and spiritual growth.

FPT mong muốn trở thành một tổ chức kiểu mới, giàu mạnh bằng nỗ lực lao động sáng tạo trong khoa học kỹ thuật và công nghệ, làm khách hàng hài lòng, góp phần hưng thịnh quốc gia, đem lại cho mỗi thành viên của mình điều kiện phát triển tốt nhất tài năng và một cuộc sống đầy đủ về vật chất, phong phú về tinh thần. Tầm nhìn FPT, 1988

FPT Vision 1988

Strategy by 2015

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History and Milestone
4 th Leap 3 rd 2 nd Leap
1 st Leap

2007- 2008


2002-2007 1999-2002
Going public

Expanding Investment Areas

1996-1999 1990-1996 1988-1990
Searching for direction Identifying core business – information technology Rising to market leadership

Reinforcing core businesses in IT and Telecommuni cation



15. Trương Gia Bình
14. Trần Đức Nhuận

1. Lê Vũ Kỳ

2. Nguyễn Trung Hà

3. Đào Vinh

13. Lê Quang Tiến

13 thành viên sáng lập

4. Bùi Quang Ngọc

12. Nguyễn Văn Thăng

5. Nguyễn Thành Nam

11. Nguyễn Hồng Phan

6. Đỗ Cao Bảo

10. Nguyễn Chí Công 9. Lê Thế Hùng 8. Phạm Hùng

7. Võ Mai


Organization Chart



FPT Telecom FPT Information System FPT Software FPT Trading FPT University FPT Services

FPT Hoa lac High-tech Park FPT Land FPT City Da Nang FPT Securities Tienphong Bank FPT Capital FPT Entertainments & Media

Organization Chart
Ban điều hành FPT hiện nay:

TGĐ Trương Đình Anh

Phó TGĐ Chu Thanh Hà

Phó TGĐ Nguyễn Thế Phương


Core Business

IT services:
* Hold leading positions in VN in all business areas:
• Software Services
Workforce: 5,500 staff Focuses: Development, Maintenance, ERP, Embedded. Workforce: 2,000 staff Focuses: Infrastructure, Security, Data Center.

Telecommunicati on:
* High growth business for FPT: 50% /year * Available in 40 provinces/cities in Vietnam
Workforce: 3,200 staff Focuses: VoIP, ICP, ISP, OSP, and IXP, Hosting, Wimax /Wifi, Online Games, Online contents, fixed phone.

IT Products Distribution & Manufacturing:
* Largest network: 1500+ agencies in 64/64 cities in VN. * Distributor for 60+ international firms.
Workforce: 1,300 staff Focuses: Distribution and retail, Manufacturing laptop, desktop, mobile phone

• Systems Integration

Business Areas

FPT Trading JSC – 68.5% FPT Information system – 16.1% FPT Telecom – 10% FPT Online Services FPT Software – 4% FPT University – 0,4% FPT Services Company Ltd.,

FPT Hoalac High - tech Park Development Company Ltd., FPT Land Company Ltd.,
FPT City Danang JSC FPT Securities JSC

Tienphong JSC Bank FPT Capital JSC FPT Entertainments and Media

(99% of Revenue)

Company Ltd.,


(1% of Revenue)

Core Businesses
Leading system integrator, software developer and IT services provider in the region Average growth of 21%

Leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam with the average annual growth of 47% Key products & services are software and application development, maintenance, ERP , migration, test and embedded system. Big partners and clietns: Microsoft, IBM, HP, Sanyo, Hitachi, Panasonic, Cannon and Toshiba 400,000 ADSL subscribers, 30% market share Average annual growth: 50% Provide VoIP, ICP, ISP, OSP, and IXP; Set up telecom network and provide telecom services; Test mobile Wimax Available in 35 provinces/cities in Vietnam FPT Online: Digital content products and services: Vnexpress, nhacso.net, online Games, iTV, Vimua, Vitalk,…
No1. distributor of IT and Telecom products in Vietnam 1,500 agencies in 63 provinces/cities across Vietnam Distribute >60 international brand names: IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP, Nokia, Toshiba, Oracle, Samsung, Cisco, Dell, Motorola, HTC, Apple, Intel, Symantec, NEC, Seagate, MSI, Foxconn, Sandisk, Logitech,… Techonlogy product manufacturing: Elead, Fmobile

IT, business administration, finance, banking and other important areas, serving the need of FPT Corporation as well as of other IT and software companies FPT Arena Multimedia Arts Training Center FPT Aptech International Programmer Training Center

FPT Global

FPT France


FPT Japan

FPT Laos FPT Cambodia FPT Malaysia

FPT Singapore FPT Vietnam (36/63 provinces)

FPT Australia

FPT’s Core Values
“Respect-Innovation-Teamwork” and “Dedication-Exemplariness-Perspicacity”
are the core values, the spirit that has contributed to FPT success over the past 20 years. If preserved and encouraged, the FPT spirit will lead FPT to even larger success and longevity . Binh Truong Gia

The mural painting of lotus made from faces of FPT ’ s 10,000 employees on the occasion of its 20th anniversary (1988-2008)


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Corporate Profile
  

Founded in: A subsidiary of FPT Corporation since 1988 Revenue: US$ 62.5 million (2011) Revenue Growth: 40% (average 2005-2011) Employee: 3,100 (No. 1 Software company in Vietnam)
(Millions USD) (Employees)

FPT Danang Building


CMMI 5 ISO 27001 : 2005 ISO 9001 : 2008

F-Town Building
CMMI 5 v1.2

 Quality:

ISO 9001



BS 7799

2000 2002 2004 2006 2007 2009 2011

(*) First in Vietnam

History & Milestones (1)
           13/9/1988: Founded FPT 1988: Founded ISC (Information Service Center) 26-27/9/1998: Hoi nghi Dien Hong, Globalization Direction 06/01/1999: Founded FPT Strategic Unit 1 (FSU1) 13/06/1999: First contract of software outsourcing 26/11/1999: Founded FPT India 01/2000: Opened FPT USA office. Opened FSOFT office in HITC Building 2000: First OSDC with Harvey Nash, first contract with Japanese customer (NTT-IT) 2001: ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Selected by IBM to be an independent software service supplier 2002: Partnered with IBM Japan. Attained CMM level 4. 2003: Officially registered as FPT Software Company. Partnered with IBM US, Hitachi Software, Nissen, TIS
© Copyright 2008 FPT 16

History & Milestones (2)
 2004: Became FPT Software Joint Stock Company. Attained CMM level 5. Opened Ho Chi Minh City Branch. Opened Tokyo Office Partnered with IBM France, Mizuho Trusts, Hitachi Ltd.  2005: Opened Da Nang Branch. Established FPT Software Japan. Partnered with Toshiba Joho, Hitachi Joho  2006: Attained BS 7799-2:2002, CMMi level 5. Partnered with Microsoft APAC to set up Microsoft Competency Center Become Core Partner of HSK. Partnered with NTT Data, HP Japan, Panasonic, IBM Singapore, Canon IT Solutions, IBM Benelux, JIP  2007: Set up FPT Software Asia Pacific. Partnered with Neopost. Completed the largest software project in the region (Next-G)  2008: Established FPT Software Europe, FPT Software Malaysia, FPT USA, FPT Australasia.
© Copyright 2008 FPT 17

History & Milestones (3)
  01/09/2011: FPT Software Joint stock company became FPT Software limited Company due to One FPT Strategy. 25/10/2011: FPT Software have new leaders: Mr Hoang Nam Tien - Chairman of FPT Software, Mr Nguyen Thanh Lam - CEO

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Capability Landscape

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 Integration/System  Performance testing  Automation testing


 Application

migration  Infrastructure migration

 

Cloud Computing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System Integration

implementation  ERP implementation  SAP services  Call center


 Mobile:

iOS, Android  Semiconductor development  Automotive  Consumer Electronics

 Product

development  Customized development  New Application development  Porting  Maintenance and Enhancement

Industry Expertise
MES – Manufacturing Execution System  Embedded  Automotive

 IT Services  IT Systems Domains

Transportation  Healthcare  Education  Taxation  Treasury  Customs  Utilities  E-government  Media

Retail  FMCG  Distribution & Supply chain

Banking  Securities& Asset management  Insurance

Information system  Communication  Handset

Organizational Structure
FPT Software
Domestic Branches
FPT Software Ho Chi Minh City

Overseas Branches FPT Japan FPT USA FPT Software Europe Asia Pacific FPT Asia Pacific FPT Software Malaysia FPT Australasia

Development Units

FPT Software Da Nang


FSU 3 FSU 11 FSU 13 FSU 15 FSU 17
FSU (FPT Software Strategy Unit) Market Service or client focused

FSOFT Organization
C hairman (T ienH N) C E O (L amNT)

C O F (H ungP)

H C M (Q uynhND )

D N (P huongNT)




FJ P (KhoiTX)

FSU 1 (AnhHV )

FWB (L amN T )

FWA (C uongPT)

BO O (H oaNQ)

FSB (P huongNL )

G A (H oanNK)

Financ e (H oanN K)


FSU 11 (H oaTD)

C P M (T uHuyen)

RE C (C uongPT)

Q A (A na)


H R (H aN TT2)

FC (XuanL TA )

FE U (D ucLH )

FSU 17

(T hanhL V )

T R (Q uyenTT)


C loud

A D (H aPTT3)

A CC (VanLT)

FA P (T rungNH)

FSU 15 (L amNT)

C P (P huongPN)

I T (L amN X)


C C M (BinhLT)

E xtra projec t

FSU 3 (SonHT)

I SM S (M inhPT)


FI D (L ongNT)

FSU 13


(N amN H )

Organization Structure - Head Office

Chairman (TienHN)


2013 target

-HR: 5000 - Revenue:

100M USD

CFO (HoanNK)

CTO (PhuongNL)

VP Deliverysản xuất (HoaNQ)


Global Presence
We are where our customers are
Japan EU
Paris London Berlin
Tokyo Osaka

Thailand Malaysia
Hanoi Danang Ho Chi Minh City

California New York Texas Oregon Minnesota



Global Presence
We are where our customers are
EU EU Asia 11% Pacific 19%
Tokyo Osaka


US 18%

Vietnam Japan 52% Hanoi USA Danang
Ho Chi Minh City

California New York Texas Oregon Minnesota

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Clients & Partners
End users

System Integrator

Independent Software Vendor

© Copyright 2010 FPT Software


Software Process
Our Quality
 Management System complies with international quality standards: CMMI5, ISO 9001:2008.

 Management Suite is a collection of internal tools for project management allowing customers to use remote access to track and manage projects.

 Timesheet: for all project members to record their time and effort spent.  DMS (Defect Management System): for QA people and project leaders to collect and manage
defects raised to software products.

 Fsoft Insight: for project managers to plan, track and monitor projects. Effort and defect data from
Timesheet and DMS is automatically linked to Fsoft Insight for quantitative management.

 Dash Board: for senior managers to overview the status of projects, and manage HR.
© Copyright 2010 FPT Software


Our people
 Largest pool of SW engineers in Vietnam: 3,000

 Comprehensive training process
 

Low turnover rate: ~12% Average age: 27

15 days training/year for each staff Investment in BrSE, PM training

 Reliable sources  Multiple foreign language skills of IT human resources  English is compulsory

Our talent comes from

90% from top IT universities in Vietnam FPT University

 

Japanese is majority French, Chinese, Germany etc. is required upon eequest

FPT Software
Qualified for new project

Universities across the nation, including: Top IT universities in Vietnam FPT University FPT Aptech
and Overseas universities

6 month Internship Program


Day One
3 month Training Pool



 High profile candidates

Training Center

 Update new Technologies  Advanced software process courses  Wider range of development technologies  Project management exam and certification

Update new skills

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Global Delivery Model
Overseas Vietnam

Senior Manager

Overseas Branches
Senior Manager

FPT Software
Senior Manager Back Office

Offshore Promotion

Account Manager Delivery Manager

Project Manager

Project Manager Delivery Team Project Team

Project team

Onsite Team

Security & Infrastructure
 Security:
Strictly follows ISO27001 (BS7799) to protect the information assets of the customers, suppliers and the company from all threats

   

ISMS Policy is updated annually Periodically internal & external audits Information incident treating Process Periodical ISMS exam ISMS PR activities

 Communication & Development facilities:

Three separate, 100 Mbps connections to the Internet 100% UPS with dual generators as backups Video conferencing: Polycom, Starboard, Realtime Collaborator, Hi-def conference (through webcam)
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Partnerships: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle
  

Microsoft Strategic Alliance in Asia Pacific IBM Premier Partner Hitachi Software’s Core Partner

 ICT Vietnam awards:

The Best Software Company – 2009, 2010 Company with the Best Management Procedures 2009 Company with Highest Revenue - 2009

 Sao Khue awards:
 

Outstanding software company in quality management system - 2006 "Excellent Software Outsourcing Company” for its significant contribution to the Vietnam Software industry - 2006, 2008 , 2009

 50 Vietnam Best Employers
(by AC. Nielsen)
© Copyright 2010 FPT Software 34

Corporate Culture
Enhance human relations

Internal communications channels:

Favorite clubs:

Newspaper, publication, radio, TV, FSOFT wiki… Intranet, corporate blog, online newspaper…
Swimming, Photograph, Yosakoi, Movie, Dancing, Guitar, Vovinam…

Monthly and quarterly events with particular topics:

13th Sep Festival, Tour de Hanoi, Water games, music-show

Develop individual ability

Ensure social contribution

Social Responsibilities:

Environmental protection: Charitable activities:
Ehe club, FPT Green club

Transfer its experiences in deploying, constructing, applying and test-taking to attain CMMi-5 to the VN IT community. Technology support for schools

Blood donations, Vietnam’s “Operation Smile” …
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Thank you very much!