 First handshake with the company

• • • • • • 1to1tutor came into force in the year 2005. As it was gradually making headway into the arena of Private tutoring, in the year 2008 it started creating a niche of its own in the larger amphitheatre of SES (Supplementary Educational Services) tutoring. Since then, there has been no looking back. Over the years, we have catered educational services of exceptional quality to over 15,000 students and the count is increasing as we are passing through every day. We have embraced newer technologies, made it easy-to-use for our huge coterie of students. We have provided our students exceptionally qualified teachers to improve their grades.

 A statistical overview of our formidable market presence :
Personal Note: In this section, we need to show a detailed statistical data of our business, both in terms of last 5 years and also what’s happening in the circuit at present. I have found a reference material in the first newsletter which was published in the month of January. But that material is in .pdf extension hence I could not extract anything out of it.

 Why would you at all come to us?
• • • • Our unique teaching process makes learning faster. It creates a ‘one-to-one’ environment between the student and the teacher which is leveraged by easy-to-handle technology. As the schedule of the students is getting more and more jam packed by events, the days of onsite tutoring are supposedly limited in number. The world is slowly embracing the mode of online tutoring and it is going to be the order of tomorrow’s education.

 Online tutoring vs. onsite tutoring : A comparative analysis: • • • • • • Students’ schedules are getting tighter. Nowadays, students are into various activities. Saving time is of supreme importance in today’s ‘Get it now’ world. The days of exclusive bookish knowledge are gone. Now, each and every student must know the various nuances of the computer in order to stay in the market which is fiercely competitive. After spending a busy day at school, every student wants some time in private so that he/she can re-energize and refresh up.

So, comfort of home environment and schedules of personal choice for private tutoring are of maximum importance.

Evidently, online tutoring comes as the evident and the most prolific choice of students and their parents because of the following benefits it leverages: • • • • • • • • Students work from the cozy corners of their homes. Thus they are always at ease and learning is thus comfortable. Provision of education in online mode makes students tech-savvy. Moreover, it makes them confident. We should never forget that like every other sphere of socio-economy, computers are slowly pervading the area of education as well. Students can make a schedule of their choice keeping in mind their own comfort in terms of their daily routine. Online education is cost-effective. While onsite tutoring can burn a big hole in your pocket to the tune of $75-$100 per hour, online education is charging you much less.

 Our competitors : Why we have an edge in the market ? • • • • • • We have an ocean of experience in handling more than 15,000 students emanating from various strata of the society. We have catered our services to students of various dimensions, be they academic, financial or special needs. Evidently, we have a vastly experienced team of experts having expertise in various fields. There are people who can provide round-the-clock technical expertise. There are exceptionally brilliant teachers with high-end qualifications. Lastly, a friendly team of management is always ready to listen to you any day.

 But above all comes the cost-benefit analysis comparison.
• • • • • • • We provide quality, state-of-the-art private tutoring at a highly affordable $15 per hour. The present market rate is around $75-$80 per hour. So, you get quality service at a very affordable price. We have a tie-up with the Boys & Girls Club of America, which only sets our claim of being a key player in the market on a very strong footing. We have a large national footprint in the United States. We are helping thousands of ‘at-risk’ students improve math scores and comprehension each year. We have dealt with the entire spectrum of students and we are still doing it as the clock ticks away.

 We work round-the-clock, on a 24x7 basis.
Personal Note : I think that if we get a comparative statistical set of data about our competitors, then we can actually plot them to make this part of the document more realistic and attractive. That will prove where we stand and also that our claims are genuine.  What are the advantages you will be getting from us? • • • • • • • Students will enjoy our services from your home. We value your time and energy! A student will choose his/her own schedule. His/her time is our first priority. Exceptionally qualified teachers will be at their service to bring to them the best standards of tutoring and thus increasing their academic levels. The tutorial benefits all types of students regardless of their mathematical abilities. Our pool of brilliant and extensively trained teachers also provide SAT tutoring which is surely our USP. We are cost-effective. The best standards will be made available to the students at only $15 per hour. HUMAN TOUCH – we provide the same top-notch tutoring to students with special needs. We feel everyone will have his/her day of glory and we earnestly want to be a partner in their success stories.

 Technologies and the overall process we follow : In a 1 to 1 class room the teacher and student has various tools to enhance their communications and expedite learning.

• • • • • Students can write on whiteboard (our interactive console) for instant exchange of knowledge, perceptions and ideas etc. Writing can be done on the student’s computer screen through digital light pen. Our specially designed chat room allows the student to interact through text typing. Students can talk with their teachers through microphone – headset and they can also also share files during the online session. Email and Message Board can be used for offline communications and exchanging files etc.

Interactive chat:

Email and message board: Monitoring and evaluation

• •

Monitoring the progress of each student is available through the click of one mouse. We have an advanced method of monitoring and tracking the learning that takes place while using our system.

Our Support Team is ready to help you anytime:
• The coordination team is a big team comprising of able professionals who work as liaison between the student and the teacher. They are the faces working behind the virtual help-desk. They see to it that every tutoring session starts on time and also no student waits for his/her tutor. The Technical Support Team is another coterie of technically sound professionals who see to it that no technical glitch hampers a student’s learning. They provide remote technical support which is absolutely simple and gives hands-on solutions within no time. We have a dedicated Grievance Redressal Cell who will always take feedback on the progress of tutoring from the students on a regular basis and thereafter, the complaints (if any) lodged by the students are scrutinized from pillar to post taking into account the versions of all active stakeholders, namely, the tutor, coordinator, technical support officer. If the complaint is proved to be valid, then the tutor is reprimanded and also another tutor is allotted to the student. Apart from all these, we have a dedicated and robust HR and Training Team who work round the clock, tirelessly, to make learned people the champion tutors of future.

 Our tutors • • • • We have full time, well qualified and top notch teachers in their discipline. They have undergone extensive training and are well equipped to foster the child’s confidence in the subject. The tutorial benefits all types of students regardless of their mathematical abilities. Most importantly, we offer the students the greatest caliber in Math and Science tutoring at the lowest affordable price.

 Structured Recruitment process and Scientific Training

designed for the Preparation of Tutors:
• • • • • 1to1tutor has a unique recruitment process where a candidate has to undergo several filtration layers in order to get selected. The interviewers judge a particular candidate based on his/her communication skills, knowledge in Mathematics, technical know-how, inter personal skills, IQ and behavioral aspects. Some scientifically designed questionnaires are designed to help the interviewers. The interview of a candidate is conducted by a panel of interviewers to maintain uniformity in decision making. After getting selected, the candidates undergo a scientifically designed rigorous training program comprising of various modules . The modules are designed to enhance their understanding about the American accent, their session management skills and soft skills, develop their idea about the technological aspects related to online tutoring and formulate ways by which they can assess student’s development scientifically through a period of time. After completion of training period, an evaluation is conducted on the basis of training imparted to assess their quality of tutoring. Periodic evaluations are conducted by Quality department to ensure quality and effectiveness of tutoring and grading of tutors are done accordingly. Grading of tutors is done based on a well defined scientific approach. (The Annual tutor evaluation report may be attached as a demonstration).

• • •

 Scientific method of defining student development: • • • • Enrollment of students takes place in collaboration with the different School Districts in the US. Each and every enrolled student undertakes a Pre Test. The sole motive of this Pre Test is to ascertain the areas of improvement of the concerned student. Pre Test is conducted on a robust, web-based testing tool called Study Island. The topics for any grade enlisted in Study Island are directly mapped to State Standards or the State Curriculum for that Grade. Hence, the entire methodology of ascertaining the areas of weakness of a student is scientific, robust and result-oriented.

• •

Those areas of weakness/topics are then assimilated together into a learning plan for the student. This is known as the Student Learning Plan or the SLP. The SLP is the backbone of the tutoring services catered to any student working with 1to1tutor. The primary target of any individual tutoring program is to complete the SLP and also improve the student’s grades in those areas/topics of weakness. After the completion of each topic, the general norm is to take an assessment of the student’s improvement in that topic. This assessment is known as a Monthly Assessment/Test. In a month, a minimum of two such assessments are conducted. This Monthly Assessment is taken on Study Island. As we already know that Study Island topics are mapped to Stare Curriculum or State Standards, so it is evident that the SLP topics are also mapped to State Standards when the student takes up an assessment on such topic on Study Island. At the fag end of the tutoring program, the student undertakes a Post Test in Study Island. Post Test is designed to ascertain the final grades of the student in each and every topic of the SLP. As these SLP topics are directly mapped to Study Island topics list, hence the final outcome is absolutely full proof and scientifically formidable.

• • •

 Effectiveness of the program:

• • • • • •

The program ascertains the weak areas in academics of a student. Then a specific target is set both before the tutor and the student in the form of a learning plan, i.e. SLP. Thus, the program is highly targetoriented and not a haphazard one. The process follows formidable and easy-to-use technology. The best example is Study Island which is an out-an-out user-friendly simple testing website. The mapping between the SLP topics and the State Standards for each topic in the topic list of Study Island is robust and in one word, ‘outstanding’. Monthly Assessments are regular indicators of the progress being achieved by the student undertaking the tutoring program. Finally, the Post Test is the final hallmark of the achievement (in terms of target being met by the student) of the student at the end of the tutoring program.

 Quality Parameters mapping tutor’s effectiveness:

• • • • • • •

Communication skills of a tutor Ability to engage a student into the tutoring Ability to explain something to a student Session Management skills Degree of understanding of the American Accent Degree of MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) in tutor’s speech Tutor’s understanding of the technologies involved with online tutoring and their use

 Quality Parameters mapping student’s development :
• • • • • • • Regularity of the student in attending the tutoring program Engagement level of the student into the program Relationship between a student and a tutor Grievance Redressal Mechanism available to every student Tracking and monitoring the academic progress of the student Necessary measures for improving the standard of the tutoring program Helping the student on every front starting from tutoring to technology so that the experience for him/her becomes a fulfilling one.

“Building Confidence in Students, One Child at a time”