Are the US and world markets about to take a turn down in the near future? Could we lose 50% of market value by the end of the year? This dream may be an indicator forecasting a major market crash. DREAM OF THE REVERSING OF DIRECTION INDICATORS ON THE FREEWAY By Ken Storey I had a dream the morning of 9-11-2012. “I was on a freeway in a car. It was a four lane freeway like we have in America with large arrows painted in each or the 4 lanes pointing in the direction of the flow of traffic. The arrows were spaced about 20 or 30 seconds apart. I was traveling at freeway speed, 65-70 mph. The freeway had many curves in it and you could not see very far ahead.” I knew that there were other cars scattered behind me, but I saw none in front of me. Traffic was very thin. I don't think that there were any people in the car with me.” “As I passed an off ramp I noticed that there was a large arrow painted on the pavement leading to the exit also.” “Next, as I was driving along I noticed that the arrows in all the lanes changed 180 degrees and were now pointing in the opposite direction. I was now driving in the opposite direction from where the arrows were pointing. “I began to be concerned.” “I next passed an off-ramp, but it had been changed to an on-ramp with the arrow reversed. I wondered: It could be dangerous to exit the freeway?” “Now I really got concerned. I didn't know if this was a painter's mistake or whether cars were going to come around the next corner and crash into all of us. I moved over into the 4th lane and drove a little slower. I began to slow down more (about 35 mph) and pulled off to the right towards the shoulder. I had one set of wheels in the 4th lane and the right wheels were on the shoulder.”

“Here are a few more details. In the beginning I was driving in the third lane from the left in a 4 lane highway. After the arrows reversed I cautiously moved into the 4th lane for a while and then started slowing down as I was moving off to the shoulder.” “Then the dream ended as I was trying to decide to stop or keep going. I was concerned about the people behind me. What was going to happen to them? Had they seen the reversal of the arrows?” End of the dream. Here is a question: Are the 4 lanes 4 quarters of the year? If so, I was in the 3rd quarter when the indicators reversed and things began to slow down. The 3rd quarter is July through September. I pulled over into the 4th lane at about 70 mph, but because of my concern I began to gradually slow down and I was slowing down even more at the end of the 4th quarter. I was doing about 35 mph as I was starting to exit the 4th lane. Interpretation: 1. The date of the dream being the eleventh anniversary of the 9-11 attack against our financial and military institutions seems to be significant. 2. The car I was driving represents the American economy as we are progressing through the year. 3. The 4 lane freeway represents the 4 economic quarters of the year. 4. I was driving in the 3rd lane when all the lane direction indicators reversed. We are in the 3rd quarter as I write this and the indicators appear to be reversing, that is, they have been a little positive and are now slowing down or becoming negative. 5. Market Timing: As I slowed down when I pulled into the 4th lane could mean that the economy will really slow down in the 4th quarter especially towards the end. This is the time where we will be approaching the “Fiscal Cliff”. 6. The off-ramp that got reversed into an on-ramp could mean that it may be risky or difficult to get off the highway or out of the market near the end of the 4th quarter. 7. The arrows painted on the highway are indicators of market direction in each quarter. They are about to reverse. The big indicator is the GDP report that is due out 927-2012. 8. “Moving to the right” can have another meaning for investors or traders. For options traders the Puts are on the right of the screen and the Calls are on the left. To move to the right may mean placing “Puts” against various indexes of the American market. Why did all of the lane indicators reverse direction at the same time? Does this mean that indicators across the board change at the same time? Or, does it mean that data from previous quarters was incorrect and are changed in hindsight? I believe the data is incorrect and will be adjusted.

What are the economic indicators that might be reversing? I am watching the 2nd quarter US GDP and the Jobless Claims and the Durable Goods Orders which all occur on September 27, the day after the Day of Atonement. The market is expecting a 1.7% final print for Q2 GDP. Anything below that would be considered to be negative. To watch the economic calendar go to:

Why were cars driving in all 4 lanes? Do the cars represent other nations? The cars behind me may be driving in different lanes because they have a Q1 or Q2 revelation, that is, they have a revelation that was valid in the 1st or 2nd quarter, but is no longer valid as times have changed. Most of the people (cars) were in the 3rd or 4th lanes just like most people drive in real life. If the economic indicators during the 3rd quarter do not fall from where they are now then we need to rethink our interpretation and meaning of the dream. So far, we have not had a reversal across the board that would indicate that the dream is true. It must take place during the 3rd quarter which is July through September. If the GDP comes in higher than expected then disregard this interpretation and take appropriate action concerning any investment or trade you may have placed. Please be sure to use Trailing Stop Losses as indicated in the Watch List. There is a principle in scripture that all things are “established in the mouth of two or three witnesses”. If this is a true word then we will see several additional words and dreams that confirm it. We are also told by the Apostle Paul to “despise not prophesying, but to prove all things and hold fast that which is good”.

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