Product Mix and Distribution Structure Study

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marketing and export of passenger cars in India. V6 AT 2 WD. are 80%. 76%. Product Mix HSCI currently has six different car models and thus has product width of 6. V MT Sunroof MT. V MT. 4WD AT. It operates production facilities at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh and at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. Indigenization level for Honda Brio. It began operations in December 1995. Honda Jazz. V MT. The company's total investment in its production facilities in India as of 2010 was over 16. it produces the following vehicles in India for local and export markets:      Honda City (Launched 1998) Honda Accord (Launched 2001) Honda Civic (Launched 2006) Honda Jazz (Launched 2009) Honda Brio (Launched 2011) HSCI imports the Honda CR-V for sale in the local market. 4WD MT Product Depth 4 4 4 6 3 3 Type Hatchback Hatchback Sedan Sedan Sedan SUV Class B B+ C C D D The company’s products are not manufactured using 100% local parts. Select E MT.2 billion. X. 77%. S MT. some parts are imported from Japan. Honda Civic and Honda Accord which are produced at the Greater Noida facility. 74% and 28% respectively. A detailed breakup of product mix is shown in below table: Model BRIO JAZZ CITY CIVIC ACCORD CR-V Variants E MT. V AT Sunroof. V AT. V AT S MT. S(O)MT. AT.Product Mix and Distribution Structure Study HONDA HONDA India Honda Siel Cars India Limited (HSCI) is a joint venture between the Honda Motor Company of Japan and Siel Limited (a Siddharth Shriram Group company) for the production. Honda City. S MT. V MT Basic. 2|Page .

Setup at an initial investment of over 4. HSCI has two manufacturing units in India. Spares) format. HSCI's first manufacturing unit is at Greater Noida. The first phase of this facility was inaugurated in September 2008 and is spread over 600 acres.8 billion Rs. the plant is spread over 150 acres (0. the company has regional offices in Chennai and Mumbai. Jazz and City. in Goa which has a showroom in Panjim and a showroom & workshop in Verna. The company invested 7. press shop and power train to make body panels and engine components for Brio.000 cars per annum. which was thereafter increased to 50. Coastal Honda. Rajasthan for its second production plant with an annual production capacity of 50. The capacity has further been enhanced to 100. the dealers across the country place orders either to the regional office or to the head office. GOA Dealers There is only one Honda dealer. offering complete range of services to its customers. HSCI has vast distribution network of 135 authorised dealership facilities in 83 cities covering 20 states and 3 Union Territories across the country. The initial capacity of the plant was 30. HSCI has already expanded and strengthened its dealer network in preparation for the launch of the Brio. This network is likely to go up to 143 facilities in 91 cities by the end of the current financial year. It has fully operational state of the art. Distribution Process Depending upon the zone.Product Mix and Distribution Structure Study HONDA Distribution Structure Manufacturing Units Honda Siel Cars India has a strong distribution network spread across the country. in Bhiwadi. The 3|Page .61 km2). The order reaches to the manufacturing facility at the end. HSCI dealerships are based on the “3S Facility” (Sales. Regional Offices and Dealership Facilities Apart from the manufacturing units.000 cars on a two-shift basis.000 units annually as of 2008. it commenced operations in 1997. Service.000 units.5 billion Rs.

Advantages of Honda AutoTerrace:     One-stop shop. At Honda AutoTerrace. they are transported in the radius of 200 kms. Transparent documentation. The cars are then repaired for any fault. Resale Channel: “Auto Terrace” Honda's Exchange and Pre-Owned car division Auto Terrace has been in existence ever since the interception of HSCI in India. any model – for a Brand New Honda car. The customer who contacts the showroom gets the delivery from there itself. Present in all major Honda dealers across the country. Fair price deals. Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda with 1 year/15.Product Mix and Distribution Structure Study HONDA cars are then transported to the showrooms in containers. If the renovated old cars are not sold at the base location.000 km warranty. you can:   Exchange your existing car – any make. 4|Page . Warranty on Pre-Owned Honda cars Resale Distribution Process The old Honda cars are sent to the workshops where they undergo a series of quality checks. Auto Terrace presents itself as the one-stop solution for catering to the needs of customers wanting to exchange their existing cars for a New Honda car. depending on the need basis. by road or railways.

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