SewHappy Sewalong-Completion

1. Trim each stitchery down to 6″ wide by 7″ high. 2. Cut seven pieces of backing fabric (calico) 6.5″ wide by 7.5″ high. 3. Place a piece of backing fabric behind each completed stitchery. I use 505 temporary spray adhesive to secure each piece behind, but you can also tack in place. 4. Trim down again so that backing is the same size as the trimmed stitcheries, ready to have the binding attached. 5. Cut seven strips of binding fabric 21″ x 2″. 6. Fold binding strips in half along the length and press. Binding will now be 1″ wide (but double). 7. Sew binding to three sides of each stitchery (not the top) using ¼″ seams. 8. Sew binding strips to right side of stitchery as follows: 1. Begin with a backstitch and sew strip to right hand side of stitchery. Stop stitching ¼″ away from corner. Backstitch and clip threads. 2. Turn stitchery 90°. Fold the binding strip straight up, aligning raw edge of binding with side two of stitchery. This will create a 45° fold in the binding.

Stop stitching ¼″ away from corner

3. Fold binding back down in line with side two of stitchery. The 45° fold will be beneath. 4. Beginning with a backstitch, start sewing ¼″ from corner and continue to sew strip to side two of stitchery. Stop stitching ¼″ away from corner. 5. Continue in this manner until binding has been sewn to three sides of stitchery, ending with a backstitch. ©Lesley Boost www.SewHappy.Me

Start stitching ¼″ away from corner

6. Fold binding to back of stitchery. 7. Slip stitch in place using a 45° degree fold around the corners as shown below.

©Lesley Boost www.SewHappy.Me

8. Cut 2 strips of binding fabric 42″ x 2″ and 21″ x 2″. 9. Join these two strips together to make one strip 62˝ x 2˝. 10. Fold this strip in half along the length and press. This binding will now be 1˝ wide (double). 11. Sew this strip to top of each of the stitcheries in a line, leaving a 1˝ gap between each stitchery. 12.Fold binding over and slip stitch in place, 13.You will also need to fold over slip stitch binding at either end of the binding. 14.Sew a button in each gap between stitcheries. I have used self-cover buttons, but you can use any suitable buttons of your choice.

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