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Sundials Past & Present
Throughout history, cultures around the globe have measured time in conjunction with the sun and stars. Sundials were created to segment hours and measure not only the passage of time, but also the quality of how these hours were being lived. For centuries, sundials have been carried by shepherds, mariners and explorers to chart the hours of the day and night. Sundials have been used by historical figures King Henry II and George Washington and by contemporary pop culture icons Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gates. Now you can own one too, for fun, fashion, romance, intrigue and a new ancient way to tell time. It’s not a Rolex, it doesn’t have an alarm, it can’t receive texts, emails or Facebook notifications and you can’t get an App for it. So what’s so great about this 1000 year old watch, worn by royalty, that doesn’t require batteries? You can connect with a simpler time and tell time naturally using the sun and stars. In this fast-paced information age we are often racing against the clock. A Shepherds Watch can reconnect us with the present moment, and our universe, by providing an enjoyable and educational way of telling time with the sun and stars.

About Shepherds Watch
Owner and founder of Shepherds Watch, Harris Morrison first discovered a sundial in an antique shop in Paris. This antique sundial sparked a period of intense research in literature, music, art and the science of sundials. Harris joined the Canadian, British, and American Sundial Societies. His interest eventually lead him to create a line of beautiful sundial jewelry, modeled after those used by centuries by mariners, explorers, shepherds and royalty. Once common in before the creation of modern watches, these beautiful pieces were used to mark the passage of time and continue to work today. They can tell a great story, start a conversation, or make a wonderful gift, allowing us to share the experience of “natural” time. Harris is passionate about supporting the grassroots efforts of Susila Dharma International. A percentage of our proceeds go to their work to help relieve human suffering and promote just and sustainable development.


Aquitaine page 4
Handcrafted in pewter and bronze, this pendant is our most popular. In 1152, Eleanor of Aquitaine gave a similar sundial to King Henry II to remind him when it was time to leave the hunt and join her for one of their love trysts. Henry had a copy of the dial made for Eleanor which was inlaid with diamonds and engraved with the words Carpe Diem (Seize the Day). Henry’s inspiring words are inscribed on the inner surface of this pendant.

Saturn page 6
Inspired by portable sundials widely used in the 7th to 19th centuries. This handcrafted pewter dial is named after Saturn, the Roman god of time. Saturn is the second largest planet and was the most distant planet known to the ancients. It is also one of the most beautiful sights in the Solar System: even if we know now that the rings of Saturn are not unique, they are spectacular and much more elaborate than those of any other planets. The term planet originally meant “wanderer”. In these times, people could observe 7 lights wander, changing position with respect to the background stars.

Explorer page 5
In 1777 the Marquis de Lafayette presented a silver Explorer-type dial to George Washington as a token of his admiration and desire to fight by his side in the American Revolution. The Explorer is an “armillary” type of sundial and was particularly popular with explorers and ship captains as it takes into account the latitude as well as the angle of the sun to give a more accurate reading.

Garden page 6
This new timepiece is an ageless expression of simplicity and practicality in our rapidly changing world. The Anno Domini joins the growing collection of innovative new sundials created by master designer and artisan Harris Morrison. The new Anno Domini garden sundial combines modern engineering savvy with medieval good looks. This terracotta-red earthenware piece has a distinctively medieval patina and provides an unusually accurate reading.

Nocturnal page 5
Tell the time using the stars! First used in the 15th century by navigators who told time by the stars’ position. It’s accuracy is based on the position of the North Star, which lies almost directly on the axis of the earth’s tilt and always appears in the same position in the sky. All other stars seem to revolve around it. The North Star anchors the nightime sky, and all the while telling the time! On the reverse side of the dial are outlines of the major celestial constellations. Available in several designs and metals.

Sterling Silver page 7
Our Aquitaine, Nocturnal and Explorer sundials also come as beautiful, fully functional jewelry in sterling silver! These are our most elegant pieces and sure conversation starters. We also have a complete line of sterling silver sundial and promise rings. Six different ring designs include Sol Lucet Omnibus “The sun shines for all.” Promise rings: Amor Vincet Omnia “Love conquers all” and In Aeternam Semper “Together forever.”

Prussia page 6
This sundial was designed in 1704 towards the end of the renaissance by a Prussian jeweler. Prussia, then part of Saxony, Germany, was a state of the Holy Roman Empire. Frederick Augustus I was the Elector of Saxony. Augustus I is remembered as a patron of the arts and architecture, establishing the Saxon capital of Dresden as a major cultural centre, attracting artists and musicians from across Europe to his court. He amassed an impressive art collection and built fantastic baroque palaces in Dresden and Warsaw. This sundial is designed and calibrated for 51 degrees latitude, the latitude of the city of Dresden. This unique sundial will appeal to your historical sense of time and place.

New World back cover
Sundials were in widespread use in the New World, especially in the Mesoamerican citystates of the Aztec and the Maya. We’ve drawn inspiration from their fixed sundials and made ours portable to take with you. It’s hard to overexaggerate the importance of the calendar to all of the pre-Colombian civilizations. If you would like something a bit more elegant in appearance, this smaller, more slender Aquitaine is for you.
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Pewter P19

Laurel Leaf
Pewter P01

Pewter P16

Pewter P15

Antique Copper PC19

Antique Copper PC01

Antique Copper PC16

Antique Copper PC15

Engraved with an authentic Celtic knot design

Decorated with a traditional Laurel Leaf motif

Engraved with the signs of the Zodiac

Decorated with a stars & moons motif

How It Works
Crafted of pewter and brass and available in several design motifs, these bold sundial replicas use a unique “Bead of Light” to tell time. First, adjust the brass band for the correct month. Then suspend the dial by its black satin cord with the hole facing the sun. A ray of sunshine will shine a bead of light to illuminate a number on the inside of the dial, showing the time of day. Nicely packaged, all Shepherds Watch sundials come with instructions. Calibrated to work best near latitude 40 degrees north.
Dimensions: 1 1⁄4” x 7⁄16”


How It Works
Bronze Small P02

Bronze Large P03

Push the inner ring so it is perpendicular to the outer ring. Then turn the outer ring to line up the latitude with the tiny notch below the loop. Align the upper part of the bar to face north, and the shadow on the inner ring tells the time! The Explorer is a fascinating educational tool and great conversation starter.
Calibrated for use anywhere in the northern hemisphere. Small Explorer: 1 1⁄8” x 1⁄16” Large Explorer: 1 3⁄4” x 1⁄8”

Pewter NO2P Bronze NO2B Tri-color NO2T

How It Works
On a clear night, set the middle wheel to the month, hold the dial upside down, and sight the North Star through the center hole. Move the top of the dial’s arm to align with the uppermost stars of the Big Dipper, and read the inner dial where the arm crosses the hour mark to tell the time! The reverse side outlines major constellations of the night sky. For use anywhere the North star is visible.
Calibrated for use anywhere in the northern hemisphere. Nocturnal: 1 1⁄4” diameter with bail x 3⁄16”


On the top, on either side of the cord, there is an “S” for summer or the months from late spring to early fall. On the other side, a “W” for winter – late fall to early spring months. On sunny days, suspend the dial by its black satin cord and aim the hole toward the sun. Face the hole corresponding to the time of year towards the sun. A bead of light will appear illuminating a number on the inside of the dial, showing the time of day. Calibrated for 51 degrees north.
Dimensions: 1 5⁄8” x 9⁄16”

How It Works
Place the dial on a flat surface. The dial will naturally incline to an angle of about 45 degrees. Turn the dial until the number XII is pointing north (the top “S” facing south). The stone will cast a shadow over the number to indicate the time of day. Add one hour for daylight savings time. All Saturn sundials are shipped with complete instructions. Made of pewter, set off nicely with a red, black or blue glass stone. 1.25” in diameter.
Dimensions: 1 1⁄8" x 1⁄2”
Saturn Red S01R Saturn Blue S01Blu Saturn Black S01Blk

Calibrating your Anno Domini Garden Sundial by following the included instructions will ensure that your garden sundial works as designed for your particular latitude. This particular model of the Anno Domini is calibrated for 40 degrees north latitude. By calculating your actual location, you can quickly learn how to get an accurate reading with your garden sundial by making the necessary adjustments. The Garden Dial comes with a hemp rope and an adjustable sliding gnomon made from bronze.
Dimensions: 13 ½ “ diameter and 4” front to back.

Garden G01


Sterling Silver
Silver Pendants


Explorer Selina

Explorer Laurel leaf

Silver Rings*
Carpe Diem
Seize the day 109S

Amor Vincent Omnia Sol Lucet Omnibus
Love conquers all 104S The sun shines for all 103S

Shepherds Watch Sundials ... A unique way to reconnect with yourself, others and the universe
In Aeternam Semper
Together forever 11SL

Sun Ring

Stars Ring

* Rings are only available in sizes 6-12. Sorry – no half sizes.
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New World
The new Aztec Aquitaine sundial pendant invokes the warmth of the Mexican sun. If you like something a bit more delicate in appearance, this smaller slender Aquitaine is for you. This working sundial is expertly engraved with Aztec animal totems and symbols from the sacred Aztec calendar and ancient ruins.
Dimensions: 1” x 1⁄₂”
Pewter P21 Antique Copper PC21



This pendant has been created to commemorate the end of the Maya calendar in 2012. The “Tzolk’in” is the 260-day calendar used by the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The Tzolk’in combines a cycle of twenty named days with a cycle of thirteen numbers (the trecena), to produce 260 unique days (20 × 13 = 260). This unique sundial has symbols for all 20 of the days. Inside of the pendant is inscribed a Maya saying, “inlakesh alaken” or “I am another you, you are another me.” Truly a unique, one of a kind sundial. Go to our website for more information on the Maya calendar, symbology and fascinating numbering systems.
Dimensions: 1” x 1⁄₂”
Engraved with a traditional Maya motif P22

As an alternative to wearing the sundial as a necklace, Shepherds Watch now offers a key chain option for its sundials. Create a hot trend by having a cool keychain and share the experience of telling the time with the sun or stars.
Dimensions: 1” x 1⁄₂”

Stainless Steel Necklace
Fashionable, solid, stainless steel 22” chains for all our sundials (except the Garden Sundial, of course!)

“A wearable sundial is one of the hottest-selling timepieces around” – Montreal Gazette

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