SUBJECT: English CLASS, LEVEL: IX grade, A; English – second language UNIT: Aspects from contemporary life (technology) and Mass media - Books TOPIC: The Book Exhibition LESSON TYPE: teaching – learning TEACHER: Camelia Santa DATE: the 4th of May, 2011 AIM OF THE LESSON: to develop students’ ability to use the adjectives in a correct order SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: 2.1. Describing customs and habits, daily activities, orally or in written 3.1. Formulating points of view or opinions on specific topics OEPRATIONAL OBJECTIVES: O1 To develop students’ ability of organising events O2 To improve students’ speaking skills when presenting their event O3 To develop students’ ability of using adjectives O4 To give students practice in choosing the right order of adjectives before a noun O5 To develop students’ skills for working in groups and making a presentation STUDENT’S PROBLEMS (I anticipate that the following may cause problems): the time might not be enough for everything if some students are too slow

MEANS OF TEACHING: PW, GW, Individual work, Lockstep, speaking, communicative output AIDS/MATERIALS: blackboard, notebooks, handouts, textbooks

the T writes the title on the blackboard and the subtitle for adjectives T will write a noun on the blackboard and also some descriptions and ask the Ss to come up with any adjectives that fit for each description and are suitable for the noun T will choose one adjective for each description and will write it below it Language practice – the T gives some handouts with an exercise to be solved by the Ss having the example in front of them Feed back – a short assessment to examine Ss’ newly acquired knowledge Ss will pay attention to what they have to do and write the title in their notebooks 2 min -for the Ss to understand what they have to do Presentation Blackboard Notebooks 3.Stages of the Lesson 1. Warm-up activity: the T tells the Ss what they have to do.Presenting the objectives T will let the Ss know about what they are going to do during the class and what they should develop through these activities. Asking for any absents and noting them down. Time 2 min Objectives Reasons for activities -to warm up the atmosphere Means Presentation Materials Notebooks Evaluation The Ss work in pairs and choose an object or a person and write down in their notebooks three adjectives to describe that person or object Three or four Ss read their short description 5 min O3 -for introducing the main activity of the lesson: order of adjectives PW Notebooks -checking Ss’ ability to express ideas 2. without saying the objectives of the lesson The T doesn’t make any observation related to the correct order for the moment.Warm-up Teacher’s activities Short chatting. Ss have to solve an exercise dealing with the order of adjectives 10 min O3 O4 5 min O4 -to give Ss practice in using several adjectives before a noun -to check Ss’ abilities in practicing the order of PW Handouts -continuous assessment Individual Handouts -short assessment . Preparing the materials and the resources needed for the lesson. Preparing the materials needed for the lesson: notebooks.Activities The Ss try to give examples of adjectives to be put before the noun written by the T on the blackboard 5 min O3 O4 -to understand language structures T – Ss Lockstep Blackboard Notebooks -checking Ss’ ability to express ideas The Ss will solve the exercise being aloud to follow the example and also being aloud to help each other Individually. but asks them to correct themselves after having the example in front of them Students’ activities Saying who is absent.

when finished.adjectives Speaking – the T explains what Ss have to do next: they have to imagine they are to organise a book exhibition in their town. ask questions if they have any The Ss have to solve the exercise individually. having a period of 2 weeks as a time limit Language practice – a short exercise dealing with the order of the adjectives before noun homework The S have to work in groups to solve their task and. they report about their exhibition. visiting hours and the title of five books which are supposed to be put on the main displayed as ‘the attraction of the exhibition’ 4.Feed-back Project Work – the T announces the task for the new project – to make a presentation for a book at their choice. at home. the period of their exhibition. one student from each group will report his/her group work During their work in groups. they may use the dictionaries or ask the teacher who is at their disposal. prepared to give any necessary help 13 min O1 O2 -to develop Ss’ abilities of working in groups and organising an event -to improve Ss’ abilities of reporting their work GW Blackboard Notebooks -students’ ability for speaking -checking Ss’ ability to express ideas and opinions in English and also to organise an event The Ss pay attention and take notes if necessary so that they understand exactly what they have to do. for further practice in the order of the adjective 3 min O5 -to develop Ss’ abilities of making a presentation -to give Ss’ further practice in the order of adjectives Presentation Boards Homework O4 Individual Handouts . so they have to decide upon the location. categories of books which are about to be displayed.

but the Ss may have other ideas Variation: a round black shape – proper order a black round shape – focus on colour Book Exhibition: .title.quotation(s) . author .BLACKBOARD: The 4th of May The Book Exhibition The Order of Adjectives before Nouns Opinion nice Size small Shape round Age old Colour brown Origin Indian Material wood Purpose/Type fruit NOUN basket *these are only suggested adjectives.5 most important books to be displayed Project Work: presentation of a book .pictures .location .visiting hours .a short description of the book / personal opinion .categories of books .period .