I Had a Dream

A Cautionary Tale for Anti-Mormons
By Ronnie Bray

(Tune of Blake's "Jerusalem") Last night as I lay dreaming I dreamed a dream so fair I stood in old Gergessa And saw the Saviour there. I saw him heal a madman And give him bread and wine, And saw his evil spirits go Into a herd of swine. And as I dreamed, I wondered As the snorting pigs ran by To cast themselves from off the cliff To see if they could fly. One had the face of Decker, Another's Martin's wore, One Schnoebelen's, one Granny Geer's, I saw Tryke's and Nelson's there. And one by one, they snorted Across my line of sight, Into the abyss deep and wide, And down the maw of night

To dwell in outer darkness And lies, devoid of wheels, Are heard as lying piggy-talk In little piggy squeals. Then those who thought that pig-talk Was the voice of angel-truth, Were left with bacon on their face And each one closed his mouth Then they saw the lying pen-men Exposed for what they were, The enemies of Jesus Christ, Deceivers of the fair. --Then all at once the scene was changed, At the Judgement Bar I stood, As each deceiver was arraigned 'Fore heaven's Mighty God. "Why did you deal in lies?" he asked, "And fight against the Truth?" "Why did you serve yon Lucifer, "And lend to him your mouth?" And one by one, they hung their heads, No longer looking brash. And one by one, they answered, "We did it for the cash!"

The voice of God pealed once again, "Repent, ye Satan-spawn, And ask forgiveness of the Saints Whose goodness ye suborn. "I plant my kingdom, once again, To give all men new birth. Ye, by your machinations, Deny this to the earth." "You sought to stop the work of God, My own, my chosen way, And scribbled lies to blind the eyes Of men in Latter-days." "You made an enemy of me, Your Father and your God; And changed the signs along the way That my Son and I have trod." "You made a God of Satan, By doing work for him When all I ever asked of men Is that they come to Him Who is my Son, your Saviour, The Holy One is he, Who shed his blood that you might live And hung on Calvary's Tree.

I gave the truth to Joseph, And I put the lad to work. But, just because you lacked the faith, You sought to make him shirk His great Divine appointment In these, the latter, days, And put your hand to writing things To blind men to my ways. This cannot go unpunished, A commandment I have made; And if you want the blessings You must march in my parade! You have to make a recompense To all you've sent astray By writing lies and setting traps And making night of day. You've lied, and cheated people, And kept them from the arms Of their loving Spirit-Father, By sounding false alarms. So on your knees before the feet Of those your lies have hurt. And ask aloud forgiveness of Those you’ve trampled in the dirt. Their names besmirched, their acts condemned, Their goodness painted black,

And written falsely of events And holy, sacred, acts. Or you will not be there to hear The Jubilee and din, That will rise from th'angelic host When the Saints go marching in!" --Then, once again, the scene was changed, As humbled and ashamed, The anti-Mormon poison-pen Were identified and named. And all were there, not one was spared Humiliation then, As God, the Lord, and angels bright, Surveyed these broken men. And, far away, was heard a laugh, From cursed demon's throat, And loud a voice from far away, "Thanks for the lies you wrote!" 'Twas Satan's voice in his last gasp As he was led away To live in everlasting dark, And chains and cold always. For thus do end the lives of those

Who make not God their friend, But spend their time concocting lies And falsehoods with out end; Who take the truth and twist it To Satan's evil ends, Denying God the power to speak, But giving it to him The dweller in dark places, The Father of all Lies, The enemy of Heavenly light, That streams down through the skies To God's appointed servants, Whom he calls to serve his Plan, And make salvation perfect For all the sons of man. That Lucifer who assembles His own self-chosen men To do his work and try to thwart The Work of God again, As he did through his friend Judas, Who betrayed the Sacrifice And lived his life to turn men from The Truth before their eyes. As he did with his friend Hurlburt, Who led his work today, And laid the plot for greater knaves

To lead the elect astray. As he did with his friend Herod, Who pretended to be good, And want to worship heaven's King, But betrayed his heart in blood. As he did through all the ages Wherein men have sought for God, And Lucifer has called his troops To bend the holy rod Into some such fantastic shapes That none could recognise The Holy Church of Jesus Christ From the "facts" before their eyes. With club, and sword, and feather quill The world they have deterred, Through lies that would make Satan blush, And parodied the Word. No lie too gross, no soul so pure That they would leave undone, But made the manufacture of Perverted truth their own. And weak and willing people, Who did not care to try And prove the truth of what they wrote, Were blinded in by and by.

Until the truth could not be seen In any thing they penned, And Jesus was recrucified To serve satanic ends, As Truth was plundered, twisted, Good men maligned and spurned, Now, I dreamed they stood at Judgement to Receive the crowns they earned. --Then came more brilliant shining light As that scene moved along, And the Saints of God, each dressed in white, Filed in before the throne. "Look here," said God, to the shaking forms Of the Liars he condemned, "See those you slandered and maligned, Make apologies to them!" And one by one, the lying tongues Spat ashes from their mouths And thrilled to find that they could speak The plain unvarnished truth! "Forgive us, please, our Mormon friends, For all we said and wrote. We did not mean to harm you but The Devil ruled our throats.

"The money came in handy, And the fame was good as well, And we sort of knew we spoke untrue But he had us in his spell. "Whilst we were castigating you We were the ones in thrall To our occult-master Lucifer: Please forgive us one and all!" Their tears seemed real, their heaving frames Displayed their contrite state, As Jesus, Joseph, and the Saints Of these, the latter, days, Stepped forward with such signs of love As makes the Devil 'shamed, And extended their forgiveness to The ones that God had named As the evil persecutors Of his Saints and Kingdom, both, As liars and betrayers Who had taken Satan's oath

To fight against God's goodness When it would appear on earth To bless the sons of Father-God And curse the Truth with mirth.

Their spirits are the same as those As those the Saviour met When they lied and made the Romans press Their nails into his feet, And into hands that only blessed, And burst his Godly heart, And hanging him there 'twixt heaven and earth Made him a thing of mirth. And how the Sons of Lucifer Clapped hands at this sad sight, And cheered, because they thought they had Extinguished God's Great Light. But three days after they had cheered, Their joy was turned to strife, As Jesus, who they crucified, Was raised to Eternal Life! And one by one, as men have tried, To thwart the Plan of God, Brave Christian men, Like Joseph Smith, Have told the Truth abroad, In every clime, in every land, And into every ear, Must sound the Truth of heaven's God, To banish satanic fear, And free those foolish followers

Of Martin and his ilk, From thinking that the lies they write Are sacred Gospel milk. In the Judgement Hall they will receive Forgiveness in that gate, As the love of God, shed forth in light, From those they could but hate

Is pressed upon their heads by hands They sought to bind and bruise, As forgiveness pours from blessing tongues Of those they did abuse. And they will wish the rocks to hide, The earth to split in two, Affording shallow graves to them Who fought against the true And noble souls, who stood for God, And followed in his Way, Believing in his power and Word As Saints of the Last Days, To whom he called, "Come in my friends, My faithful ones and blessed. Sit down upon my throne and enter My Eternal rest."

"I call you Friends, yet ye are Sons And blessed Daughters all. Your path was long and hard and bitter Yet you did not fall. "Nor were you turned aside by these The bitter foes of earth, But good and true to covenants That gave you second birth. "So it shall be to every man Who follows in the path Set forth by Him, My Firstborn Son, To all the Father hath. "And everyone receive a crown Of everlasting life, Who kept the faith, in life, in death, And rose above the strife "And vanity of lies shed forth By wicked men like these, Whose spirits now before you see, In whom I am not pleased! "For liars kill men more than guns, And harm more than the sword. And condign punishment is theirs Who will deny my Word, "And make a sport of those I call To speak for me below,

And turn their histories into trash That makes men spurn them so, "And esteem them not, nor listen to My Word that they speak forth For the blessing and the raising up Of all the sons of earth. "This is my Work, My Glory, To make and bring to pass Eternal life for all mankind, And not one soul be lost. "For this cause have I raisȇd up A Moses and a Joe, A Samuel and a Brigham, Men whose inner lights I know, "And called out from the nations To speak my sacred Word, And lead my Chosen People From the Babylon's of earth, "To safely dwell in Zion; To be the Pure in Heart, To live untouched by Lucifer And those who work his art "To blind the eyes of decent folk, To fill their hearts with fear, And make them turn aside from Truth And into falsehood veer.

"But now it is all over, And the sentence I have passed. You sinners once who fought my Church Have into history passed, "And you have found forgiveness From those you once condemned, Forgetting that the mighty God Will judge the souls of men! "Taking upon yourselves that role That Jesus told you "Don't!” But stole My Name to use as you Thought fit to judge my Saints. "Well, now 'tis over and You know the wrongs that you have done. You've learned that NOTHING can deter The Father and the Son "From calling prophets to their names, From speaking, if We will, And giving Revelation in The valley, on the hill, "In Sacred Groves, in bedrooms, In Temples, by the stream, Upon the grassy uplands, By angels and by dreams.

"By my Direct Appearance, And from My Beloved Son, By many means and methods, Even by the glass and stone. "For the ways of God are many, And my power is not contained In your narrow definitions, Nor by your finite brains; "But as I spoke to Moses, As a man speaks to a friend, So, I will speak to whom I will, Again and yet again! "Nor will my arm be shortened By what your faith can hold, Or what you creed can utter, Nor by what you have been told, "For I am God, I am not called Almighty but in vain, But because my Power is endless, And my worlds and works the same. "And I AM just who I AM, Not what you let me be, For I AM he who made you; It was not you who made ME! "And those of you who hear these words Take heed that you do not

Follow in the faltering footsteps Of this unhappy lot "Who made their bed with traitors And perverters of My Word; You will not rise to glory If you let not Truth be heard. "I say to one, I say to all, The Truth is living yet, My Church is led by Jesus Christ, And you should not forget "That he cannot be found among The creeds I did not speak, But in My Revelations to The humble and the weak. "And if you will but listen To what such men have told, About My Work in Latter Days, Then, you will save your souls." Thus spake the Father, and the Son He nodded his assent, And, one by one, the Liars rose, And, one by one, they went Out of the Hall of Judgement They were a sorry sight These earthly multi-millionaires Who had obscured the light

From millions who had read their books And filled the lecture halls As they had spoken evil words 'Gainst those whom God had called To speak unto His people The Living Word of Life, To help them hasten back to Him, Avoiding Satan's strife.

And you, sweet gentle reader, Learn from this dream of mine: Wrong words are Satan’s; Truth is God's, His actions are Divine, And you should not be doing what He has forbidden you to do, Be no man's enemy, or else, 'Tis Satan driving you. And Satan cannot save you, Thought you feel that what you do, Is God's Work, rest assured it's not, But Satan's cheating you. And Satan will forsake you For he deserts all his crew, And all his faithful minions

He will abandon too. Your hour of fame is fleeting, Your name it will not stand When Jesus the Redeemer comes To judge the souls of man. Then you will find your 'truth' to be A flimsy thing of shame, Fit only to be burned with those Who spit on Jesus' name. And you will hear old Satan Laugh as you are led along To explain to God why you have sung The Luciferian song Of "Down with God and all His Works, And all His Prophets too! And I alone can speak the truth, That's more than you can do!" So, critic, listen to my dream, Like the Magi, be ye warned: God is not mocked, He is not dead, Cease from your speaking harm And lies, and falsehoods, and deceit, Howe'er convinced you are. Make Truth your watchword, staff, and creed, Jesus your guiding star.

And leave alone the Saints of God For He calls them Friends and Sons, And they shall sit in Glory bright, More bright than all the suns That shine in all the heavens above The worlds that He has made, And sit with Him upon His Throne Their Truth at last displayed In that Celestial Sphere where we Will all be as He is, You'll know the Truth that we have told, And rue that you have missed The chance so oft extended For you to be good and true, And live with God and Jesus Christ, And be exalted too. So, rise before it is too late And with the Rich Young Man You stand before the Saviour-King Your life's work to explain, And have to say, "I'm sorry" to His nail-imprinted hands, Forgetting that He who paid your price Had made salvation's Plan, And not some other person Who with such bad intent

Sat down and machinated As Truth and Trust he bent Into some shape not made by God Nor by His Son our Pride, But by the inspiration of That one who lied and lied, And lies in wait still to deceive Ensnaring careless hearts, Into believing Lies are Truth, And cause them to depart From all that good and Godly is, From all that God has done To keep the sinner's soul from death, And make his heart as one With those who follow Jesus Christ In faith full down His path To life and light, eternal truth, And all the Father hath! Regard the awful destiny Of those who Truth have spurned, Learn from their dark experience, And know - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!