Monday, December 13, 2010 Re: In Re marriage of Cooper LASC CASE NO AD026673

Dear Mr. Stoller I do not grant you permission for for “Third Party Authorization / Document Request Form” concerning Bank of America Home Loan No. 870990989. Until the following issues have been resolved. 1. 2nd Mortgage from E-trade bank. 2. Willful and intentional late payments and refusal to make payments to Bank of America home loan No.870990989 as stated in your client Maeve Crommie’s email. For reasons I can’t understand. (SEE E-MAIL) 3. What you will do to repair the damage that has been done to my credit history from the intentional refusal on behalf of your client Maeve Crommie to make payments on time to Bank of America and E-Trade bank. 4. One example is to my ability to work in the profession of a Building Contractor. Prior to 2010 I would pay between $100.00 to $250.00 depending on length of a 1 to 3 year contract for a contractors Lic bond. Now due to new law passed the bonding companies base the price of bond upon your credit score. Now the bonding companies are requesting approximately $1,500.00 for a one-year contract based upon my credit score. Since I could not afford this general contractors lic has been suspended. Contractor’s lic # 765030. 5. Prior to purchase of property at 12618 Brooklake st. there was a series of 1031 exchanges that took place witch paved the way for the purchase of brooklake property. I would like to know that I would not be held liable for any and all back taxes due if bank approves loan assumption process. 6. In your letter Dated Friday, December 10, 2010 you state that I am to assist with the loan assumption process. That is simply not true.

7. (A) The final divorce decree states as follows in minute orders dated 5-26-09 Petitioner has 120 days to refinance the residence. (Not a loan assumption process) Respondent is to sign over Deed once he has been shown evidence that petitioner has refinanced the residence in her name. (B) After a year had passed your client requested that I order the Loan Assumption papers. I did and I sent them to her. ( C) Now at after approximately 550 days your client is requesting to be able to enter into another Loan Assumption process. I purpose this. If your client is sincere in her request to try to enter into a loan assumption process. I will make myself available to meet with you and your client with the loan manager at Bank of America and E-trade bank. But having bought and sold properties in the past I know that there should be sufficient information provided to the banks. I am requesting that a true and correct copy of 2 years of pay stubs and proof of income 2 years of W2’s (2008) and (2009) Property value that she is claiming on the house and any and all proof of income signed by your client Maeve Crommie that she will be submitting to the banks for the loan assumption as being true and correct under PENALTY OF PERJURY OF COURT. These Documents are to be provided to me prior to requesting any further Documentation from the bank so that I know that her intentions are true and not just another tactic to prolong the process of refinancing the home and continue to abuse my credit. And so that I know that I am not wasting any more time regarding this matter. Please respond in writing regarding all the issues that I have address and how you would like to proceed regarding these issues. Please make your answers easy to understand and please do not give evasive answers. I am not a lawyer so please make your response clear and precise. I will give you one week to respond and then I will send a copy of this letter with the copy of the letter you sent me to the banks with my request for them to stop the relentless calls to me that have exhausted my cell phone minutes in regards to the late payments. Thank You Daniel Cooper