September 24, 2012

e-WOOF is a bi-monthly

e-newsletter produced by a small group of Wyoming dog rescuers in an effort to highlight shelter dogs in critical need of help.

URGENT - Casper, WY Contact: Cathy Corbin at 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.com TIPPI is a Border Collie mix, 3 years old. “Hi Everyone: I
am Tippi. Let me introduce myself. I am a friendly and happy girl who meets people and other dogs with no problem. I am cute, but I would be even cuter if I was given a grooming and a good brushing. I enjoy going for walks and having someone give me pets. I’m looking for a second chance in life – won’t you please help me?”

dogs that face euthanasia within days unless they are rescued, fostered, or adopted. Transport can be arranged, in most cases, to approved adoptive or foster homes or rescue organizations. Please help us! These are good, healthy, happy, loving dogs that are out of luck and out of time. We urge you to crosspost to e-mail lists and Web groups, forward to friends, send to co-workers, and share with family. We hope our efforts, combined with yours, will save many lives.

e-WOOF spotlights many


LULABELLE is a Bloodhound mix, 2 years old. “My name is Lulabelle. I’m a pretty bloodhound girl who has a very sweet personality. I like people and other dogs. I also like going for a nice walk. Believe it or not, I seem to be quite calm and I like it when folks give me pets. I’m a young girl who is looking for a new family to love and protect. Won’t you please come meet me and let’s see if we can be a family?! I’m at the pound.” OTIS is a Heeler mix, nearly 2 years old. “I’m Otis. I would
be pleased to meet you. I am a laid back guy who enjoys walks. As you can see, I have beautiful brown brindle fur. I am a quiet guy who has soulful eyes, and I like people and other dogs. I’m hoping to find a new family. Please come to the pound and meet me. Let’s go for a walk and discuss adopting me!”


For the Animals, Christina, Kathy, Sherry, & Vicki
KEY: URGENT: Must moved this week. be

TIME LIMITED: Must be moved soon. Time can be extended if a place is found and transport is being arranged. SPECIAL NEEDS/ SENIOR: Must be moved soon. Time can be extended if a place is found and transport is being arranged. OTHER: In critical need of help but does not fit in another category (i.e., hit by car, needs donations for emergency surgery). UPDATE: Good news.

MYA is a Lab mix, 3 years old. “I was surrendered because
the kids had no time for me. I like people and other dogs. I am housebroken and used to car rides, leashes, living inside, and living outside. I know basic commands -sit, stay, lay down, come, heel, and shake. I am easygoing, friendly, playful, outgoing, active. I like water, jogs, walks, and swimming. Check out my beautiful tail which curves up and over my back. I am told that I make good, nonthreatening eye contact. I am praying for a new family to adopt me and give me a good home. Please come meet me at the pound!” OTIS


You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof

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URGENT - Casper, WY Contact: Cathy Corbin at 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.com HANNAH is a Lab mix, 7 years old. “I am spayed, housebroken, and like people and other dogs. I am used to car rides, leashes, living inside, living outside, and being alone inside. I know basic commands -sit, stay, shake. I am easygoing, friendly, and I enjoy a walk. I am friendly and beautiful too! Please come meet me at the pound. I hope someone will adopt me!?” ____________


Time is of the essence for helping the dogs featured in the e-WOOF newsletters. Please contact the name/numbers for each dog before contacting eWOOF. In most cases, time is limited for the dogs featured in our newsletters--with that in mind, we try to get the word out to as many contacts as we can using this publication. Work on behalf of the animals for finding them homes and/ or rescues comes from many, many sources and is an ONGOING effort dealt with a sense of urgency. In some cases there may be times when a sudden adoption and/or rescue comes through at the exact time our newsletter is issued. This is an unforeseen circumstance on our part--while we certainly understand the “crossover” may cause frustrations for you as the prospective adopter of an animal we hope you join us in rejoicing for an animal being saved. We appreciate and thank you for your continued support FOR THE


Wyoming Aussie Rescue -- Sheridan, WY Contact: Annette at rugby_chase@hotmail.com GASELLE came from the reservation in New Mexico along with several other dogs. She is evidence that people may have failed her but her spirit survives. Gaselle is approximately 18 months old and likely an Aussie mix. Gaselle (aka Ballerina) named for the African Gazelle fits the definition: any of numerous small SWIFT graceful antelopes (or in this case a DOG) as she flies through the air at a dead run. She absolutely LOVES life!! She is ready for a forever home. Always happy to see her person. A few times she has slipped through the gate and after a good run 4 or 5 times returns as if to say “what did you think of that??” What a wonderful dog! She is fully vetted including all vaccs (rabies too), heartworm negative and is on preventative medication. She is now in a foster home in Cheyenne, WY. WILLOW is a 6 year old black tri spayed female Aussie. She
is house trained and gets along well with other dogs. She is a fairly active girl and used to living in a rural setting. That is not a requirement for Willow but a good amount of exercise would be. Miss Willow is loyal to her family and her home. She will bark at strangers and will be protective of home and property. Willow is a very sweet affectionate girl. ____________



Salt Lake City, UT Contact: Carrie at 385-232-4174, 801-559-1113 or csibert@slco.org SWEET PEA arrived at the shelter on 4-24-12 with a broken leg, which had to be amputated. Despite hundreds of contacts, no one has opened their heart and home to this sweet dispositioned, gentle, loving dog. Sweet Pea is housetrained, loves playing in water, and is a cuddler supreme. She is a little slow warming up to men but with patience and gentleness has
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You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof

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succeeded. Perhaps because of her recent injury, surgery, recovery, she is cautious of some dogs. A calm, quiet dog would work best with her. She is playful, getting around well, loves to be massaged and is a devoted companion. ____________

Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter -- Rawlins, WY Contact: 307-328-4534 or Dean Hagood at wdhagoodii@gmail.com KHALIFIA is a 2 year old female Boxer/mix. She is good with
kids, cats, and dogs. She is a real lover who likes to lay in your lap and cuddle. Khalifia is just so happy go lucky nothing seems to bring her down. This little lover also knows a few commands and loves to give kisses. KHALIFIA

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED! If there is a dog featured in this newsletter that you want to foster, PLEASE CONTACT US! Many dogs just need a temporary place to go to be safe. E-MAIL US AT:

BUSTER is an adult male Min Pin/mix. This little fella really likes to go exploring. He would love to go on walks with you to check things out. SHAGGY. Look at this little cutie! Shaggy is an adult male Shih Tzu. He is quite the lover and would really like to cuddle up on your lap this winter. ____________ Black Dog Animal Rescue -- Cheyenne, WY Contact: 307-214-6600 or bdar@bdar.org



TRANSPORTERS NEEDED...If you can help drive a dog to safety, please join our transporters list. For more information on volunteering please e-mail to ewoof@wyoming.com We welcome volunteers from all states.

LILLYis a 2.5 year old tiny Pit Bull girl with a big pittie smile.

She is super sweet and snuggly but she also has a rambunctious side. She loves to wrestle and play and would do best in a home with other energetic doggies. Lilly is house and crate trained and even gets along with cats. Due to some mouthy play behavior, we recommend Lilly not go to a home with children under 10.


LEO is an 8 year old. Leo seems to have 3 strikes against him. He’s big, black, and senior. But don’t count him out just yet! Leo gets around fine for an older dog, even jumping up into the trunk of his foster mom’s car to go camping! He swims, walks nicely on his leash, likes other dogs and cats, and is very quiet. Leo is a lover, a licker, and a life-long friend. Don’t pass up on this smaller newfie mix! DIAMOND is a stunning 2.5 year old mastiff mix,. Diamond’s gorgeousness has to really be seen in person to appreciate. She’s got alovely, regal bearing and is happy to ffer almost anyone soft, snufflly kisses. She likes other dogs but gets a little too excited DIAMOND to be around cats. Diamond is walking nicely on her leash, is housetrained and quiet, but needs a 6-foot fence to keep her secure.

REMEMBER: ADOPT-DON’T SHOP! If you’re wanting a special friend, please let us know what you are looking for. We will watch the shelters and alert you when we hear of one in need.


You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof

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Black Dog Animal Rescue -- Cheyenne, WY Contact: 307-214-6600 or bdar@bdar.org MORGAN is a young one. Only about a year old, she was
thrown over a fence into her local shelter in the dead of night. Understandbly, she now suffers from some separation anxiety, which is greatly reduced and nearly absent when around other dogs. Morgan is a goof ball lab mix, slow to warm up to new people but happy to be around those she loves and trusts. Morgan needs someone to take a chance on her and give her the time she needs in a new home to really show her true style.



WY Aussie Rescue - ANNIE adoption pending

Casper - PATRON in rescue

Casper - TITAN adopted

Casper - QUIXOTE in rescue

Casper - SHADOW still available 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.com

Casper - KENO still available 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.com

Casper - OAKLEY still available 307-267-6524 or rescuerangers2@yahoo.com

This is a new fundraising group in Casper called The Hector Foundation. They started it in honor of Hector, a Shiba Inu, adopted by one of the groups’ founders from a shelter in Casper after he had been thrown from a moving vehicle then spent three months in the shelter with an untreated broken pelvis before he was adopted. She and her friend wanted to raise money for local rescue groups and started this fund. They are quite motivated! They are now having a dinner and poker tournament. They are keeping all their work positive, looking for projects that will make a difference. Money from this tournament will go to two places...they are purchasing 30 insulated dog doors for the Casper Humane Society so they can house 30 more dogs this winter. They are also using the money to invite all Casper rescue groups to a three day education training, bringing in national speakers, on how to increase adoptions, be more effective, and other pertinent information. Check out their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thehectorfoundation

You can find e-WOOF on-line at: www.ewoof.petfinder.com and www.facebook.com/ewoof