Chapter-8 There were huge celebrations at Anirbaans house there.

Brusting of crackers,shankh sounds and dhol beating sounds.His relatives both from his mothers side and his fathers side.Everyone learnt their story from his Dad and evryone was excited to see that most important women in his life,it was a very emotional moment for them as he was everyones beloved as he didnt have his parents and everyone was absolutely deighted that he got such a girl in his life. Soon Anirbaan and Sheuli came.They did the rituals for them to enter.Sheuli was getting goosebumps and butterflies in her stomach.Dadu saw her face and planted a kiss on her forehead saying,"Maine toh chaha tha ki apne pote ki shaadi bhi zamindarni se karaungi,par aaj mujhe ehsaas hua ki sacha pyaar sabse upar hota hai,tujhe mere ghar ki zimidaari saupke main chain se mar sakta hun!".Sheuli cried and hugged him.He hugged her and said,"Tu toh meri poti hai aaj se,aaj ke baad kabhi aansu mat bahana beti!".Everyone hugged Sheuli and said in amusement,"Kitni pyari bahu hai humari,bilkul Lokhir protima(Lakshmi Idol). The first two days of kaal ratri paased by soon,these two days were spent on blushing from Sheulis side whenevershe saw Anirbaan and in amusement from Anirbaans side whenever he saw Sheuli at the rituals.But sadly they didnt get the time and oppurtunity to talk to each other,they were kept so busy in the rituals before the boubhaat.How much ANirbaan wanted to spend some time with her, speak to her and make love with her and love her with all his may.Ans Sheuli always goosebumps and stomachace whenever she thought of what was going to come.There was tears in her eyes that the person whom she loved to death and he loved her to death will be united soon.Just the night before the boubhaat Anirbaan told Mukul to bring Sheuli to the balcony at night that he was dying to talk to her and as promised he bought her.It was night,and the moon was shinning brightly on the balcony.Anirbaan saw Sheuli and he was stunned.She wore a light pink saree with her hair open and the sindoor and the tiny red bindi in her forehead made her look heavenly.He was speechless.Sheuli was blushing too much infront of him,she shyly looked at him and smiled,and that smile sent him to heaven as always. "Nahin puchogi kyun bulaya tumhe?" "Nahin!". "Kyun?"

"Kyunki kkuch baatein bina bole main samajh sakti hun,bachpan se chaha hai tumhe!". He then came near her,held her face.Butterfiles in her stomach and heartbeats becoming faster.He then softly kkissed her on her cheek and her feet was pressed hard on the ground out of the sensuality of their love.Then he softly and slowly kissed her on her neck and she got a thump in her stomach and softly said,"Aahhh!" and ran away to her room with the sound of her nupur and chaabi ka guccha lingering in his senses. Soon the boubhaat happened happily and now the time came for them to get united.Sheuli was taken to Anirbaans room by his mausi.She kissed her and said,"Apni nayi zindgi shuru karo beta!". Sheuli saw the bed,and it gave her goosebumps to see two pillows,herand Anirbaans pilow in the same bed.Anirbaan whom she loved to death right since her childhood was going to make a home with her now.She was in tears thinking about that.Soon she heard noises outside.It was Mukul and the rest of their friends who was bringing Anirbaan.They teased,"Jah jah jaldi so jaana warna kal subah ko uth nahi payega!" and Anirbaan shouted,"Yaar tum sab mera peecha yahan toh choro!".Sheuli blushed and smiled hearing those. And then she heard the door shut and her heartbeat became faster out of fear and nervousness.Anirbaan came inside and saw Sheuli sitting quietly in her bed.She was looking divine in her peach couloured banarasi saree.He sat near her and looked at her eyes,bu she was till staring down.He noticed her feet rubbing against each other and that made him fall for hr even more.He thought she was such an innocent little child,that he was in tears.He tried to do his playfull trick now intentionally to make her laugh.He stopped her feet fingers with his hands and her heartbeat stopped for a moment.SHe saw him innocently andshe noticed those eyeswhich conveyed love and only love for her.She smiled shyly,she wanted to hug him and never leave him. Anirbaan held her chin and caressed it.Both were deeply absorbed in each others eyes.The thought that it was the same Sheuli who never made him realise the loos of his parents with the love she showered on him just made him hug her tightly.The strength of the hug removed Sheulis mukut and dupatta which she took on her head.Anirbaan kissed Her forehead where she took the sindoor and her brows and then her eyelids.With each kisses of his Sheuli was dying inside.he made her lay on her pillow slowly and he opened his Kurta and was bare bodied except his pyjama.Sheuli

closed her eyes for she knew what was going to happen now and she wantedto feel that love closing her eyes.She looked so beautiful that Anirbaan couldnt resist himself her shyness and depth of love was making him go insane in love.He removed her earrings,her maang tika,her necklace and her bangles one by one.Sheuli shivered all over.She was getting a lew lease of life each time she felt him touching her.He then kissed her neck and her feet rubbed against his feet.and he gently pressed his fingers of his feet against hers.He then slowly went to remove her pallu and she pressed her eyes tightly and he understood that she was nervous.He kissed her eyeidsand said,"Main toh tera Anir hun na,Sheuli yeh toh bas humara pyar hai,mat ghabra!" and she smiled.He took away the pallu and saw her feminie delicate body for the first time.She was sweating out of nervousness and her skin was sparking due to it.He gently caressed the portion of her below her collar bone and reached her cleavage.She had a flabby bust.He felt like he was touching cotton.Her feet rubbed even more strongly with him now and it shivered this time highly.She could feel how much he loved her with the way he softly caressed her as if he wanted her to absorb inside him forever.His fingers ran through the line of her cleavage and then reached her mid riff directly.She had a very feminine midriff since her torso was narrow and fleshy.He kissed there and she choked.He tickled her deep navel and removed her silver waistlet. It tickled her entire body and she giggled and shyly spoke,"Aahhh Anir......".There was a sense of shyness blended with happiness and pain together and Anirbaan could feel that.He looked at her eyes,he felt that pure intensity of love she had for him.He caressed her forehead and kissed her.She smiled and she kissed his hands with which he caressed her.And Then they just couldnt say when they began kissing each other.Their lips locked for the first time and Anirbaan felt he was in heaven,this sense of belonging to Sheuli forever bought tears in his eyes Sheuli could feel her chest wet as his tear drops fell there.He rubbed his face adorably with her and he could feel her face wet as she cried too.He smiled at her and she smiled back.He said"Hume koi alag nahin kar sakta,Anirbaan aur Sheuli ek dusre ke liye hai,sirf ek dusre ke liye!".Sheuli ran to tears again and hugged him tight.He hugged her tight back and then slowly ran his fingers on her back and opened the knot of her blouse.Her fingers pressed his back tighter in response and apprehensions.He then slowly unbuttoned her blouse.His fingers trembled with fear.He was going to

be united finally with the person whom he loved more than his life and this made his whole body shiver while opening her blouse hooks.And when it was done Sheuli Pressed her eyes closed tightly with her heartbeats and breath going faster than ever.As he went to remove it.He looked at her eyes and saw it closed tightly.He waited for her to looked at himand finally she looked at him.Her eyes expressed fear.He kissed her eyes and nodded giving the gesture that everything is alright.He removed her blouse and saw her breasts for the first time.Delicate and thrusting it was.She covered it with her hands being shy and she couldnt look at him.He smiled and turned her face towards him.He moved his hands on top of her hands and she said innocently,"Anir mujhe bohot dar lag rahi hai,tum mujhe kabhi chor ke toh nahin jaoge na? Agar chale gaye toh main mar jaungi!".Anirbaan looked deeply in her eyes and said,"Usse pehle meri maut hogi!".She put her fingers on his lips to never utter that word again and he kissed her fingers.She then removed her hands below his hands on her breasts and closed her eyes and hugged him tight with one hand of hers and the other hand grasped the bedsheet.He touched her breasts softly and kissed them,he saw her delicate pinkish nipples and ran his finger gently on it and kissed it and she moaned,"Aahhh" and tears ran down her eyes.She hugged him with both her hands now tightly and ran her fingers on his coarse lean manly back.He had lot of hairs on his chest and it tickled her on her stomach as she kept on hugging him tighter.He then caressed her feet and it gave butterflies and thumps on her stomach.She had thin delicate feet and with the aalta on it she lookes extremely sensual and it made him more intense and passionatee.He kissed it.And she caressed his neck.He reached her thighs,she had delicate flabby thighs,he felt he was touching the skin of a baby when he touched her and it suddenly reminded him of the baby Sheuli he had known since his childhood,that made him smile and he kissed there.He then reached his hands more above.Sheuli was trembling even more now as he touched her more intense portions and he felt it was wet.He kissed on the portions of her lower abdomen and then he leaped upwards towards her.They both looked at each others eyes,they knew no boundaries,no shame in their love,they will unite now,the love which had been a bud all theses years finally blossomed into a flower when their hands grasped tightly against each other,and Sheuli felt his warmth inside her.Tears rolled down their eyes as soon as they made love.Sheuli moaned in pain.She was

no longer a virgin,and drops of blood fell on her bedsheet.Anirbaan rubbed her tears and asked,"Dard ho raha hai Sheu,main tumhe dard to nahin de raha!".Sheuli smiled and she rubbed his tears and said,"Tum mujhe kabhi bhi dard nahin de sakte Anir,yeh to humara pyar hai,mujhe humare pyar se kabhi dard nahin hoga!".He Hugged her tight and she hugged him back kissing his arms and they locked their lips together again and made love more beautifully as ever. In the morning Sheuli woke up,She looked at Anirbaan,he was half covered and his milky white body made him look as charming as ever.She then saw herself,She was half covered with the quilt too,her breasts being covered by her hair.She became shy again,she smiled shyly and then saw the bedsheet stained with blood in her portions.She got scared to see them,but again the blood reminded her of the love Anirban and she shared and it bought tears in her eyes.She then saw Anirbaans body being stained with her blood too."Oh mago!",she exclaimed innocently,"Ab Kya hoga!".She felt too embarassing and shy to face him now.She quickly took away the bedsheet and went to bath.Anirbaan woke up a little later and found himself stained with the dry blood.It pained his heart to see that.He realised how much Sheuli must have beared yesterday.He wanted to meet and hug her now.He quickly took his bath and searched her and saw her in the kitchen.The kitchen was a huge one like every Zamindars kitchen was,grand and beautiful.She asked "Raju" the cook,"Raju bhaiya mujhe dijiye,main banati hun!".And he said,"Nahin boudhi aap kyun karengi Dadu ne hume hukun deke rakha hai ki Bahurani ko koi takleef nahin hona chahiye!".Sheuli laughed and her laugh soothed Anirbaans soul.She said,"Yeh takleef nahin,hoti yeh toh mujhe khushi deti hai,accha aap kobore nahin lagta roz apne haath ka bana hua khane ko,dijiye aaj main aap sab ko khilaungi!".Raju cheerfuly gave her the fry pan and he went to cut the spices for her."Kya bana rahi ho Boudi?"."Aapke Anirbaan bhaiya ke manpasand,mutton biriyani,gur ke payash(kheer) aur Bhape Iilish."Aaahh Boudi aaj toh khane me mazaa aa jayega!".Sheuli giggled with her childlike tone.Anirbaan ran to tears seeing how excited she was like a child to cook for everyone,she was so pure that it hurt him,he feared that he might not be able to give her the love she deserves.He then silently went the kitchen,when Raju was busy cutting the vegetables.He went near Sheuli silently.Sheuli wwas still unaware that Anirbaan was standing near her.He stopped for a moment and stared at her.She wore an orange bordered yellow

cotton saree,her flawless pinkish fair skin was sparkling with that colour.He saw her hands,how delicate they were clothed with aalta and how delicately she was washing the rice.He then came forward.And Sheulis brow frowned in surprise and she puther index finger on her lips and said,"Ssshhhh Raju bhaiya dekh lega!".Anirbaan whispered in her ears,"Main kisi ko pata chalne hi nahin dunga!".Sheuli saw down and became shy.Just then Anirbaan took her on his lap and took her slowly to their bedroom.He laid her on the bed and he laid near hm bending on her.Sheuli was extremely embaressed with the blood incident.She didnt know how to face him."Mujhe maaf kar do Sheuli,tumhe kal bohot dard pahunchaya maine,maine tumhara itna khun bahaya,mujhe kuch pata nahin tha,Sheu!".He kissed her hands and asked,"Mujhe maaf kar do!".Sheuli noticed tears in his eyes which bought tears in her eyes too.She caressed his cheeks and said,"Yeh humare pyar ka rang hai,buddhu,jo hume humesha ke liye ek kar diya,mujhe zara bhi dard ka ehsaas nahin hua kyunki tum main tumme sama gayi thi!".Anirbaan hugged her tightly and said,"Bohot pyaar karta hun main tumse Sheuli bohot,marte dam tak!"."Main bhi Anir,tumse hi toh main hun!",Sheuli said soaked in the warmth of his hug."Aur main tumse!",said Anirbaan smiling at her.They both giggled at each other like a kid and toched their foreheads together.He then stood up quickly saying,"Oh main toh bhul hi gaya tha,zara idhar aana!"."Kya hua!",said Sheuli."Chalo ab apni aankhen band karo!"."Kyun?" she said giggling."Zyada sawal mat karo,bas band karo,he commanded."Accha baba thik hai chalo kiya!",said Sheuli.Anirbaan then opened and took out the gold waistlet he had bought for her.He then slowly,put his hands inside her pallu reaching for her belly and it tickled Sheuli and she exclaimed,"Aaahh Anir kya kar rahe ho?"."Badmaashi!",he replied naughtily."Are baba mujhe gudgudi ho rahi hai,main abhi aankhen khol dungi!".Just then he succeeded in locking the waistlet on her waist.And she opened her eyes and was stunned to see the gold waistlet which beautifully complemented her skin.She looked at him and she was in tears.And he hugged her.