Washington Federation of State Employees - University of Washington 2013-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement Tentative Agreement Summary

Article 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Title Preamble Union Recognition Reasonable Accommodations Affirmative Action Management Rights and Responsibilities Joint Union/Management Committee Union Dues and Deduction Changes None None None None None None Clarified information on temporary employees to be provided to Union every month. Expanded the manner in which the employer will notify new hires of their bargaining unit. Employer will no longer be required to hand out hard copy CBA’s to new hires. Instead of printing hard copies of the CBA’s the employer will post the CBA on the University website. The employer will provide all current employees and new hires with a link the CBA. Each department will maintain a paper copy of the CBA accessible to all employees. Union may still provide hard copies. None None None None None None None None None None Title changed to Training and Professional Development. Created Educational/Professional Leave and Education Support Funds to be used for training and continuing education as selected by employees. Surgical Technologists and Hospital Central Services Technicians will be granted up to three (3) days of paid release time for educational/professional leave and two-hundred dollars ($200) per FTE for continuing education. None None None None None None None None None

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Contract Distribution Union Activities Employee Rights Employee Facilities Uniforms and Special Clothing Employee Assistance Program Privacy Polygraph Testing Drug Testing Contracting Tuition Exemption Program



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Licensure and Certification Performance Evaluation Personnel Files Corrective Action Grievance Procedure Staffing Concerns Health and Safety Holidays Vacations

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Sick Leave Work Related Injury Leave FMLA

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Child Dependent Care Shared Leave Inclement Weather Miscellaneous Paid Leave Military Leave Leave Without Pay Employee Leave Records Hours of Work and Work Schedules




Wages and Other Pay Provisions

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Appointments Vacancies Probationary Period Promotions/Transfers Inter-System Movement Allocation/Reallocation Classification

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Seniority, Layoff, Rehire Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Associations Resignation and Abandonment No Strike/Lockout Commute Trip Reduction and Parking Board of Regents Subordination of Agreement and Saving Clause Mandatory Subjects

None None Employer may move to a twelve month rolling calendar with four (4) months notice. Employees on FMLA will use Sick Leave, then Comp Time, the Vacation Leave, before using Leave Without Pay. An employee on FMLA may choose to retain up to eighty (80) hours of vacation leave while on FMLA. Updated language removing the “Work/Life Office.” These duties have been taken over by Human Resources. None None The Employer will grant up to three (3) days of Bereavement Leave, as requested by the employee. None None None The Union may propose alternative work schedules through the Joint Union/Management Committees. Exempt positions now listed in the Appendix of the CBA. The Employer will establish and maintain a voluntary overtime list for Public Safety Officers. The voluntary overtime list must be exhausted before overtime is mandated. Dual appointment language was removed because dual appointments are no longer being used. 2% Cost of Living Adjustment increase on July 1, 2013. Another 2%Cost of Living Adjustment increase on July 1, 2014 Salary and Step Assignments will continue on schedule. Assignment Pay for respirator use does not apply to non-trades hospital staff. Preceptor Pay- Surgical Technologists serving as Preceptor shall receive one dollar ($1) per hour for all time spent as Preceptor. Field Training Officer- Public Safety Officers designated as a Field Training Officer for a new hire will receive a five percent (5%) increase for all hours spent providing direct training or instruction. None None None At least one (1) bargaining unit applicant per job requisition, with the essential skills for the position will be interviewed. None None Employees downward allocated will not have their pay frozen at the greater rate. Defined department seniority which is used for vacation and schedule bids. Ability to bump down in series by seniority during a reduction in force. Length of rehire list changed from 36 months to 24 months. None None None None None None None

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Term of Agreement Trades Apprenticeship Program Union Skilled Trades Shop Stewards Skilled Trades Wages and Other Pay Provisions Trades Supplemental ULP Specimen Processing Technicians ULP Custodians and Trades Shift Differentials Wage Reopener

July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015. None None Salary and Step Assignments will continue on schedule. Assignment Pay for wearing PPE above standard uniform to protect from arc flash. None Deleted Deleted Deleted Effective January 1, 2014, Custodians working at UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center will receive a $1/hour premium pay for all hour worked. Custodian Lead positions at UW Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center will be converted to an assignment and be paid at $1.65/hour. Pay range for all employees in the Custodian Supervisor 1 Classification increased to BI 37. Pay range for all employees in the Custodian Supervisor 2 Classification increased to BI 41. The University will continue to roll out KRONOS with ninety (90) days notice to the Union. If during negotiation for the 2013 biennium, the Employer agrees to a change that results in more favorable treatment regarding acrossthe-board salary increases for any SEIU 925 bargaining unit covered under RCW 41.80, then the Employer will apply such treatment to the WFSE salary schedules covered in this agreement Between July 2013 and June 2014, the parties will meet at least quarterly, if requested by either party, to address and bargain wage issues based on market rates, recruitment and retention issues, and wage compression issues.






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