Grade 7 Instructions for Making a Math Comic

1. Go to Google and type in bitstrips 2. Select the bottom strip

3. Enter the email you used to sign up and then the password 4. If you’ve logged in successfully, you should see your name on the top right corner.

5. Go to Create Character on the left hand side

6. Once your character is created, go to Create Comic.

8. You will need to teach at least 3-5 of the following lessons and use the math vocabulary that goes with the unit  Order of operations  Properties of numbers  Variables and algebraic expressions  Translating words into math  Simplifying algebraic expressions  Integers  Adding integers  Subtracting integers  Additive inverse and absolute value  Multiplying and dividing integers  Solving equations containing integers  Equivalent fractions and decimals  Comparing and ordering rational numbers Organization 1. You can choose to do a different comic for each comic 2. You can do a single story that includes all three lessons that you want to teach ****Remember that the most important part of this assignment is to create an informative and accurate instructional comic to help people learn certain math skills. Good luck and happy cartooning!

Student Checklist – Did you?
Did you meet the following requirements for your comic? Did you teach 3-5 lessons accurately? Did you use and explain all of the vocabulary associated with your unit? Did you clearly explain HOW TO solve questions in steps that helps the reader understand the lesson? Did you re-read your comic to make sure that it makes sense and that the steps are easy to follow? Did you make a comic that is clear and logical? Would someone be able to follow your procedure that you outline and arrive at the correct answer? Did you put care and effort into this assignment? ****Optional Level 4 *Did you offer a proof for your procedure OR give the reasoning behind why you do the steps that you described in at least 3 of your lessons? *Did you do at least 4-5 lessons? Yes/ No

PAM.6.047.CN Recognize and apply connections within mathematical strands, as well to contexts outside mathematics. PAM.6.047.PC Use the language of mathematics to communicate and analyze mathematical thinking clearly, coherently, and precisely.





Math Comic Rubric
Level 1 Sorry, your math comic will not be published  Clarity
 The student’s explanation is confusing  Has made 6 or more mistakes in the process.  Gives only 1 or 2 lessons and is not complete

Level 2 Amateur Math Comic Writer
 The explanations could offer more detail or be more clear  At times, the steps are confusing or inaccurate.  Has made 3-5 errors in his/her explanation.

Level 3 Semi-professional Math Comic Writer
 The 3-5 explanations are clear and they are easy to understand  There are less than 2 errors in all of the mini lessons  The comic could be used to help students remember the procedures to a math skill because they are clear and accurate.  Demonstrates that he/she understands the concepts being taught by thoroughly explaining the steps to solving a given problem  Uses most math vocabulary accurately and show their understanding by giving

Level 4 Professional Math Comic Writer!
 The explanations target the right level of math students and clearly describe the steps of how to do each lesson in detail.  Goes above and beyond by offering a proof to why the process works OR explains reason behind the steps to solving.  The student demonstrates that he/she understands the concepts being taught by using accurate vocabulary associated with the skill, and is able to fluidly explain the reasoning behind steps presented.

Academic Understand ing

 Does not understand what is being taught  There are several errors in the steps  Explanations are incomplete

Care & Effort

 The student is missing parts of the assignment and did not put forth the effort required to complete the assignment

 Some confusion is evident in the explanations  Not all of the information is accurate and student gets mixed up when explaining the process  Some steps are missing and one cannot follow the steps to arrive at the correct answer from the explanation  Editing is not evident as there are spelling mistakes and 2 or more sentences that do not make sense  It seems as though the student completed the assignment and did not review it

 Care and effort is evident. There are no/few spelling mistakes.  Editing is evident  Layout and comic design make the assignment appealing and eye catching

 Care and effort is evident. There are no spelling mistakes.  Careful editing is evident  Layout and comic design make the assignment appealing and eye catching

Final Grade /Comment