A quest of conscience As the sun shown on the deep red horizon, and the wind sent whistling cheers

through the thick canopy above, the braids on Hyr's hair where shifting softly in the gentle breeze that enveloped the scenery. A soft murmur of a nearby river relaxed the tense in the time warrior's muscles and made him delved deeper into his meditation. The encompassing sounds and feeling needed to be consumed for the warrior to reach his center of balance and further increase his stance. Suddenly, nature's harmony was briskly interrupted by an alien noise that made Hyr suddenly snap back to consciousness as a massive tree trunk flew straight to him. The dire vision raced through his optic nerves to his brain. Routing his synapses, the nervous pulse started to trigger long practiced reflexes that ultimately arrived at his motor neurons that began commanding a symphony on fiber contractions and relaxations. In split seconds his torso bent backwards to avoid a massive tree branch and then snapped forward to elevate his body over the bulk of the tree trunk. His center of weight moved in a half ellipse, and on the descending slope his feet trailed over the ending stump of the tree. He effortlessly descended on the smooth moss covering the earth softly exhaling, thus ending finishing the single breath that began with his abrupt meditation waking. He fastened his senses. In the distance the sounds of battle grew fierce. At regular intervals powerful thuds could be distinguished over the chaos of battle. For a moment he was tempted to leave the area and find another place to continue his training but the realization swept over him like a torrent races through a narrow gorge. Immediately he started toward the sounds making haste. .... When he arrived upon the outskirts of scene he was taken aback by the difference in the might of the opposing parties. A small army numbering in the hundreds were cornering a single frail warrior clad in white who stood alone in empty barren circle of roughly 500 meters in diameter. It was a wonder how one man could stand alone against sheer numbers. A well directed burst of arrows would make waste of almost any fighter, let alone one so frail this. As he though a row of archers raised their bows to fire a volley of arrows and at the same time the first row of men, the ones that stood at the edge of the circle surrounding the fighter raised some sort of conic shaped shields. The next moment everything came into place. As the arrows flew into the air and closed on the single target, the slender figure seemed to displace and a powerful thud like thunder broke the relative quiet of the surroundings. The arrows snapped and darted in all directions as violently as they would have been shot by an arm with the force on a hundred men, and the ground around the fighter erupted in huge ripples that went menacingly straight to the men with the shields threatening to engulf them, but strangely they stopped short of the weird shields. In the powerful ripple the head band of the fighter came off an a flow of onyx black hair rolled over her shoulders. Hyr could see now the proud gaze of the thunder walker showing only defiance and poise. It was the first time Hyr had seen a thunder walker. They were so rare that they were thought to be extinct. They were able to generate huge amounts of energy through their space shifting technique this displacement brought forth a thunder like clamour of all surroundig elements that bestowed the name on these individuals. As he thought this, the first row of army men closed in the girl as she staggered for a bit. Something was wrong. These skilled warriors could have easily escaped any ambush by shifting themselves over and over in the body of any army thus confusing the enemy and at the same time wreaking havoc with the explosions caused by their space warps. Unless the army had a way of restricting their movements … or unless the warrior was not very experienced. Moving closer without being spotted he could clearly discern the cause was the latter as the girl seemed not to have passed her 16th name day. Without warning An enemy commander shouted something nondescript and the a few men started to run toward the girl. They seemed confident in their success. The next moment another thud erupted throwing the advancing party in the air, but the smile on the commander's face forbade something not that good. His gaze shifted rapidly to the girl as her eyes closed and she came softly to the ground. Rage enveloped Hyr as he started immediately to her side.