Algebra I AA Course Syllabus Teacher: Mr. Hansen Room: 470 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 2:35-3:15 or by appointment.

Website: Email: School Phone: 846-5501 ext. 1220 Course Goal: This course is designed to help students get caught up on the skills necessary for Algebra 1. It will focus on the review of 8th grade math as well as pre-teaching skills for Algebra 1. Concepts and skills are introduced algebraically, graphically, numerically and verbally, often in the same lesson to help students make the connection and to address diverse learning styles. Teaching Philosophy: The math department is changing our teaching style to better assist kids on completing and understanding the assignments. We are "Flipping our Class", this will require the students to watch a video lesson at home, take notes and complete a quiz from the previous days assignment. After watching the short video they will come to class to work on the assignment, where I will be able to group the kids together and work with them during the hour rather than sending them home to possibly struggle on the assignment and have no one to ask. Student Goals: Be prepared for class (notebook, TI-30XIIS calculator is recommended, pencil and algebra book), complete all assignments and video notes, respect everyone, and ask for help before your grade is in jeopardy. If you miss a day of school you are to check my website for the assignment. If you missed a test or quiz, you will make it up that day or the next. Bathroom passes will not be issued during discussions, correcting of assignments, the first or last 10 minutes of class. Internet Access: You will have assignments this trimester that require internet access. If you do not have internet at home, you may need to go to the media center before/after school, the Spring Lake Public Library, or a friend’s house to complete these assignments. Please see me if this is an issue. Grading Policy: It is a math department policy to grade using a weighted average: HW: 20% Quizzes: 20% Tests/Exam: 60% Homework: Videos will be posted to my website and assigned for students to watch outside of class. Each student will be responsible for watching the video and taking their own notes using a Cambridge style. Practice problems related to the video lesson will be assigned in class and students will take a homework quiz covering these problems. No late work will be graded. You will be allowed to use your notes and assignments for the homework quiz. Homework Quiz Grading Scale: 0 Not attempted 1 HWQ attempted 2 50%-75% on HWQ 3 75% or greater on HWQ Video Lesson Notes 0 No notes 1 Notes in Cambridge style Class Assignment 0 Did not complete 1 Completed Assignment 2

Quizzes will occur mid way through each chapter and at the end of each chapter that does not have a test. The mid-chapter quizzes will be taken in groups made by the teacher. End of chapter quizzes will be individual. Those that miss the group quiz will take the quiz as an individual at a scheduled time with the instructor. Test: There will be three to four tests per term. The last test will be the final exam. Each test will contain a percentage of review and present material. All homework must be complete to take a test. If you are not done with all homework by test day, you must complete homework during test time and schedule a make up day. Each test will give the student the opportunity to drop the previous test score if they improve their test score, corrected all errors on previous test and handed in all homework. Otherwise the test scores will be averaged. If you are absent the day of a test, your make-up test will be an alternative form. Additionally, you will be ineligible for any extra credit that is on the test or otherwise assigned for the test, and ineligible for any curve applied to the test. Cheating will result in a zero; the next test will not allow the drop of the zero. Grading Scale A BD+ Math Lab Math Lab is an opportunity for students to get extra help from me or other members of our math department. Please take advantage of this before your grade is in jeopardy. The schedule for the first trimester is listed below. 92-100 80-81 67-69 AC+ D 90-91 77-79 62-66 B+ C D87-89 72-76 60-61 B CE 82-86 70-71 <60

Tuesday 7:00-7:30 AM in Ms. Johnson’s room (480) Tuesday 2:45-3:15 PM in Mr. Hansen’s room (470) Thursday 7:00-7:30 AM in Mrs. Kendro’s room (430) Thursday 2:45-3:15 PM in Mr. Higgs’s room (420)

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