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Education in Pakistan

“If we dig the mountains of knowledge, we will get the jewels of prosperity” Education is the backbone of progress. Every nation, in order to achieve development, needs education. It is of vital importance for each and every field of national life whether it is economy, science, information, infrastructure or any other sector. Above all education helps in producing the ideal citizen; it rids the country from fanatics and unaware masses. Western countries, for quite a while now, have given priority to education sector and that is precisely why they dominate the world in every field. The nations which are recognized as great powers today have also faced wars, in fact World wars, ruining their entire infrastructure. U.S.A for instance, has also suffered a major civil war. But once they braved the havoc, their energies were completely devoted rise from the dust and the medium which they chose was none other than education in every possible field. Hitler who debacle Israel very badly and Israeli’s sheltered themselves in the forests, but in that tough time Israeli’s women plays a very vital role they start educating their children in the forests and didn’t lose hope. Israeli women knew that words are powerful than sword, it is education that gives them strength .As a result Israel once again became powerful, it’s all done through education. In Pakistan the ratio of literate people to illiterate is very less. The main reasons behind this are high poverty, poor political system, weak education infrastructure and high level of corruption. In Pakistan unfortunately less part of budget is allocated for education, due to which education can’t contribute properly in any field. In Pakistan top management always focuses in their own interests and do not pay attention to the education sector. There is another hurdle in education of Pakistan and that is, that private sector is very strong in front of public sector and this topple down the education infrastructure of Pakistan. This also deprives a lot of poor peoples to get the education because of high charges by private sector. While in developed countries there public sector of education is strong, and that’s the reason their peoples are prosper. In education sector if we compare India with Pakistan, so India is far better than us. For instance peoples from all over the world came to India for gaining knowledge in all fields especially in Medical sciences and Engineering. The other reasons are, no importance given to merit due to which our talent ruins and base of our education becomes fickle. The heavy expenses of education also create gaps between student and education and at last student in primary stage say good bye to school. So at this stage government should present such education strategies, so that poor students could be able to get complete education and these strategies should be implemented in every government. Another reason is the growth rate that the number of admission seats remains the same and the growth of campuses is slow, while the numbers of students are increasing day by day. It is because of mal-management

and high level of corruption because of which the talent of Pakistan; who are going to contribute in success of Pakistan in coming few years are demotivated and dishearted. In rural areas of Pakistan ghost school is another hurdle, as there is no proper check on government teachers so they do not perform their duties properly. In spite of that many teachers do not have proper qualification so they can’t groom their students for the challenges of 21st century. In Pakistan peoples who are part of running the top management system send their children abroad for studies, therefore they do not show keen interest in education sector and this start weakening the back bone (education) of Pakistan. It is responsibility of government that for success of our country they must give importance to education in first rank. Make public sector too much strong and convenient that everyone can easily access to education, through this our talent make the nation strong. Remove all those hurdles which stop the hurricane of knowledge in Pakistan. Syed Muhammad Sajid (Mardan)