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Benjamin Mills, Illustrator (no art director provided) The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running, Client Article on running shoes

, full page, acrylic

Greg Betza, Illustrator (no art director provided) Investment Advisor Magazine, Client Why You Need To Build a Sustainable Business [article], full page, watercolour and charcoal

Ciara Phelan, Illustrator (no art director provided) Blink Magazine, Client The Evolution of Moving Pictures [article], full page, digital and collage

Von Glitschka, Illustrator (no art director provided) Fortune Small Business Magazine, Client Illustration of octopus with objects, full page, acrylic

Owen Gatley, Illustrator (no art director provided) First Orders Magazine, Client Illustration of blue birds for article about Twitter, sprawling across two pages, digital

cover and all illustrations. Art Director Time Magazine. Designer BOOM! Studios. Illustrator Barbara Fisher. Illustrator Tomas Gonda. Illustrator Walter Bernard. Client Extreme Worlds: the complete guide to drawing and painting sci-fi art. book cover. Judika Illes (author) Encyclopedia of Spirits. watercolour Richard Doyle. cover page. digital Massimiliano Narciso and Marieke Ferrari. cover and all illustrations. Illustrators Erika Terriquez. Illustrator Jodie Lystor. Client Alice in Wonderland: Graphics Novel. Art Director Booz-Allen and Hamilton Inc. ink/watercolour Francis Tsai. Illustrator . ink/digital Alan Johnstone. full page. Client Teng Comes Calling. Senior Designer David and Charles. designer HarperOne (publisher).Burt Silverman. Client Portrait of John F. watercolour Jacqui Morgan. Welch (General Electric CEO).

cover illustration. watercolour Jaime Wong. designer Amelia's Magazine. Client The Secret Lives of Professors [article]. Illustrator Abigail Daker. Editor Hacker Monthly. Jozefien Daelemans. Illustrator Cheng Soon Lim. Client Article on children and computers. Client Peacock feathers in black and green. Illustrators and Designers WeekendKnack Magazine. full page. Client Illustration of head with small objects. Client Pink thistles on white background. full page. digital Jo Cheung. Illustrator (no art director provided) Strathmore Artist Papers. client . acrylic/collage Greg Betza. acrylic Marc Nuijten.(no art director provided) Jane Mosse Designs. journal cover. illustartion of kid surrounded by electronics. opening spread. Illustrator (No art director given) Scientific American. ink/digital Woodward Payne.

spot illustrations. Illustrator (no art director given) Common Ground. digital Nozomi Inoue. website logo and background. watching runners. article on yoga and dance. (Article about fitness enthusiasts). Client Illustration of woman in yoga pose against gritty background. full page. digital Chaz Russo. full page. full page. digital Elena Ray. Client Illustration of man with "split" design. Illustrator (No art director given) Neue Magazine.Abstract shapes and text. Client Illustration of man sitting on bench. article about bivocational pastors. digital . Illustrator (no art director provided) Morrisons Magazine Illustrations of women. digital Kurt Vonnegut (No art director provided) Boston Globe.