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John Diehl FDA V 8th Grade Science Lesson Plan: DNA Extraction Lab Overview: Students will extract

DNA from wheat germ cells. The parts of the cell will be reviewed as guided questions ask students to consider what each reagent does. Follow protocol from “Extracting the max from a DNA extraction” Marek et al. (2009) Aim: How do we isolate DNA from cells? Bloom's Level Focus: 1) SWBARD knowledge by identifying where DNA is located within the cell. 2) SWBATD analysis of cell structure by inferring what each reagent in the experiment is used for. Constructivist checklist: #14 Collaborate with members of their lab team. UDL Principals Met: 3.1, 8.3 Materials: 1) Raw Wheat Germ 2) Dishwashing Liquid 3) Table Salt 4) Meat tenderizer with papain (1tbsp per pair) 5) 2 plastic cups per pair 6) ~7ml 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol per group 7) transfer pipettes 8) hot water 9) glass beakers for cold alcohol 10) straws (2 per group) NY Standards:

1.1a Living things are composed of cells. Cells provide structure and carry on major functions to sustain life. Cells are usually microscopic in size. 1.1c Most cells have cell membranes, genetic material, and cytoplasm. Some cells have a cell wall and/or chloroplasts. Many cells have a nucleus.
Assessment: 1) Lab Worksheet Beginning of Lesson  What is the genetic material that gives us our traits?  Explain Lab activity. We are using a plant called wheat germ to isolate DNA.

Discuss rules and safety. Do not ingest

Middle of Lesson  Assign Pairs of groups of three  One volunteer grabs materials from each group. Call one table at a time.  Guided exercise. Demonstrate each step of the experiment before students perform step. Use guiding questions. 1) Lay out Materials on tables Where is the DNA located that we are trying to isolate? 2) Mix dish soap 1tbsp (diluted 1:1 with water) and salt 1tbsp and 50 ml hot water. 3) Add soap/solution solution to the wheat germ in the plastic cup/beaker. If the DNA is located in the nucleus, which parts of the cell do we need to get through to release the DNA? What do you think the soap and salt does ?-weakens the cell membrane. 4) Grind cells?? 5) Add meat tenderizer 1tbsp. Stir 5 minutes with Preface that DNA is packaged in nucleus as structures called chromosomes. Show picture and state that DNA is coiled tightly with proteins inside nucleus as chromosomes. If we are trying to just isolate DNA, what does the meat tenderizer do?-breaks down proteins that are coiled with DNA. 6) Allow solution to settle for 2 minutes. While solutions are settling, ask for volunteers to grab beakers with 7ml cold alcohol. 7) Draw off supernatant with pipette and add it to alcohol. Students must wear safety glasses. 8) Students draw what they observe. What do you think the white stringy stuff is? What do you think the cold alcohol did?-separated the DNA from the other solution.

End of Lesson/Summary 1) Clean up. 2) Students finish worksheets.