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It shall be the desire o f this departm ent to notify you, from time to time, o f any new books o f real value, regardless o f their author; also, to advise you o f any literature, articles, or comm odity that will be o f inter­ est and help to you.

W e have been asked what is the most valu­ able aid to the Rosicrucian student aside from the official instructions. W e make the reply— a common dictionary, and, if accessible, a pub­ lic library. Sometimes a student is especially interested in one of the many subjects presented in the curriculum of the A M O R C teachings and desires to peruse it further. In each of us may be found an unusual response to some one sub­ ject; it may be music, language, chemistry, phil­ osophy, psychology, art, or the classics of gen­ eral literature. W hen we contact that subject that has an alluring appeal, we at once desire additional matter along that particular line, and more extensive and elaborate details. In the A M O R C , Rosicrucian teachings the ulterior motive is not to specialize in the various sciences or arts, but to use them merely as illustrations of certain principles, which we study in their varied manifestations. W hen, for instance, Greek philosophy has sufficiently illustrated a principle, or several of them, we advance to the next subject for further elucidation. Thus, those students who wish to further refer to or inves­ tigate a subject may be enlightened on what books they may secure from the public library, which will give them the technical side, by merely writing into the Supreme Secretary, who can give you this information.

N O T E — W e hope to serve you in every pos­ sible way, and to fill your orders promptly. Make your checks or money orders for these supplies payable only to A M O R C Funds, and address your letters containing orders to the A M O R C Supply Bureau. Every order must be accompanied by a remittance. If you send cash, please be sure to register your letter, as we can­ not be responsible for money lost.


Rosicrucian P ark,
San Jose

Calif., U. S. A.



However, there are those students who wish further enlightenment on the application of some particular Rosicrucian principles, or wish to know how certain definite laws may be used in a unique, personal way. Naturally, this information cannot be secured from the pub­ lic library, or from general books, but re­ quires special treatises explaining the vari­ ous uses of the principles. Thus, the vari­ ous Rosicrucian books mentioned herein have been actually brought about by the demand upon the part of the members for the mat­ ter contained in them. Constant requests for certain information in our correspondence has shown the valuable service these special works can bring about. Questions and requests have been tabulated in our offices and these figures have been used in the preparation o f ' these books so that the books could serve the greatest number of members in a practical way. Au­ thorities of the Rosicrucian Order have pre­ pared all the books on which the appellation “A M O R C ” appears. Every lecture and every grade of the Rosi­ crucian studies is prepared to present to you the Rosicrucian principles with the object of making you a master of them. The lectures are a continuous chain of thoughts, laws, and prin­ ciples arranged into grades to assist in present­ ing them to you. The grades, however, do not particularly indicate that a person in the sixth grade is six times as far advanced as a person in the first grade. The grades are arranged to segregate principles into the proper categories,

not to divide students into classes; nevertheless, one who has passed certain requirements from grade to grade has advanced accordingly. Every fundamental principle of metaphysics and scien­ tific unfoldment that is of real help, not mere theory, is presented to you in these official lectures. Constant revision and the addition of new matter to the lectures is carried on at headquart­ ers by a qualified staff under the supervision of the Imperator. Members may be confident that points of essential importance to their progress will never be overlooked, necessitating them to secure any additionl course of instruction. If it is of value to the student, practical, and bene­ ficial, the student may be confident that it will be included in his lessons, as it is the duty of A M O R C to present you with such principles of help. Therefore, the books herein mentioned are valuable to the student, not as interesting works to spend a few hours in reading, but as valu­ able guides and sources of authorative refer­ ence. These books are additional helps, of G R E A T IM P O R T A N C E in aiding you to ap­ ply what you are receiving in the weekly lec­ tures. You will note an interesting list of articles under the head of "Sanctum Supplies.” These articles are not only attractive in significant, symbolic design, but are practical and, there­ fore, useful in the various experiments and sim­ ple initiations, and help to bring about the proper atmospheric conditions in the sanctum. Members have been obliged to try and secure

many of the mentioned articles in their own locality, in many instances with unsatisfactory results, or they have attempted to make them at an exorbitant cost. The A M O R C Supply Bureau, therefore, realized that they could sup­ ply exactly the needed articles for the students, and forward them at a price more economical than the student could secure elsewhere. As these articles have been prepared upon the de­ mand of members, by constant requests as to where they may secure them, we say we wish to welcome your future suggestions. If we have aided in serving you by sending this little brochure, then we are justified in pre­ paring it and submitting it to you for your kind use. AM ORC SU PPLY BUREAU.

Official AMORC Rosicrucian Works
“R O S IC R U C IA N M A N U A L " All members of our Order are advised that this book will be of utmost help and value in studying the work and principles of the Order.

W h y It Is Published
Ever since we published this manual of ref­ erence charts and explanations in 1918, there has been continued requests for a second and larger edition. Slowly, the Imperator and staff gathered together all the matter desired by the thousands or more members, who expressed in detail what should be in such an unusual book.

W h a t It Contains
It is divided into a number of parts, each complete and invaluable as a guide and for reference work. The following is a partial list of the contents: Complete explanation of all the terms, signs, and symbols used in various parts of the teachings; complete working man­ ual of all rules and regulations of the Order; extracts from the constitution; descriptions of the Temple Lodges and other parts of our as­ sembly places, with laws pertaining to convoca­ tions and symbolic ceremonies; a synopsis of subjects covered beyond the National work and Temple grades, which all students, whether at­ tending a lodge or receiving instructions by

mail, receive; chartsT diagrams, and illustrations of the various lectures requiring such helps as the laws of crystallography, magnetism, and an explanation and illustration of the formation of atoms and molecules; a complete Rosicrucian dictionary of the terms used in all lectures; Dalton’s experiments and chemical laws illus­ trated and explained; ancient and modern mys­ tical symbols explained and illustrated; special articles fully explained; the origin of the G R E A T W H I T E L O D G E and its existence; how to attain Psychic Illumination, written for this Manual by the Imperator; the Rosicrucian code of life with 30 laws and regulations; bio­ graphical sketches of Rosicrucians; instructive articles on such subjects as numerology and law of numbers; and a number of portraits of promi­ nent Rosicrucians, including Master K. H., the illustrious. This book is not absolutely necessary to the studies, but it is a simple, wonderful compilation of facts and instructive matter which every seeker upon Rosicrucian paths will value as an extra aid to his advancement, and it will save the expense of buying many smaller books, else­ where, for reference.

Rosicrucian Principles for the Home and Business
Prepared by the Imperator, H. Spencer Lewis. How many times have you desired some de­ tailed explanation of the specific use of the Rosi­ crucian principles in aiding you with your per­ sonal, every day problems? This book is spe­ cially prepared by the Imperator for that pur­ pose. It presents, in a very readable and under­ standable way, the many mystical laws, p sy ch o­ logical principles, and practical m ethods where­ by men and women may m aster conditions that d eal with material problem s. Dr. Lewis has been consulted on these subjects, for many years, by thousands of business men.

C hapters o f the B o o k
The Truth about Affirmations, the Cosmic and You, Mental Alchemy, Commanding Cos­ mic Help, Securing Money, The Attainment of W ealth, Seeking Employment, Impressing Oth­ ers, and An Unusual Help in Need.

Practical Side o f It
The book answers thousands of questions re­ garding the securing of employment; raising capital for business or social purposes; selling property; improving the health; attaining fulfill­ ment of material dreams; attracting the help of influential persons; and the promotion of busi­ ness. The matter is new, convincing, exceedingly practical, and inspiring. This book, since it does 9

The book is strongly bound with attractive cloth binding, over heavy covers, and stamped in gold. Single copies of the book, by mail any­ where in the United States of America, are $2.30; in Canada or foreign countries, $2.40.


not contain secret teachings of the Order, may be purchased by those who are not members of A M O R C . It will be helpful to persons in all stations of life.

This book is attractively printed in clear type, on soft paper, nicely bound in flexible style, and stamped in gold; the price per copy, postage prepaid, is $2.20.

“ Unto

hee I Qrant”

This is one of the rarest, occult, mystical manuscripts and books ever given to the public. It contains some of the true, secret teachings of Thibet, and the manuscript was written over 2,000 years ago. The first issue of this book was translated with special permit of the Grand Lama of disciples of the secret college of the Grand Temple of Thibet, and authorized by the Emperor of China. The soul of the rare writ­ ings, the spirit of the teachings, the sublime beauty of expression, has not been altered or modified, only the physical body, newer paper, and new cover, have been added to the wonder­ ful elements still living and breathing in the most sacred of manuscripts of the Temple of the land of mystical, unknown beauty. Hun­ dreds of books have been written about the teachings of the masters and adepts of the Far East. Hundreds of men and women have at­ tempted to get near the walls of the sacred pre­ cincts of Thibet. M any attempts have been made, and thousands of claims have been pre­

sented purporting to secure and reveal the in­ ner, secret, and sacred teachings of the Masters in Thibet, who are considered to be the most highly developed mystics on earth. But no au­ thentic copy of the teachings like this manu­ script has ever been given to the world. Over 2,000 years ago it was written! It is most generally believed to have been written by Lao-Kiun. The very nature of the beautiful, inspiring wording in the manuscript indicates most strongly that Lao-Kiun was its author in the years between 550 and 470 B. C .; and until 1749 A. D., it was read only by the high Initi­ ates in the Sacred College.

This book is printed on heavy paper and well-bound, and sold at a special price to mem­ bers of A M O R C , $1.50 per copy, postage paid by us.

Qeneral Supplies
R O S IC R U C IA N E M B L E M S T O W E A R Members desiring Rosicrucian Emblems may obtain them from Headquarters. They are made of gold, beautifully inlaid with enamel, neat in size, and consist of the triangle, surmounted by the Egyptian cross. Men's style emblem with screw back, $2.00. W om en’s style with patent safety catch pin, $2.25. A U TO EM BLEM S W e have at last secured an emblem for your car. W e have had many requests for an attrac­ tive emblem that members could attach to the

radiator of their car to serve the same purpose as other fraternity emblems. These beautiful Rosicrucian emblems are in the form of a tri­ angle surmounted on an Egyptian cross. They are finished with duco enamel, which preserves them against heat; the cross and triangle are finished in gold, the rose in red, and stems and leaves in green. It has a special arrangement, permitting it to be fastened to the radiator of a car. The size of the emblem is five and onequarter by three and one-quafter inches. They are intended solely for use on automobiles and are economically priced at $1.50, postage paid by us. R O S IC R U C IA N SEA LS These Rosicrucian seals are about the size of a twenty-five cent piece, beautifully printed in red, and embossed gold, have the symbol of the cross and rose, and the words “ M O R C , Rosi­ A crucian Order, San Jose, California,” on their face. These seals can be used by members on letters or communications to friends or business acquaintances. If you would like to spread the name of the organization to your friends, and at the same time have an attractive little seal for your stationery, we would suggest that you se­ cure them. They may be had at the rate of fifty cents per hundred, or practically what they cost, postage paid by us. "B IB L E O F B IB L E S ” W e have been able to secure a book of lim­ ited edition, not generally sold on the open market. It is called “The Bible of Bibles,” and is the life work of Dr. Frank L. Riley, who is

an authority on sacred literature. The book represents the fondest dreams of students of occult literature. It is a composite Bible, con­ taining parallel excerpts from the greatest scrip­ tures of the world. It is not a commentary on the Bible of the world, but the actual Bibles of all the teachers and masters of wisdom, tracing backwards for more than eleven thousand years. It is non-secrtarian, and of unusual help to stu­ dents of our work, and of metaphysics in gen­ eral. A person would have to buy over sixty volumes of rare and sacred writings to equal the matter contained in this one book. The “Bible of Bibles” was intended for private, limited cir­ culation, and therefore, is unusually well printed on large-size, high grade, deckle-edged paper; it is strongly bound, and contains four hundred and thirty-two pages. The present price of each volume is $8.00, and includes the pre-pay­ ment of expressage or postage by us. The book comes in a box, which helps to preserve it, and special packing care is taken to assure good condition of the book upon its arrival. It is very unlikely that another edition will ever be printed because of the tremendous expense in­ volved. This is really a wonderful opportunity.

Special C opies of M agazine “R osae Crucis"
The “Rosae Crucis” magazine was one of the earliest Rosicrucian publications in America. This magazine is no longer being published; but some are left in stock, and each contains a world of helpful articles and information. Such articles as the following may be found in these magazines:

The Mystical Life of Jesus. Immortality of the Soul. Life’s Contentment. Psychic Force and Its Manifestations. Finding Yourself. The First National Convention. Oriental Philosophy. Ancient Symbols. Below is a list of the magazines. If any of them are checked with red pencil, you will know we have none in stock. Those not checked may be secured, postage prepaid, for fifty cents a copy. Each magazine, as said, contains many helpful and instructive articles. 1916 1917 January— 50c each January— 50c each February “ “ February March “ “ June M ay “ “ July August “ “ August September “ " September October December H O M E S A N C T U M S U P P L IE S

columns of the interior of the Supreme Temple. The candlesticks are economically priced at $2.50, a pair, delivered, postage paid. Sanctum Cross (Egyptian Crux A nsata) This is the beautiful Egyptian Crux Ansata (the looped cross) mounted on a double tri­ angle, representing the Egyptian interlaced tri­ angles, which to our members carries a beauti­ ful significance, and surmounted on the face of the cross is a red rose. The cross is finished in red mahogany to match the candlesticks, and is also the same size as the candlesticks. It is economically priced at $2.50, delivered to you with postage prepaid.

Student's M em bership Apron
In many ceremonies and initiations, which you have in your studies, the apron is referred to. The placing of the apron on your person represents your willingness to serve, and readi­ ness to do any task for the good purposes and principles of Rosicrucianism. Many fraternal organizations have adopted a similar symbol— the wearing of the fraternal apron. These ap­ rons are triangular in shape, beautifully made of linen, faced with a band of red linen, and trimmed with a gold colored cross, with a red rose in its center, also made of linen. They are intended for the students at home to use during their convocations, designating their prepara­ tion for conducting their study. They are priced, postage prepaid by us, at $1.50 each.

Rosicrucian C andlesticks
These candlesticks are beautifully designed as replicas of the Egyptian columns used in the Supreme Temple, which in turn, are duplicates of those used in Karnak Temple, Egypt. They are finished in dark red mahogany, and mounted on a double triangle base, representing the sym­ bol of the interlaced triangles. The candlesticks are seven inches in height. They are not only practical but keep before you the design of the

Rosicrucian Incense
Many members find it difficult to secure a satisfactory incense. Incense that can be pur15

chased is not always entirely satisfactory for simple experiments at home. As perhaps you have discovered, it is sometimes necessary to open the windows and doors for ventilation pur­ poses while using some incense. W e have a special incense made under our direction, and ordered after having been tried at Headquart­ ers; it is most conducive to the conditions under which our members are placed in study. This incense has a rose scent, and is very pleasing and entirely satisfactory. It is economically priced at $1.00 for a box consisting of twelve large cubes, postage prepaid by us.

Rosicrucian Stationery
W e have arranged with a large stationery house to supply us with boxes of fine stationery, consisting of twenty-four sheets, and twentyfour envelopes of attractive blue, broadcloth linen. Each sheet has a symbolic emblem with the words “A M O R C , Rosicrucian O rder” printed upon it in artistic old English type. These boxes will be sent to our members post­ age prepaid, for $1.25 a box. The stationery is ideal for personal use and similar to the latest club or fraternal stationery. C O M PLET E SAN CTU M SET Rosicrucian Candlesticks, as desbribed above. Egyptian Crux Ansata (the looped cross with rose) to match candlesticks. Sanctum Incense (India Moss Rose Scent). Neophyte’s Ritual Apron (as described above). Carriage prepaid by us, either expressage or postage, price $6.50.

By remitting your dues on the 25th of the preceding month, they reach Headquarters on the first of the month for which they are due. Our system is arranged to credit the cards at that time, so that they can be returned early in the month, being enclosed with the next lecture going for­ ward to you. This little notice is merely a reminder and is confidentially enclosed. Hoping to continue to serve you, and thanking you for your co-operation, we are, W ith all good wishes for Peace Profound, Fraternally, R E C O R D IN G D E P A R T M E N T . By D. W akefield.