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CM210 Multimedia Storytelling

Exercise #4: Soundslides Exercise
Script Due: Tuesday, March 4 Completed Audio Slideshow Due: Tuesday, March 11 Exercise Overview This activity will prepare you to create a Self-Introduction Audio Slideshow of 90-120 seconds. You’ll practice importing photos into SoundSlides, adding an MP3 audio file to make an audio slideshow, synchronizing slides and audio in SoundSlides, and linking the final self-introduction into your Wordpress blog. 1. A good rule of thumb is one photo for every five seconds of audio so approximately 18-24 photos needed. 2. The soundtrack should be a single-track narration that you write and record. 3. The photos and audio track will be uploaded into SoundSlides where you will synchronize the slides and audio. The SoundSlide product will need to be uploaded to your college server and linked to your Wordpress blog. 4. You are required to print and submit the script for this assignment Tuesday, March 4. Guidelines 1. A self-introduction will obviously include where you’re from and perhaps a bit about your family. But try to avoid making the introduction just a chronological list of where you’ve lived, the schools you’ve gone to, and the activities you’ve been involved in. Pick one aspect of your personality and character—e.g., your interest in fashion, your love of cars, your work ethic, the challenges you’ve had to overcome—and focus on that one aspect and how it developed/evolved. The best selfintroductions will have threads running through them from beginning to end. This assignment can benefit from “archival” photos from your childhood years. Don’t wait until the last minute to start gathering these photos. Contact family members now to mail you printed photos or to email you digital photos that you can use in your slideshow. We will not cover photo editing before this assignment is due; therefore, the quality and composition of the photos will not be considered in your evaluation. However, try to avoid using photos that are out-of-focus or under- or over-exposed. The narration is the most important component of this exercise. Review the tips for “Writing the Script” in Kobré, pp. 179-85, and follow the suggestions. Consider Kenneth Kobré’s introduction to his chapter on “Recording Sound”: “When it comes to video and multimedia, sound is king. You’re reading this statement written by a visual guy who started out as a professional photojournalist and who wrote the book on becoming a photojournalist. “But even I have to admit that in the world of multimedia and photojournalism, sound is the most important element … not pictures. “Allow me to repeat that. For multimedia and videojournalism, sound is the most important element.” (103) Control the variables of your recording environment and re-record your narration as often as necessary to get a high-quality audio track. Evaluation • • 2 pts. Slideshow meets time constraint of 90-120 seconds 7 pts. Quality of script (conversational, strong verbs, variety of sentence lengths, concise, vivid, story arc, moment of reflection



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6 pts. Quality of recording (mic placement/settings, environmental noise) 5 pts. Quality of delivery (pace, articulation, modulation)