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Building  the  leading  product  recommenda2on  engine  in  Turkey  

Contact - Deven Soni +1.415.868.5001

En  Iyi  Yorumlar  (The  Best  Reviews)  is  a  data  and  content-­‐driven   comparison  engine  that  aims  to  become  the  #1  resource  for   Turkish  consumers  to  make  informed  decisions  about  the  best   products  and  services  for  them  
We’re  here  to  help:   Local  Consumers  find  answers  when  they  search  for  things  such  as:   –  What  is  the  best  semi-­‐professional  digital  camera?   –  What  is  cheapest  web  hos-ng  provider  for  my  blog?   –  What  is  the  most  popular  fitness  app  for  Android?   Merchants  iden-fy  qualified  new  leads  by:   –  Sending  them  highly  targeted  new  customers  that  are  ready  to  buy     –  Sharing  discount  codes  and  sales  with  poten-al  customers   –  Tes-ng  new  ad  units  like  savings  calculators,  or  product  comparisons    


The  Team  
CreaLng  a  world-­‐class  team  of  content,  technical,  and  markeLng  execs  to   be  combined  with  top  local  talent  and  experLse  
Founders   Advisors   MarLn  Gedalin  -­‐  Founder  at  Lumia  Capital  
Emerging  markets  (Turkey,  MENA)  focused  Internet   Investor.  Director  of  MarkaVIP.  Formerly  a  VC  with  Focus   Ventures  focused  on  the  Internet  sector  

Deven  Soni  (CEO)  

VC  with  Highland   Capital  &  Goldman   Sachs.  Recently  in               E.  Europe  managing   NEVEQ  ,  an  emerging   markets  fund.  Early   employee  at  NexTag  (a   comparison  shopping   plaPorm  acquired  for   $1.2bn).  Former   banker  with  Lazard  

Ben  Yu  (CTO)  

Himanshu  Shah  –  Sr.  Product  Exec  –  NexTag  

Studied  at  Harvard   before  taking  leave  to   accept  the  Thiel   Fellowship,  which   awards  $100k  to  20   entrepreneurs  under   the  age  of  20.  Then   founded  ecommerce   startup  Pricemash  to   simplify  the  online   shopping  process  

Leads  site  op-miza-on  &  mone-za-on  at  NexTag.  Former   head  of  business  development  &  mone-za-on  at  Wize  –   a  technology-­‐driven  product  content  plaPorm  (acquired   by  NexTag  in  2010)  

Jiyoon  Chung  –  MarkeLng  Director  -­‐  Crowdstar  
Head  of  marke-ng  and  user  reten-on  for  Crowdstar  –  a   top  Facebook  developer.    Former  director  of  marke-ng   for  (grew  revenue  from  >$1mm  to   $100mm+)  with  a  focus  on  seo,  social,  and  email   marke-ng  .  Senior  roles  at  Intel  &  eBay.    


Why  Turkey?  
Turkey  is  one  of  the  most  aXracLve  markets  on  the  planet  for   creaLng  product-­‐focused  content  
1)  Innova-on  in  commerce  –  but  marke-ng  hasn’t  kept  up  pace  
–  “…Turkish  Startups…  are  hot  &  heavy  on  e-­‐commerce,  but  light  on  marke-ng”   VentureBeat  Nov-­‐2011  

2)  Companies  looking  for  more  efficient  ways  to  find  customers  
–  “I’m  not  seeing  results  from  tradi-onal  CPC  &  banner  marke-ng  channels  and  would   happily  pay  for  marke-ng  that  clearly  grows  sales”  CEO  of  VC-­‐funded  Turkish  eCommerce   Company  

3)  Big  opportuni-es  for  publishers  that  are  able  to  drive  sales  
–  “Turkey  clearly  needs  more  niche  content  to  drive  affiliate  marke-ng  sales.  Exis-ng   publishers  prefer  cost-­‐per-­‐impression  banner  ads  and  aren’t  willing  to  try  new  ad  units”   Top  Turkish  affiliate  network  exec  Jun-­‐2012   –  “Most  Turkish  Publishers  are  not  focused  on  SEO  apart  from  op-mizing  for  1-­‐2  core   keywords  –  leaving  a  huge  opportunity  in  long-­‐tail  content  op-miza-on”     Founder  of  TurkishSEO  


The  Macro  Opportunity  
Turkey  is  an  ecommerce  hotspot  and  has  tremendous  upside  
A  young,  highly-­‐connected,  populaLon  
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  Youngest  popula-on  in  Europe  (average  age  of  29)   Huge  social  media  penetra-on  (88%  of  online  users  are  on  Facebook)   Credit  card  penetra-on  of  62%  (only  the  UK  is  higher  in  Europe)   Popula-on  concentrated  around  several  large  ci-es   Reasonably  priced  delivery  between  24-­‐48hrs  of  order  is  the  norm   35mm  Internet  Users  ( just  45%  of  the  total  popula-on)   7mm  online  shoppers  ( just  10%  of  the  total  popula-on)   Ecommerce  grew  57%  in  2011  (to  $12bn+)   Retail  Sector  $313bn  –  growing  at  10%/yr    EnIyiYorumlar  

FantasLc  logisLcs  infrastructure  

Major  upside  in  the  retail  market  

Why  We’re  Excited  
Turkish  publishers  are  not  focused  on  long-­‐tail  search  traffic   even  in  highly  profitable  sectors  like  electronics  
–  Our  proprietary  algorithms  constantly  scan  data  local  data  sources  to   find  profitable  and  scalable  search  terms   –  The  Turkish  market  has  tens  of  thousands  of  these  long-­‐term   profitable  opportuni-es  (including  many  that  are  1,000x  less   compe--ve  than  in  more  established  markets) –  This  gives  us  the  opportunity  to  anchor  ourselves  in  search  rankings  for   key  categories  -­‐  accelera-ng  the  profitability  of  our  business  model  


Our  Business  Model  
We  are  building  a  technology  pla\orm  to  create  high  quality  product   comparison  content  that  converts  searchers  into  customers  

IdenLfy   Our  algorithms  find  exactly  what   local  users  are  searching  for  

Create   Our  team  uses  a  tech  toolset  to  scalably   create  product  comparison  content  

Promote   We  market  this  content  via  SEO,   paid  traffic,  and  social  media  

MoneLze   We  then  send  qualified  customers  to   merchants  for  a  fee  (per  click  or  sale)      EnIyiYorumlar  

Great,  Scalable  Content  is  Key  
Using  talent  and  technology  automaLon  to  create  quality  original  content  
Standardized  Formats   Product  comparison   format  helps  us  make   original  content  crea-on   scalable  and  low-­‐cost   Scalable  Content  Team   Our  team  of  writers  &   translators  (local  college   grads)  work  on  a   contract  basis  and  can   be  grown  quickly  

Technology  &  Process   Internal  toolset  and   defined  processes  help   our  team  efficiently  find,   compare,  and  rank   products  

ConLnuous  TesLng   Helps  us  op-mize  page   layout  to  maximize  click   through  rate  &  revenue  


Focus  on  High  Revenue  Categories  
Goal  to  become  the  top  desLnaLon  for  product  AND  service   comparison   Q3  2012   Q4  2012   2013  
Consumer   Products   Sosware,     Services,  Apps   Offline   Services  
• What  is  the  best  English     language  school  in  Ankara?   • What  is  the  cheapest  way     to  ship  my  package?   • What  is  the  cheapest     online  MBA  program?    

  • What  is  the  best  treadmill?   • What  is  the  best  crm  tool?     • What  is  the  cheapest     android  phone?   • What  is  the  lightest     laptop?   • Who  offers  the  cheapest     online  storage  service?   • What  is  the  best  to  do  list     app  for  the  iPhone?  


Company  Roadmap  
We’re  starLng  simply  but  have  HUGE  ambiLons     Q3  2012   Product  
Focus  on  web   content  in  1-­‐2   formats  

Q4  2012  
Social  media   integra-on  

Mobile  content   and  new   markets  

Mone-za-on   Marke-ng  

SEO  &  conversion   op-miza-on  

Paid  marke-ng   (search  and   social)  

Syndica-on   with  media   partners  

Off  the  shelf   mone-za-on  (cost   per  click/sale)  

Direct  deals   with  online   merchants  

Target  offline   merchants  and   manufacturers  

Current  Landscape  –  We  Can  Win  
Comparison  engines  in  Turkey  only  offer  pricing  data  while   current  content  pla\orms  are  not  scalable  

Compare   Prices   Compare   Features   Unique     Content   Recommend   Products   Category     Breadth   Scalable   PlaPorm  


Localizing  a  Proven  Model  
Bringing  product  comparisons  2.0  to  the  Turkish  market  
Comparison  Shopping  Exits   Comparison  Engines  have  generated  $3bn +  of  exit  value  in  recent  years   Target   Exit  Value   $1,200M   $620M   $585M   Product  RecommendaLon  Pla\orm   Next  gen.  product  recommenda-on  sites   have  seen  huge  success   Company   Metrics   $151M   Acquisi-on   $42M  raised  /   98M  users/mo   $6M  raised  /     2M  users/mo    


Next  Steps  
Launching  in  July  2012  –  raising  seed  round  to  take  advantage   of  the  HUGE  market  opportunity  and  build  out  a  local  team  
Capital  Raise   •  Raising  USD$500k  conver-ble  note   –  Converts  into  Series  A  Pref.  (at  priced  round  of  $1mm+)   Team   •  Core  founding  team  in  place  (CEO  to  relocate  to  Istanbul)   –  Interviewing  for  a  world-­‐class  local  Turkish  co-­‐founder  and  country  manager   (ideally  with  focus  on  user  experience)   –  Plan  to  add  a  local  senior  business  development  head   –  Scaling  content  team  (on  contractor  basis)  from  current  3  to  10+   TracLon   •  Launch  in  Jul-­‐2012  with  revenue  trac-on  by  Aug-­‐2012   •  Target  breakeven  in  2H-­‐2013  with  original  funding  amount    EnIyiYorumlar  

Our  Goals  
What  we  aim  to  achieve  

•  Helping  our  customers  find  the  best  products  and   services  for  their  needs   •  Achieving  profitability  in  2013   •  Building  one  of  the  Top  100  most  visited  sites  in   Turkey  (and  the  #1  comparison  engine)   •  Building  a  world-­‐class  team  (engineering,   marke-ng,  content…)   •  Becoming  the  #1  performance  adver-ser  in  Turkey