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The Marilynn and Kenneth Friedman Family Jewish Learning Community Presents



October 19 – October 21

September 24, 2012 Dear JLC Parents, I am beyond excited to share another exciting retreat experience with our 4th-6th grade students! We will be heading to Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA October 19th through 21st. The theme of our first retreat this year will be What you will find in this packet: - A document with frequently asked questions - A packing list - A formal letter to give to administrators or teachers if you need one to sign your child out of school early - If you are sending your child with medication, please fill out the medication form The retreat is for all students enrolled in Kitot Dalet – Vav (4th-6th grades). The cost of attendance has already been covered by annual tuition. Attendance is expected as the retreats are a vital part of our school program and community building. The bus will depart from Adat’s parking lot Friday, October 19th promptly at 3:00 p.m. please do not arrive later than 2:40. We will return by noon on Sunday, October 21st. The retreat is an invaluable Jewish experience for both students and staff alike. Thank you for allowing your child the opportunity to participate in a meaningful Shabbat experience with the Jewish Learning Community of Adat Ari El! Warmly,

Johannah Sohn Director The Marilynn and Kenneth Friedman Family

Where are the retreats? All three of the retreats this year will take place at Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA. You can see a map of camp and learn more about the facilities at Are the retreats required? Yes. All three of the retreats are required parts of our program. How much do the retreats cost? Both of the 4 -6 grade retreats are included in your tuition payment. For the Family
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Retreat weekend, all students registered in the JLC are covered at all grade levels, adults are $200 each, siblings under 3 are free, and siblings aged 3-18 are $90 each. How should I pack for the retreat? A detailed packing list is below. What if my child feels homesick? Can I call and check in? Can he/she call me? We understand that some of our students might feel a little homesick. Our staff have been trained to handle these feelings. We have found that calling home or hearing a parent’s voice tends to elevate the feeling of homesickness, therefore we will not be allowing calls in or out during the retreat. You will hear from the group upon arrival Friday afternoon through an email or phone tree to let you know that we have arrived safely, and Sunday morning to let you know that we are on our way home. How can I, as a parent, help to make sure this is a great experience for my child? Great question! Please speak to your children positively about the retreat experience. Phrases like, “You are going to have such a great time” and “I know you are going to be very safe there” are great to use when you talk about our trip. Will my child’s special dietary needs be met? Absolutely. Camp Ramah is prepared for all sorts of special dietary requests including gluten free and dairy free. The entire campus is nut free. Will my teenager have something to do at the Family Retreat? Yes! There will be programming specifically for teens administered through our youth department!

Adat Ari El JLC Packing List
Camp Ramah Retreat 2012
Clothing List 2 Shabbat outfits (One nicer outfit for Friday night, Saturday is not so fancy, nice jeans and a polo are fine for boys – same for girls) 2 pairs of jeans 3 shirts 1 sweater/sweatshirt (It will be cool at night) Pajamas 3 pairs of undergarments 3 pairs of socks Tennis shoes Hat What else to bring? Please make sure to mark all items with your child’s name!

Kippah (all boys, optional for girls)
Sleeping bag or bed roll Pillow Toiletries Flashlight Towel What not to bring? Money Anything valuable Electronics Talent Show Supplies (as needed) Musical instruments Costumes Scripts Jokes? Smiles! In case of emergency (only) during the Retreat, please call Camp Ramah (805) 646-3030.

Department of Formal and Informal Education
12020 Burbank Boulevard • Valley Village • California • 916072198 • (818) 7553487 • (818) 7662284 Fax • www.adatariel.o

Jonathan Jaffe Bernhard Rabbi & Head of School of the Marilynn & Kenneth Friedman Family Jewish Learning Community Johannah Sohn, M.A.Ed. Director of the Marilynn & Kenneth Friedman Family Jewish Learning Community Julee S. Levine Director of Youth Education & Programs Masor Youth Department Trana & Ronald Labowe Confirmation/Seminar Institute

School Release Form
Please excuse ___________________________________ from classes on Friday, October 19, 2012. He/She will be participating in the Adat Ari El JLC (Religious School) Retreat at Camp Ramah in Ojai, California. Our annual retreat is an educational/religious/social-action program being held this year from Friday, October 19th through Sunday, October 21st 2012. We have advised our participants that in asking to be excused from school, they will make prior arrangements to have their work made up. Respectfully,

Deborah Silver Assistant Rabbi Moshe J. Rothblum Rabbi Emeritus Ira S. Bigeleisen Cantor Judy Dubin Aranoff Associate Cantor Joanne Klein

Johannah Sohn Director The Marilynn and Kenneth Friedman Family Jewish Learning Community of Adat Ari El

Affiliated with and Accredited by the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Los Angeles and Lab school of the University of Judaism

Name of Student: ___________________________________ Grade: _____ Age: ____ Medication: __________________________________________________________________ Time medication is to be administered: __________________________________________ Directions for administering medication: __________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

I, ________________________, the parent and/or legal guardian of________________________, realizing the importance of administering medication to my child as prescribed by the child’s physician, do hereby agree to relieve designated school personnel of any liability from any potential ill effects as a result of their injecting or giving my child the medicines prescribed by my child’s physician. I have discussed this with my physician and/or legal counsel (lawyer) and realize its ramifications and thoroughly understand the meanings of these statements. Parent or Guardian’s Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____________ Principal’s Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ____________