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Region USA 2 Campaign Connection

Eliminate progress
Worldwide fundraising total (as of 8/15) US$16,475,038 More than 9,152,799 lives impacted USA 2 fundraising total (as of 8/15) US$2,974,539 More than 1,652,522 lives impacted Number of Model/100K Clubs 54 Volunteer recruitment progress 126 of 149 division coordinators (85%) 506 of 1180 club coordinators (42%) September 24, 2012 |

Fundraising ideas from Ohio If you are thinking about fundraising for The Eliminate Project, here are some ideas to start with. These ideas have been used for other projects in addition to The Eliminate Project. Be creative and develop some of your own! 1. Use a local restaurant night to capture 10-20% of meal proceeds from the community. This is also a great place to promote membership and/or the Eliminate project. Some Wendy’s offers 15% for groups holding meetings at their restaurants. 2. Work with your SLP programs - K-Kids, Builders, Key Club, Circle K and have joint projects, such as a spaghetti dinner, car wash and bake sale, etc. When you establish a new fund raising project try to make it something that can continue after The Eliminate Project. That way you will have additional funds for other community projects. In the news and at The White House! Did you see Lead Gift donor and division coordinator John Mayfield at The White House last week? Check out these links to read about how John was honored as a Champion for Change for his work on The Eliminate Project. Champions of Change The Tennessean
The Eliminate Project Campaign Office 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA |

Key dates
September 30 End of Kiwanis Year Annual Eliminate Project recognition process begins October 1 Reach 80% Club Coordinator recruitment
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Region USA 2 Campaign Connection
Congratulations to our 100% club coordinator recruitment club!
Marilyn Franklin, Capital Nancy Cressy, Capital Jonnie Mann, Capital Philip Prisco, Capital Renee Mackey, Capital Dave Blanch & Tom Fallon, Capital Herbert Ely, Capital Jon Rife, Capital Dan Hesse, Capital Ava & Robert Talley, Florida Curtis Jones, Georgia Michael Sullivan, Georgia Donald Fleary, Georgia TO Sturdivant, Georgia Bill Lieber, Georgia (9) Wendy Denton. Georgia John Mayfield, KYTN Tom Smith, LaMissTn Jan Robertson, LaMissTn Tony Weaver, LaMissTn John McCay, LaMissTn Vic Couvillion, LaMissTn Kathy Webb, LaMissTn (4B)

Life links—webinars for club success
MODEL CLUB TIPS Wonder how the Carolinas got all those Model Club? Listen to the Model Club webinar hosted by Elizabeth Tezza and learn all their tips and tricks. Pass this webinar link amongst your team and help them learn this process. You can download the video here. NEXT WEBINAR, OCT. 3—LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR MONTHLY GIVING REPORT TO FUNDRAISE Have you heard? Capital district coordinator John Tyner is hosting the next monthly webinar, on October 3, on how to use the monthly giving report to leverage district data for Model Clubs, 100K Clubs and overall participation. Don’t miss it! Click this link to register or visit: https://

Missed the club coordinator training webinars?
You can view them online at:

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Blog posts of the week
The Key Club of Poquoson Virginia's simple plan to raise money for The Eliminate Project GUINEA-CONAKRY: Health care challenges and successes in Mali, Guinea (Post 2) The Eliminate Project online: What to share this month

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The Eliminate Project Campaign Office 3636 Woodview Trace, Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA |

Region USA 2 Campaign Connection
The Eliminate Project USA 2 progress report
District Alabama Capital Carolinas Florida Georgia Kentucky-Tennessee La-Miss-W.Tenn Funds raised $230,564 $403,030 $797,061 $523,474 $346,381 $321,560 $346,469 Minimum live impacted 128,091 223,906 442,812 290,819 192,434 178,644 192,483 Club Coordinator Recruitment 22 of 101 (22%) 129 of 165 (79%) 64 of 208 (30%) 82 of 267 (31%) 87 of 154 (56%) 31 of 148 (21%) 91 of 137 (66%)

You can find the above giving totals on the Progress Page. New Model Clubs are bolded in the list below. 100K CLUBS Kiwanis Club of Birmingham, Alabama Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Greensboro, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Raleigh, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Cape Coral, Florida Kiwanis Club of Cheatham County, Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Club of Alexandria, La-Miss-W.Tenn MODEL CLUBS Kiwanis Club of Florence, Alabama Kiwanis Club of Rogersville, Alabama Kiwanis Club of Fort Eustis, Capital Kiwanis Club of James River, Richmond, Capital Kiwanis Club of Lynchburg, Capital Kiwanis Club of Rockville, Capital Kiwanis Club of Tysons Corner/McLean, Capital Kiwanis Club of Angier, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Boone, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of The Capital City-Raleigh, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Chapel Hill-Carrboro, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Columbia Northeast, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of East Cooper, Mt Pleasant, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Eden, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Greenville, Eastside, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Lee County, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Raleigh Highwoods, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of The Sandhills, Moore County,

Carolinas Kiwanis Club of South Brunswick, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Wake Forest, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Beaufort, Carolinas Kiwanis Club of Cape Fear Kiwanis Club of Charlotte Kiwanis Club of Twin City Kiwanis Club of Homestead-South Dade, Florida Kiwanis Club of Northside Naples, Florida Kiwanis Club of Pinecrest-Palmetto Bay, Florida Kiwanis Club of The Classic City, Athens, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Airport Area, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Decatur, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Douglassville, Georgia Kiwanis Club of East Cobb County, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Metro Atlanta, Georgia Kiwanis Club of North Macon, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Washington, Georgia Kiwanis Club of West End Atlanta, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Suwanee, Georgia Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green, Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Club of Hilldale-Clarksville, Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Club of Acadiana-Lafayette, La-Miss-W.Tenn Kiwanis Club of Denham Springs/West Livingston, LaMiss-W.Tenn Kiwanis Club of Gulfport, La-Miss-W.Tenn Kiwanis Club of South Baton Rouge, La-Miss-W.Tenn Kiwanis Club of Southwest Contraband, La-Miss-W.Tenn Kiwanis Club of Southern Hills, La-Miss-W.Tenn

Region USA 2 Campaign Connection
In the field
Below is an update from Dr. Robert Allen, MD, one of the site-visit delegates. Read more about their trip on The Eliminate Project blog. Yesterday, Dr. John Button and I traveled to the remote village of Fogue, Guinea to witness tetanus vaccinations. What I saw was amazing. Hundreds of women walked for miles to receive their vaccinations. Each of the women I spoke with knew more about tetanus — its effects, causes, and prevention — than any average person you will meet in the United States. The Eliminate Project's efforts are paying off. The vaccines are arriving, women and babies are being protected, and the most important element — education — is having a tremendous impact. Now think about what else this project is doing:    It's training health care workers in these villages It's creating a dialogue among women about healthy deliveries It's providing a model for other problems to be resolved ELLEN’S TIP OF THE WEEK Club anniversaries are a great time for a club to consider being a Model Club and make an initial gift from the club treasury or club foundation to The Eliminate Project. Consider sending a congratulatory note to the club president a couple of months before a club’s anniversary and request a special gift for The Eliminate Project, being sure to mention these tributes in district communications as they come in.

How to access the Campaign Resource Center on The Eliminate Project website: Website: www.TheEliminateProj Log in: Campaign2015 Password: Elimin8MNT

After visiting a hospital in Mali, Guinea, I know much work needs to be done until every baby in this country has a fair chance at life. But after watching The Eliminate Project in action, I know these problems can be solved.

Increase activity in your district–grow your Access Team
The Eliminate Project campaign team is currently recruiting volunteer leaders in every district to join Lead and Major Gifts "Access Teams." Lead and Major Gifts Access Team members are volunteers willing to undertake the following responsibilities (with campaign staff support).     Identify potential Lead and Major Gifts donors Help develop the strategy for pursuing potential prospects Facilitate introductions with potential donors Participate in a bi-monthly Access Team meeting

If you are interested in joining a Lead and Major Gifts Access Team, or know of a Kiwanian who might be, please contact The Eliminate Project’s Lead, Major and Joint Gifts Director, Abisola Adekoya (, 317-217-6222).