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Education Department Closes
Haven Orecchio-Egrezits to the Psychology Department,
vices. By moving the programs

Journal Staff

This summer, after careful consideration and consultation with department chairs, the administration made the decision to dissolve the Department of Education and Human Services. Although many of the programs have been relocated to alternative departments and will still be offered to students, some programs will begin to be phased out completely, including the undergraduate licensure program in Middle School and Secondary School Teaching.“This will be a year of transition,” said Associate Dean Krisanne Bursik of the College of Arts and Sciences. “We are shifting all programs, except those with little student interest, to other existing departments within the College of Arts and Sciences. ”Prior to July 1st, the graduate programs in School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling had been administered through the Department of Education and Human Ser-

the administration expects to both increase enrollment, as well as provide students in those programs with a community that better fits their area of interest. Additionally, the graduate program in Administration of Higher Education will be offered through the Philosophy Department with no programmatic implications, and the graduate programs in Organizational Learning and Development will be temporarily administered through the Department of Communication and Journalism as they move into a “teach-out” due to low enrollment. “The department was an eclectic assortment of programs,” commented Dean Bursik. “At one point, after the Applied Legal Studies program was moved to the Government Department last year, it offered five very different graduate programs and only one undergraduate minor. The unStudents have been given usual placement created a lack until October 1 to declare of focus and commonality for their interest in pursuing the the department as a whole.” licensure programs in Middle

Photo by Ivan Favelevic

University Rebranding Seeks to Rejuvinate Image
Gianna Carchia Online Arts Editor
It’s the beginning of the school year and you need a new pair of shoes. At the department store you have hundreds of choices but you select a new pair of Converse, just like you’ve been doing every few years since middle school. What is it that makes you choose one brand over another? Businesses are aware of the overabundance of choice in today’s society, and brands are manufactured to specifically target their audience. You choose a brand because of what it represents and what it does for you. Suffolk University’s Marketing and Communications department has begun the process of

School  or Secondary School strong and will now be adminEducation. The undergraduate istered through the Sociology non-licensure minor in Department.Due to the recent Educational Studies is still see EDU page 4

creating a more modern, unified, and recognizable brand that students, parents, and faculty can be proud of and identify with. “This is a whole comprehensive project that looks at the visual brand and also includes the website,” Suffolk’s President McCarthy commented. “It encompasses all the ways in which we communicate. We think it’s very important that we present communication that makes it clear that we’re one university.” It all started with efforts to redesign the Suffolk website. In doing so, they discovered that Suffolk’s various colleges, departments, and offices had all created their own brands. What the university had were hundreds of variations of symbols, layouts, fonts, and color schemes under the same roof

and no coherent brand that united Suffolk as one family. “Every time we had a new logo, somebody had to pay to have it designed or they had to design it themselves,” said McCarthy. “We were spending a lot more than we needed to on something which was, in effect, a very diffuse brand.” In creating a new brand, the University wanted not only to create unification but also to strengthen the presentation of the individual departments. Suffolk brought in a marketing consultant, Sametz Blackstone Associates, to help them get started. “This new brand system gives us the tools to build a more unified and dynamic university image,” said Greg Gatlin, Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “That will help us with marketing the university, recruiting,

fundraising, communicating to current students, prospective students, alumni, employees, you name it. It’s more than just a logo. It’s a whole system of color, photography, typography, language. It’s really a new way of communicating who we are. The idea is to elevate the university’s brand and bring more people into the conversation.” One of the most important pieces of the new brand is the new symbol that represents the university. An excellent and creative way to unite the colleges was to introduce the symbol as an identifier for the whole university, and then to color code it according to the different schools: the Law School is gold, the Business School is red, and the

see REBRANDING page 3


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 5
1:02 p.m. West Street Report of disorderly conduct. Case Closed.

Thursday, September 6

2:26 p.m. Modern Theater Report of vandalism by grafitti. Cased closed.

Saturday, September 8

9:38 p.m. 150 Tremont Posessession of alcohol by a minor. Report filed.

Sunday, September 16
12:27 a.m. 10 West Report of drunkenesness. Case Closed.
Below: A sample advertisment for the new, rebranded Suffolk image. " We are a university on the move," says Greg Gatlin.


The Suffolk Journal
and positive expression for Suffolk University.” Other than the new symbol, the brand uses a lot of color, enticing language, and friendly fonts. They did not want it to be boring like the old student information packets were; they wanted something refreshing and relatable. In prototypes for new student packets, it is clear that all of the publications come from the same entity. However, upon closer inspection the colors and images specifically target each audience. While the fonts and some aspects of the layout are similar, sophisticated portraits and deep colors make up the brochure for the Law School while bright colors and fun images are for the College of Arts and Sciences. Again, this unites the brand while strengthening what each college has to offer. “I like that it’s really simplified,” said junior Colin Barry. “And unlike the old logo, it shows the school colors. It’s showing that we have a bit of a creative side. We’re not just “Hey, we’re Suffolk University.’ We’re something that’s gonna stick out.” Suffolk University’s brand is about a lot more than having a new symbol, fonts, and color schemes. The administration wants students to choose Suffolk, but they also want to present a brand that tells prospective students why they should want to be

September 19, 2012

Rebranding Continued from page 1...
the building profile very much. Maybe if I did [know what it was] it would help.” The new flame and shield symbol has a lot more to do with Suffolk’s heritage than the former image of 73 Tremont did. “We think the new symbol is a more inclusive, more contemporary and a more dynamic image that captures where the University is headed,” said Gatlin. “You can almost feel the motion, emotion and energy in the symbol’s flame. That really feels like where Suffolk is today. We are a university on the move.” When Gleason Archer, Sr. founded the University in 1906, he designed the Suffolk University seal himself. In the center of the seal is a torch, the original representation of Suffolk “lighting a path.” The new symbol includes a modern artistic rendering of the flame from the torch and adds a contemporary version of the university shield. “The new logo is a fresh new expression of the flame that is found in the university’s seal, and it represents the highest ideals of Suffolk, lighting a path towards excellence,” said George Comeau, Director of Digital and Interactive Communications at Suffolk University. “I like the feel of motion and the use of light. The shield is a classic symbol for academia and scholarship. Taken together, the flame and shield are a dynamic

Another sample advertisement, this one for the Sawyer Business School
here, tells current students what Suffolk can do for them, and tells everyone, including parents and faculty, what kind of community Suffolk University is. There is no quad, there is hardly a campus, but Suffolk is a family. Creating a cohesive brand is the crucial first step for creating a true feeling of community at Suffolk University.

German No Longer Offered as a Major, Will Likely Be Taught as Minor
Assistant News Editor

Melissa Hanson

As of this academic year, Suffolk is no longer offering German as a major. The university has restructured the program and will only offer the language as a minor. “Small programs are the first to go,” said Professor Jay Rosellini, a current German professor and head of the German Department from when he began at Suffolk in 2001 and until 2007. Rosellini has loved German his whole life and thinks it is important for cultural and economic reasons. He believes Germany is one of the most important countries in the world, which is why he came to Suffolk to teach it. Rosellini says that according to the Dean, German should still be offered as a minor. But the disadvantages to this are that it will offer fewer German classes which will not be advertised like a major would, according to Rosellini. He sees many other schools getting rid of their German programs and the negative effect this will have on college students. “Suffolk was one of the only schools of its kind that offers

German,” said Rosellini. He already thinks Suffolk students are at a disadvantage because the Bachelor of Science program allows many students to escape taking a foreign language course. “It’s a shame because it creates two classes,” says Rosellini, “a broad education and a limited education.” Some of Rosellini’s students have their own opinions on the matter. Senior Josef Nothmann believes that the German program is “not deemed profitable enough by the new administration.” He became interested in studying German because of his grandparents, and it is why he came to Suffolk. “Maybe it says more about what Suffolk sees as its future,” says Nothmann, who believes the college is getting rid of too many programs in the humanities department. He is concerned for how this will affect his future. “We sort of shake our heads and roll our eyes,” says Nothmann on how he and his peers are dealing with this loss. Junior, Lynsey Bourquin chose German as a major so that she could teach the

Photo by Ivan Favelevic

subject at a high school level after she graduates. It is, like Nothmann, the reason she came to Suffolk. Bourquin believes that because the head of the program is retiring soon, Suffolk chose to not look into hiring a new German professor in order to terminate the major. “I think it’s really a disappointment,” said Bourquin, “Suffolk was offering more languages than other schools but are hurting themselves in the long run.” She also thinks the cut-backs on the language departments makes study abroad less prevalent. Bourquin sees the loss of German in other institutions and now thinks she will have to settle and be an English teacher. “I can only hope that in five or 10 years [German] will come back,” said Bourquin. She knows freshman that came to Suffolk wanting to major in German and believes the University will continue to lose students because of cuts like these. She remarks on the disappointment she imagines Professor Rosellini feels. “In a way were not too shocked...I think we’re all disappointed,” said Bourquin.


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Chicago Public School's Teacher Strike:
A report from the front lines
too might have been out on strike." Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has clearly stated that the strike is hurting the students more than helping the teachers and has been particularly harsh about reaching a deal, reports the Huffington

Ivan Favelevic/ Alex Hall

News Edior/ Managing Editor

For the past week and a half the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has been on strike for the first time in 25 years against the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). The strike is mostly fueled by the push by CPS to extend school days a full hour, without providing the union with a proper pay raise. However, the problems extend past that, as the organization says it is tired of CPS’s “draconian” policies and lack of funding for fine arts, physical education and world language courses. Overcrowded classrooms and understaffed schools round out the issues faced by many of the teachers in the Chicago School System. “Its interesting.” said Dr. Daniel Zoller, a former member of the Crisis Intervention Unit at Chicago Public Schools and current school psychologist. “We’ve received lots of support from teachers, social workers, principals, parents, bus drivers, fire dept., Chicago PD, even anonymous gifts from members of the school administration. A recent WBEZ poll showed that 47 percent of the city supports the teachers and 39 percent supporting administration.” According to Zoller, the city has taken a clear “us vs. them mentality” to the issue. Several students have taken to the streets in support of their teachers. “[The protests are happening] at all of the schools, the central office. Police opened up Michigan Ave. and the Hyatt Hotel to picket at because of the Pritzker family.” Penny Pritzker, a board member for CPS, has been targeted by picketers as one of those responsible for the mistreatment of teachers. The tax breaks her family benefits from alienates her from the working class majority of Chicago, according to Esquire. The focus on funding nonunionized charter schools is a major focal point for the picket line, and Zoller believes that the city might backlash once the strike ends: “they’ll push to create more charter schools and that’s just not the way to go.” Chicago Public Schools uses standardized test scores to evaluate teachers. The union is saying that the effect a teacher can have on the student body cannot be measured in numbers. “There’s a lot we could do, but we must be realistic,” said Zoller “The big thing is how to evaluate success. Test scores aren’t the way to go.

The law of statistics state that there will always be 35 percent of the population at the 35th percentile.” Despite this evaluation, the CTU is attempting to bring to light some of the tenured faculty at schools that are not delivering their best work and coasting by. “Per-student-financing is also an issue,” explains Zoller “Illinois is one of the worst economically challenged areas.” In a recent U.S. Census report Illinois ranked 19th in per student spending, however, this spending is not being spread fairly according to the Chicago Teachers Union. CPS is reporting a 2.3 percent increase in graduation from last year, with a projected 60.6 percent of students who entered high school as a freshman in the 2007-2008 school year graduating this spring. The Boston Public School system recently closed two years of negotiations with the Boston Teachers Union on a deal to reduce class sizes, properly evaluate teachers and provide better public workers to schools. In response to the strikes in Chicago BTU president Richard Stutman said that "If we in Boston had to deal with someone as provocative as Rahm Emanuel, we


Nonetheless, Zoller claims that the alienation of the teachers by the media is not helping either side. “There’s a lot of anger. When they do these things, it works against everyone’s interest. Turning everyone against each other isn’t productive. The best interest of the students is to work together... There is a lot of tension between both sides. I want to make it clear though, that nobody is innocent in this situation.” The large class sizes can pose much harder challenges

Photo by Alejandro Favelevic

to a teacher in Chicago than in other schools, claims Zoller. “There is also lots of domestic violence which helps misshape children. There are lots of children with lots of needs. The board doesn’t understand teacher’s challenges within the school. In one day at work, there were 10 students shot.” Chicago has been posting record homicide rates in 2012, with 19 shot on the night of

August 24 alone. “These issues underlying are complex and they’re certainly not easy,” explains Zoller. CPS and CTU reached a tentative agreement overnight, with classes set to resume on Wednesday “but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t be back on the picket lines again at some point,” says Zoller.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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The Suffolk Journal
that he so strongly believes in. Along with his time spent in Parliament, he also served as president of Osh State University in Kyrgyzstan and was Kyrgyzstan’s representative to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Austria. At the OSCE, he focused on understanding the internal mechanisms and policies concerning water shortages throughout the globe, which has been a trying issue in his home country. Professor Beshimov also represented Kyrgyzstan at the Organization of Islamic Confidence in Cairo, improving communication and creating a common agenda among Islamic countries. These two organizations, while overwhelmingly counteracting each other, opened up his perspectives and allowed him to represent Kyrgyzstan in a productive and competent capacity. They also compliment the courses he teaches at Suffolk, using his real-life experience to bestow as much information upon his students as possible. After two assassination attempts and other impediments imposed throughout his years spent as a politician in Kyrgyzstan, he is now living in the United States. His remarks about the higher and liberal education offered at Suffolk, as well as other universities he has been working with, are nothing less than admirable. He also has commended Suffolk students on their eagerness to learn in his courses. He stated, “the fabric of Suffolk is designed to aid and give students unlimited opportunity and they are hungry for knowledge.” The Scholars at Risk program (SAR), founded at the University of Chicago, “promotes academic freedom and defends the human rights of scholars and their communities worldwide,” according to their mission statement. Since professor Beshimov has been actively being persecuted in his home country because of his political affiliations, he received a warm welcome from the U.S., as well as Suffolk. He expressed feelings of gratefulness for the chance to further his academic career in the U.S. and for the way Suffolk kindly accepted him as a professor. Since it is too dangerous for him ever to move back

September 19, 2012

Suffolk Undertakes "Scholar at Risk"
Ryan Powell International Editor
Over the last two years, Suffolk has had a visiting professor who has sought asylum from Kyrgyzstan in the United States under the Scholars at Risk (RAS) network. Professor Bakyt Beshimov teaches courses out of the government department; including international organizations, international law, and state building and international intervention. Professor Beshimov was elected twice to the Kyrgyzstani parliament under the platform of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan. He was the leader of an opposition against the two previous regimes which he calls “subordinates to President Vladimir Putin’s Russia.” As a politician, he advocated for anti-corruption, sound economic reforms, and promoted human rights and democracy. In recent Kyrgyzstani newspaper headlines, Professor Beshimov has been deemed a “CIA spy being paid by Uncle Sam,” because of his proactive policies toward relations with the United States. He argues against this rampant Cold War mentality present throughout Kyrgyzstan that has been holding back Kyrgyzstan’s efforts toward the democracy and modernization to Kyrgyzstan, he is planning for a thriving academic career in the U.S. He admires Suffolk students specifically for relying on themselves and no one else for their future filled with a desire to find new opportunities. The chance for him to transform himself as a professor and to transform students into avid participators on the journey to knowledge, presented to him by Suffolk, made him feel like an acutely “lucky man.”

Julian Assange and the Whistleblowers of History
Ryan Powell International Editor
Recent developments in the case of Julian Assange and his trial have propagated the stoked controversy over whistleblowing. Transparency and freedom of speech are valued not only by Assange, but governments and activists around the world. Ecuador granted Assange, the spokesperson and editor-in-chief of whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, asylum foregoing extradition to Sweden in light of pending sexual assault allegations. Ecuador’s decision came after apprehension over a possibly unfair trail in both Sweden and the United States upon extradition. Ecuador’s tradition of providing refuge for those who seek it has, in this case, stirred the pot of their relations with Great Britain and the United States with possible domestic consequences for Ecuador. Beginning with its founding in 2006, WikiLeaks has published controversial footage, telling documents, and world-reaching diplomatic cables disclosing information that puts into question the state of international security. Avid proponents of freedom of speech, such as Assange and other whistleblowers throughout history, have encountered a great deal of trouble with those they criticize, but not without support for their cause. The war against whistleblowers has hindered past attempts, but there is still a place in the future for free speech and universal accountability. Below are five top whistleblowers pivotal in the history of international transparency. Congo Free State was owned by the private imperialist King Leopold II of Belgium. The Casement Report issued to the British Parliament consisted of harsh evidence uncovering King Leopold’s abuses of the native population and, in 1908, he was stripped of the territory and it was made into a legitimate Belgian Colony. This report proliferated the sympathies and outrage of colonization onto a world-wide scale. novel broke ground nationally garnering support for reforms toward rights of workers and healthier conditions in the food and drug industry.

The Jungle, a novel written


Upton Sinclair (1906) –

1. Roger Casement (1904) – Working as the British Consul in Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Casement was given the assignment of investigating human rights abuses in the Congo Free State. The

by American journalist Upton Sinclair, focused on the realities of immigrant workers in the United States. The novel took a deeper look into social conditions and repercussions of the meatpacking industry throughout Chicago. His journalistic efforts exposed corruption, abhorrent working conditions, and societal hindrances holding immigrant workers back from movement 4. Karen Silkwood (1974) between social classes. The – Silkwood, an employee at

3. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein (1972) – These two reporters for The Washington Post played a pivotal role toward the exposure of President Nixon and his dubious campaigning methods which led to his resignation. Their investigation began in the office of the Democratic National Committee, where burglars were tied to the Committee to Re-elect President Nixon. They uncovered an array of questionable practices and outright crimes executed by the Nixon administration. These findings not only led to the resignation of President Nixon, but the awareness of potential fraud within political parties and campaigning methods.

Kerr-McGee Cimarron Fuel Fabrication Site, a producer of nuclear fuel, reaped unforeseen, fatal consequences upon her investigation. As a member of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union, she actively worked towards safety at the plant which was working with dangerous plutonium fuels. Her individual research claimed there was lethal exposure to chemicals and unfit working conditions in high-risk environments at her place of work. After testifying to the Atomic Energy Commission and attempting to interview with the New York Times, she was mysteriously found dead on the side of the road. All evidence seemed construed and manipulated, leading to accusations against the KerrMcGee Corporation. The drastic nature of her death proved how sensitive nuclear technology was and also brought to light the dangers of plutonium and the recurring effects it may cause in the future.

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From All Corners:

The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Gareth Jones Journal Contributer
death, but Stevens was not gunned down, as many people believe. If Obama were to act, who would he act against? Some of the gunmen involved have been caught, but it is not likely that the underlying organization, who took advantage of the otherwise peaceful protests to send a message, will suffer any more than they already do at the hands of the most extensive intelligence network in the world, the American Intelligence Machine. The only real option was diplomacy, and diplomacy prevailed. Thus, the onus was on the

Obama's Policy on Libya
gain political favor by portraying Obama’s response as cowardly, and it has more or less blown up in his face. Imagine if Romney, upon learning of the growing unrest and the death of Stevens, had merely called Obama, and offered to appear with him on stage, in a joint appeal for peace and restraint, offering his services in this time of crisis? No doubt he would be suffering a little less from the major fallout his rash comments have earned him thus far, and possibly would have put himself a little closer to his seat in the white house this November.


A sad but true commentary on the state of American politics today is the fact that, upon the death of the American Ambassador to Libya last Tuesday, opportunities for scrutinizing both presidential campaigns were up for grabs. As is the case with any political issue in the six months leading up to an American national election, the death of Ambassador Stevens got more national attention than normal as both Barak Obama and Mitt Romney bickered over responsibility and policy issues. But who handled the situation better? Before we can come to any conclusion, a little background is necessary. Not since 1979, when Ambassador Dubs was killed during his kidnapping by Soviet backed rebel forces in Afghanistan, has an American Ambassador been killed in the line of duty. Also, Ambassador Stevens is only the sixth Ambassador ever to die a violent death. Furthermore, the protests that spawned the violence are over what is possibly the single most sensitive international relations issue, freedom of speech vs. religion. Regardless of where one stands on the validity of freedom of speech over respect for religion, the underlying tension and the obvious East versus West tone the protesters have adapted, indicate that only two options are available for potential retaliation, Obama’s options being clear. Either do nothing, or very little, or act through the military. Thus far, other than moving some war ships around the Mediterranean, Obama has essentially done nothing. And honestly, what choice did he have? Ambassador Stevens died of asphyxiation, as a result of a fire set by offended protesters. Yes, there were guns involved, and yes, a small, organized armed group was present at the time of his

Obama administration to handle the situation as diplomatically as possible, and that’s essentially what he did. And Romney? Romney attacked. Not the people who he would have the U.S. attack, no. Romney attacked Obama for not “being decisive”. Not four hours before Steven’s death, Romney read a statement from a besieged Embassy in Cairo that was mildly apologetic for the video. Keep in mind, this statement was released not by Obama’s administration, but by the American Embassy in Egypt, with thousands of angry and potentially violent protestors outside their very gates. And Romney was ashamed? He opened his mouth in a feeble attempt to

Romney spoke on behalf of Americans dissatisfied by Obama’s foreign policy over J. Christopher Stevens, the past four years. ComAmerican ambassador to Lib- plaints against Obama have inya, was killed in an attack cluded, amongst others, weak on the American Consulate relations with Israel, poor in Benghazi last Tuesday, the handling of the issue of nueleventh anniversary of the clear weapons in Iran and the September 11th terrorist at- crisis in Syria, and a failure tacks, along with three other to prevent extremist groups Americans. Stevens was the from gaining too much power first U.S. ambassador to be post-Arab Spring. Many do not killed in over 30 years. The believe that President Obama attacks were prompted by an has acted strongly enough in American film released online, the Middle East since the Arab obscenely criticizing the Mus- Spring began, nor has he oflim faith and the prophet Mu- fered enough assistance to hammad, sparking an interna- these nations in their transitional outrage. tions to democracy. The Democratic Party was quick to fire back at Romney last Tuesday, accusing him of distastefully transforming an international crisis into an opportunity to win votes. Be that as it may, the fact that a good portion of American society remains dissatisfied by Obama still stands. It is said that he has not been aggressive enough with the American military and not assertive enough with American policy. Obama’s focus has been on keeping diplomatic peace within the Middle East and on not rushing to involve the United States in international crises (i.e. Syria). Photo courtesy of the US Secretary of Defense Unfortunately for the administration, many President Obama con- have begun to question; what demned the attackers, but cost to American sovereignty stressed the idea of religious will this hesitation involve? tolerance. There was no men- Is America being viewed on tion of an increase in Ameri- the outside as cautious, or as can military action in the re- weak? Is international secugion. rity being taken for granted? Republican presidential Many have noted the considercandidate, Mitt Romney, was able lack of security covering quick to respond, or, attack. Ambassador Stevens on such a As reported by the New York day as September 11. Times, “It’s disgraceful that Whether one sides with the Obama administration’s Obama or Romney on this matfirst response was not to con- ter, the real situation must not demn attacks on our diplomat- be forgotten: the tragic loss of ic missions, but to sympathize Ambassador Stevens, a truly with those who waged the at- admirable American foreign tacks...the first response of the officer. Last Tuesday’s events United States must be outrage are an unneeded reminder at the breach of the sovereign- of how far the United States ty of our nation, and apology must to go to achieve peace for American values is never in the Middle East, as well as the right course.” within our own borders.

Caitlin Lezell Journal Staff


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Middle East
SYRIA - The civil war, also known as the rebel’s revolution, between the opposition and Bashar al-Assad’s regime, has yet to reach a compromise and death tolls continue to rise. According to BBC World News, an up-and-coming United Nations meeting has been stirring up the conflict internationally as a result of world powers not being on common ground. Russia and China are still actively opposing any Western involvement and the west is still arguing over viable next steps in a region that is as volatile as ever, especially after the release of a recent anti-Islam video. ANTI-ISLAM FILM - Protests are rampant throughout Middle Eastern cities on account of anti-American sentiment rising after a film objectifying Islam was released in the U.S. American trained Afghan soldiers are turning on the very soldiers who taught them their military tactics. Also, According to the Associated Press, Islamic militants, including alQaida, are stating their initiatives to augment the protests and cause as much destruction as possible in the name of Islam.

SOUTH AFRICA - As reported by BBC World News a few weeks ago the South African authorities reverted back to apartheid laws that convicted miners, who were protesting for pay raises, for the death of 34 of their co-workers who were actually shot by police. The workers have finally received a proposal of a 22% wage increase and they are ready to go back to work.

EUROPEAN FINANCIAL CRISIS - As reported by BBC World News, austerity measures put in place by most southern European countries have caused a great deal of contempt, and protests have commenced in Spain and Portugal. The lack of jobs is the root of discontent and the population wants to go back to work. Governments, including those of Greece, Italy, and Spain are implementing reforms on their own to avoid the inevitable conditions tied to bailouts provided by the European Union or other international bodies. UNITED KINGDOM - As reported by the Associated Press, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have sought out legal action against the tabloids and news agencies who published naked pictures taken of Middleton. These “unauthorized photos” were published all over the Internet, as well in publications across France, Ireland, and Italy. France has said they will support the couple in taking legal action against those guilty for publishing the pictures.

TERRITORIAL DISPUTES - In the past few months, as the U.S. has been focusing their foreign policy initiatives in Southeastern Asia, island disputes have come into the forefront of East Asian affairs. According to BBC World News, Japan is claiming that Chinese battleships are encroaching on islands that neither country has overriding claims over. In light of this, antiJapanese protests have commenced in Mainland China. To the south, China has been aggravating Vietnam and the Philippines over various claims to islands in the South China Sea. With the American military soon to be deploying troops in Southeast Asia, there is potential for allegiances to be made that would set the regional relations on uneven and precarious terms.


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012


Arts & Entertainment
The Suffolk Journal
Gianna Carchia Journal Staff
the event for the children to explore and take pictures with. Activities for children included cupcake decorating, a children’s clothing and toy sale, a bike and scooter parade, the opportunity to design a personal UNICEF box, and the scavenger hunt written by the volunteering members of S.O.U.L.S. The event featured free historical and architectural tours for the older attendees. The Block Party also included a plant sale, used book sale, and art show. The Rock Bottom Band provided live music for the Block Party while free burritos were provided by Anna’s Taqueria, and ice cream was donated by J.P. Licks for everyone to enjoy. There was Harpoon on draft at the Beer Garden and the event was tied into the early afternoon Patriots game. In fact, the BHCA used the Patriots game event to launch

September 2012 September 19,19, 2012

Beacon Hill Throws a Block Party
With Suffolk University located in the heart of Beacon Hill, it is important for students to become actively involved and connected with the community. The Beacon Hill Block Party was the opportunity to get started. On Sunday, September 16, the Beacon Hill Civic Association, the BHCA, sponsored a "Block Party" at the firehouse on Mt. Vernon Street to welcome back the residents of the Hill. “It’s an opportunity for everybody to come together,” said Marylee Halpin, Executive Director of the BHCA. “Everyone has different patterns during the summer. It’s a welcome back.” Over 20 of Beacon Hill’s various not-forprofit organizations came out to participate in the event. S.O.U.L.S., Suffolk’s Organization for Uplifting Lives through Service, is one of the groups that attended the Block Party. They shared a table with the Off-Campus Housing Office, OCHO, and the Sustainability Club. “Every year we have an activity planned,” said senior Caroline McHeffey, Project Leader for S.O.U.L.S. at the Block Party. “This year we’re catering to preteens.” McHeffey wrote a

a Facebook page. “It’s a great opportunity to reach out to people who are into Facebook but who are not into the other marketing,” Halpin explained. Prior to the event, Halpin said she was most looking forward to meeting more residents of Beacon Hill. However, it was not just an event for residents. “We’re so central to Beacon Hill, we’re definitely a part of the Beacon Hill community,” McHeffey said. “Even if students don’t live on the Hill, it’s a community oriented event. People can come together to do fun things. It gives students a chance to actively engage; to come together and feel like a community. It’s important that we participate.” The Beacon Hill Block Party is an annual event, and will be running for it’s 12th year next September.

Photos courtsey of Maria Santacaterina scavenger hunt with two girls from OCHO, and she was most excited to see what the kids would think of it. “We’re giving out lots of prizes,” said McHeffey. “When they complete the scavenger hunt, they get a prize.” Prizes included apples from a local Farmer’s Market, shirts, water bottles, and candy. “It’s a gift to the neighborhood,” Halpin said. “It’s fun! That’s why it’s important. It’s a gift we give to the community that’s fun for all ages.” A duck boat, police car, and fire truck were available at various times throughout

Illumina: Boston's Biggest College Party
Sam Cheney Journal Contributor
“Hello, my name is Illumina and I have come to fill your mind with extraordinary lights and sounds.” Close your eyes; imagine a sea of sparkling lights playing over the audience’s heads while DJ’s cranks out great bass line with fellow dance music lovers dancing all around you. Now open your eyes; this is the Illumina, a live sequence of music, light shows, performances, and videos, to create a huge dance party. Additional enhancements include confetti and CO2 cannons and dancers. Eric Spicuzza and Suffolk graduate student Mike Gesualdi created Illumina for college students, 18 and older. They wanted younger people to get the “night club feel without the alcohol.” They were inspired to create this business based on their experience on tour with their band, The Motivated Sequence. “We spent a lot of time seeing what bands did wrong and we wanted to create a more interesting live experience,” said Spicuzza, Director of Illumina. And of course they would like to emphasize that it is a good price, only $20. Amen to that. There are going to be some of the most popular DJs from Boston playing a mix of house music, remixes and electro; Aleka, Glowkids & Fuse, Technick, Danielle Dimond, Early Nineties and Young London are in charge of sounds to keep the floor moving. Acompanying light shows, video sequences and choreographed live performances will keep a steady, visual effect. “This is like nothing anyone’s ever seen,” said Spicuzza. These guys seem like they are all about the party, while also taking an extra step to give bsck. Illumina is partnered with Kiva, a non-profit organization designed to get people out of poverty by helping them out with business ventures. Ten percent of the proceeds from each event (as the show books a college tour around the country) are donated to help fund this organization. “We want to help people who need the help and we know where the money is going,” said Spicuzza. The Illumina experience will be held this Friday, September 21, at the House of Blues Boston at

Photo courtesy of Illumina Live

7 p.m.


The Suffolk Journal
semester: the Suffolk University Electronic Dance Music Community, or Suffolk EDMC. Two students, Sean Mahoney and Chuck Hurley, realized during the spring semester that the Suffolk University Community was lacking a solid club dedicated to Electronic Dance Music. “I really wanted to bring that to Suffolk because while we have Suffolk Free Radio and other music-oriented clubs, there aren’t any organizations dedicated to EDM [elctronic dance music] and the many genres it encompasses. It’s really about spreading the music and the togetherness that EDM is all about,” commented Junior Sean Mahoney, president of Suffolk EDMC. Suffolk EDMC is beginning the semester by semi-sponsoring Illumina at the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street this Friday. Moreover, Mahoney hinted on future events like, “booking a big name DJ to do something like a winter concert,” and, “getting a group of members out to one of the large festivals like Ultra or Electric Daisy Carnival to represent Suffolk EDMC.” The club’s first move plans to collaborate with other groups for events and shows

September 19,19, 2012 September 2012

Setting The Hype Right: Suffolk EDMC
Rachelle del Aguila

Journal Contributor

As the leaves in the Boston Common begin to turn shades of red and orange, Suffolk University is also introducing up-and-coming clubs on the campus scene for the Fall semester. However, one particular student organization is setting the right tone for a promising

around the Boston area and really get a presence out there. Additionally, the leaders of Suffolk EDMC are looking to spread the word about the club by getting a show dedicated to just EDM out on Suffolk Free Radio. Suffolk EDMC will meet on Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m., room to be announced.

Breaking Bad and Predicting Change
Gianna Carchia Journal Staff
You see the desert but you hear sirens. Khaki pants fly through the air and land on a dirt road. An RV whizzes by and runs over them. Wearing only underwear and a gas mask, Walter White is driving while his partner Jesse Pinkman is passed out in the passenger seat. Breaking Bad started with a bang and had no intentions of letting up. This scene from the pilot episode aired in January of 2008. The series just aired the first half of its fifth season in September and will return next summer with eight final episodes. During its six year run, Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, has undergone the powerful transformation from a sympathetic high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer to a full-blown drug manufacturing monster. “I love the transformation because you don’t know what he’s going to do next,” said sophomore Kerianne Wilson. “He’s going crazy, he has no more morals. In a previous season, he wrote a list of pros and cons for killing someone. But now he doesn’t even care.” Breaking Bad is widely considered the best drama on television, arguably one of the best of all time, and its success can be attributed to the consistently top notch writing led by Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator. Walt’s transformation is not only one of the most unique aspects of the show; it has ensured that viewers return for more. pay for his cancer treatment, power. He was so much smarter, “This is the one show I’ve and that’s about it. As in, and he knew that, but he ever followed religiously,” said ‘Who cares, it’s a show about couldn’t go anywhere with it.” On the other side of the partnership is Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. In the earlier seasons, Jesse was the druggie drug dealer with the bad ideas, crazy lingo, and baggy pants. Over time his character has grown and matured as much as Walt’s has decayed. “He’s transformed in a good way, instead of Walter who’s gone to the dark side,” Wilson observed. While Walt continues to spiral deeper into the drug world, Jesse has pulled back and distanced himself from his partner. Despite their currently fractured relationship, the series began and has survived on their connection. Their paths are destined to cross at the end. “I know people are gonna die,” Wilson said. “I don’t know who, but I really hope it’s not Jesse or Walter. I really just hope that when it ends that Jesse and Walter will still be alive. But I bet one of them is gonna die!” Because the trend of the show mirrors Walt’s impulsive behavior in the first 4.5 seasons, nobody can tell for sure how the final eight episodes will pan out. “That’s why it’s so good,” said Wilson. “Because you really can’t predict anything.” A solid prediction for the end, however, is that things will change. Like Walter said, change is life’s constant. The cliffhanger at the end of season five ensures that Walter’s life will no longer be the same.

senior Gabriella Rivas. “Watch the first two or three and you’re pretty much hooked.” Some of those who haven’t seen the show believe it’s about a chemistry teacher who links up with one of his former students to cook crystal meth so that he can

meth. I don’t do drugs. Pass.’ Walt told everyone what the show was really going to be about in an early episode: “Chemistry. It is a study of change. Well, that’s all of life, right? I mean, it’s just it’s the constant; it’s the cycle. It is growth, then decay. Then transformation.” Breaking Bad is a show about change. It’s about mortality being shoved in a man’s face and the choices he makes when faced with this ultimate challenge to his life and his family’s wellbeing. At this point his lust for power has far exceeded his good intentions, but it is the journey that makes this show and this character significant. “He just had such an addictive personality and once he knew he could get to one point he just kept going,” said Rivas. “As a chemistry teacher he had never really had that


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

staff SOUNDS

Abraham Lincoln's Traveling Exhibition meets the Twittersphere
Flora Wilds Journal Contributor
If you’ve got time in between keeping up with your social media and trying to decide what to do with your major, the Abraham Lincoln exhibition at the Adams Gallery could provide you with a refreshingly antiquated experience and a new perspective on Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln: actually learned something! And while the photographs were what initially grabbed my attention, it was the words of Lincoln that left the greatest impression. There were quotes, copies of letters he wrote, notes on documents and speeches, and more. This is how I came to the conclusion that if Abraham Lincoln was alive today and possessed a Twitter account, there is no doubt that his quotes would be frequently retweeted. And if I have any faith in humanity, possibly even more retweeted than Kanye, and other expressive and opinionated “role models” of our time. Can’t you see it? @HonestAbe: “The struggle of today, is not altogether for today -- it is for a vast future also.” #merica However much I wish that Lincoln was around to tweet inspiration today, it was a good thing that he lived when he did. Not only did our nation need him for the preservation of the Union and Emancipation, but today he would probably be cut off mid sentence. Our society has become so used to a 160 character maximum, that we have to make an effort to read something that’s not a status update. We wouldn’t and have true pertinence in the 21st century. Lincoln’s legacy, explored and honored in the Adams Gallery exhibi-

Foster the PeoPle "touches" Whenever I Play a song From thIs album, I end uP
lIstenIng to the Whole album. - alex hall

A Man of His Time, a Man for All Times, is a traveling feature of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. At first, I was a little disappointed by the lack of material artifacts in this exhibition. I mean, I was at least expecting to get a status or a few twit pics out of this! “Just saw Abe Lincoln’s first top hat. Man had some #style.” But alas, there was no top hat, or anything eIse that seemed to be tweet worthy. The exhibit does display consist of large panels of writing and pictures and one television playing a History Channel program on Lincoln. The panels reminded me of enlarged pages of a history textbook. On them were a number of pictures of photographs, pictures of letters, pictures of prints, and quite a lot to read. Reading? What a concept. So it was not until I put away my expectations of a Smithsonian level exhibition and disconnected myself from Twitter, that I was actually able to appreciate what the gallery had to offer. What I mean was I actually decided to take the time to read through the panels. And you know what? I

lcd soundsystem "all my FrIends" - ryan PoWell

Fat hIstory month "bad hIstory month" FolloW uP to the last year's "F****ng desPaIr," the PIzza boys contInue to deFIne boston rock n' roll - ethan long

have the attention span for the hours of public discourse and analysis that politics revolved around during Lincoln’s presidency. Someone would probably cut the poor man off mid Gettysburg Address: “Four score and seven years ago-” “Yo Abe, I’m bummed about this whole Gettysburg thing but...” One can only imagine. In a few years, Kanye will have interrupted enough people and tweeted enough garbage to become boring and irrelevant. But Abe Lincoln will still be remembered. One could say he has been trending since the 1800s. His progressive ideas and the changes he made for the Unites States

tion, helped shape the America you live in today. So take this as a challenge. Log off Twitter for a while, and simply appreciate the wisdom and eloquence of Abraham Lincoln, a man who has not lost his relevance and will certainly never be forgotten. The Adams Gallery is located on the first floor of the David J. Sargent Hall and will be hosting the exhibition on Abraham Lincoln until September 29. The gallery is open from 9am to 7pm daily. The traveling exhibition has been provided in part thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Admission is free!

thIs ablum ruled my entIre summer, noW that It's Fall and are back to school, Frank Is stIll rulIng all oF my PlaylIsts. #justtry#sWeetlIFe #ForestgumP #johnmayer - soleIl barros

Frsnk ocean "channel orange"

Photos courtesy of Gianna Carchia


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Indie Rock Review: Imagine Dragons
Mackenzie CummingsGrady Journal Contributor
If you’re at all like me, you don’t even glance at the “Top Albums” tab on iTunes when searching for new music. The results every week are always the same. Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift are some of the names we’re all used to seeing on that list. Yet the other day, as I was perusing for new tunes, I saw producer Alex Da Kid, Grammy-winning engineer and song mixer Manny Marroquin, and Grammywinning Master Engineer Joe LaPorta. The band released the song "It’s Time" and it immediately topped the poprock charts and was deemed by Billboard as one of its “125 Essential 2012 Songs.” The hype around their LP debut escalated quickly, since the band kept relatively quiet on the details, and didn’t release the album until 8 months later. has ended, playing up-beat alternative pop that could make the Grinch’s heart grow 30 sizes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; the whole album is enjoyable and unique in its own right, the mix of mandolins in "It’s Time," the African sounding chants, and lighthearted xylophone in "Top of The World," and Mumford & Son’s-like harmonies of "Every Night," are only a few examples of the feel-good tunes on the album. While none of these examples make as memorable



"... up-beat alternative pop that could make The Grinch's heart grow 30 sizes."
a name I hadn’t laid eyes on before: Imagine Dragons, an Indie Alternative Rock quartet from Las Vegas that topped the iTunes charts last week with their debut album "Night Visions," beating out all the other pop icons listed above. So how does an alternative rock band beat out some of the biggest Billboard names in recent history? After winning multiple "Battle of the Bands" back in their hometown, they were signed to Battle Born Studios, a local Vegas record label, to produce two EP’s "Imagine Dragons," and "Hell and Silence." After the EP’s mild success, they signed to major label Interscope Records. They were then assigned to work with Grammy-winning As for the album itself, the lyric “Welcome to the New Age” belted from front man Dan Reynolds in the opener Radioactive expresses the bold mark these guys intend to leave on the pop industry. The dubstep-infused pop anthem captures influences of dance, radio friendly pop and alternative rock, a mix of genres that hasn’t been treaded on since Alex Clare’s weak debut "The Lateness of The Hour" back in May. I bet half the readers can’t name a single song off of that album besides the overplayed "Too Close" from those Internet Explorer commercials. That aside, Imagine Dragons settles into their comfort zone once the three-minute opener or as powerful a statement as "Radioactive," you leave the album with a pleasanter taste in your mouth than you would listening to "Call Me Maybe" for the umpteenth time. "Night Visions" is the highest charting rock album to date since My Chemical Romance’s sophomore effort "The Black Parade" back in 2006. The album thus far has sold over 90,000 copies, and remains on the iTunes chart at number five, beneath Dave Matthews Band & Bob Dylan. Swift and Bieber don’t even make the chart anymore, seems to me that people are shifting back to mainstream alternative rock.

Famed Olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder, professional skateboarder, and marketing mogul Shaun White recently released a public apology for an incident while visiting a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. Local police forces were forced to charge the celebrity with vandalism and public intoxication. White, 26, was accused of pulling a fire alarm while staying at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, causing the building to be evacuated. Reportedly an employee said he saw White destroy a hotel phone, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department, reported “I want to apologize for the unwise choices I made over the weekend and for any inconvenience it caused my family, friends, business partners, the hotel and their guests,” said White in a public statement released on his Facebook page, reported Over the time of his professional career, White has won medals from national competitions including Olympic gold and Winter X Games gold medals for snowboarding along with two skateboarding gold medals in the X Games. White is also recognized by his unique appearance displaying long, curly red hair rightfully earning the nickname “Flying Tomato.” Police claimed that White attempted to escape arrest by leaving the hotel in a cab and then fled on foot after kicking a man who attempted to stop him, reported White gracefully earned a black eye when he struck his head on a fence and was transported to a local hospital for treatment, reported the Nashville police. “I was celebrating a happy occasion with a ton of family and friends and got carried away,” said White, according to “I’m truly sorry for my poor behavior.” Arrest warrants charging White with vandalism and public intoxication were issued on Sept. 16 after he refused to sign misdemeanor citations. White appeared extremely intoxicated and smelled strongly of alcohol, said Talk about a rough week.

- Carrie Underwood Wednesday, Sept. 19, 7 p.m. DCU Center, Worcester - Metric Thursday, Sept. 20 7:30 p.m. Orpheum Theatre, Boston - Dr. Dog Friday, Sept. 21, 6 p.m. Royale, Boston - Dropkick Murphys Friday, Sept. 21, 7:00 p.m. Bank of America Pavilion, Boston - Gotye Saturday, Sept. 22, 7:30 p.m. Bank of America Pavilion, Boston - Grizzly Bear Saturday, Sept. 22, 8 p.m. Orpheum Theatre, Boston - Tyga with Kirko Bangz Sunday, Sept. 23, 7 p.m. House of Blues, Boston - First Aid Kit Friday, Sept. 28, 6 p.m. Royale, Boston

Boston Celebrity Sightings
-“Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor Larry David was spotted on the set of his new HBO movie, “Clear History” in North Andover reported - Actors Jon Hamm, Bill Cosby, and Larry David were all spotted at the recent Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees oat Fenway Park, reported



The Suffolk Journal
Vol. 1 No. 1 / September 19, 1936
do, but there’s something important that you, as a college student, need to understand. Consent. Agreement. Approval. If you decide to have sex with someone without their prior consent, you’re sexually assaulting them. If they’re too influenced by drugs or alcohol to consciously talk, and you decide to have sex with them, that’s rape. No exceptions. There is no excuse for someone partaking in sexual assault. You’re never entitled to have intercourse with ANYONE. What the hockey players at BU have taken part in is sick and disgusting, and we here at the Journal will NEVER tolerate this kind of behavior. You’re an adult. Please make smart decisions, never put anyone in any position which might make them uncomfortable, especially if it involves them sexually. As some of you begin your journey into adulthood, be on the right side. Help those who have been victims by reading into consent and spreading the knowledge to all your friends. Let’s make the world a safer space for everybody. To our Readers: The Journal is interested in recieveing the communicaitons from you. Let us assume that letters to editors will fall into two distinct categories: letters on topics of current interest and letters of criticism. We need both kinds. We leave it to our correspondents to exercise due discretion as to content and style. Lengthly messages would present problems to us should we wish to print them. Controversial subjects of the get-nowhere type are not desirable, either. As for letters of criticism directed at the Journal itself, these will be either destructive of constructive or a blending of both. Naturally, the editors are anxious to please their reading public. Criticism is another name for an expression of judgement. The editors will try to be big enough not to discard unfavorable judgements on the grounds that such are merely destructive criticism. Contructive criticism is particularly sought. Every deparment of the Journal’s activities should offer material for it. If we can improve the paper, and of course we can, let’s do it. There are many admirablly published college journals in the United States today. Each had its small beginnings. Each is the product of progress. Constructive criticism over a period of years has been a nexessary constitutent of that progress. Here at Suffolk, the editorial staff will hold a special meeting after every issue. This meeting will be held for the purpose of discussing the merits and defects of the last issue. Readers’ communications of a critical nature will be considered by the group. These meetings are expected to contribute to the advancement of practical journalism among us. The Suffolk Journal must be a reflection of the age in which we live. It is a dynamic age, one of progress in spite of difficulties. TO those of our fellow students who have had experience on staffs of other college publications, to the practical newspapermen in the faculty and in the student body of C.L.A. and the College of Journalism, the editors address a standing invitation. Tell us wherein we fail and how we may improve. Address us as our name appears in the “masthead” on the editorial page, sign your own name, and remember to give your school and class.

September 19, 2012

Staff Editorial
TRIGGER WARNING, THE to college to get popular and FOLLOWING EDITORIAL CON- go to crazy parties. We’re not here to tell you TAINS INFORMATION ABOUT what you should and shouldn’t SEXUAL ASSAULT.
“Our assessment has shown that a culture of sexual entitlement exists among some players on the men’s ice hockey team, stemming in part from their elevated social status on campus,” says the 11page Report of the Men’s Ice Hockey Task Force at Boston University. For those folks who have just joined us here in Boston, or if you’ve just been too busy keeping up with the Kardashians to pay any attention, here’s a small bit of what the BU Hockey Team has been up to. Since last year, when allegations of sexual assault started to come out, many more witnesses have spoken up. At parties, they’ve been said to put their hands down the pants of women, and refuse to listen to their pleas to stop. When they won the NCAA tournament in 2009, there was a party inside Agganis Arena in which the kegs of beer were supplied in the showers. Naked hockey was played while members of the team participated in sexual actions within the penalty boxes. Is this your idea of college? Did you come

A word from the

Hello everyone, Student Government Association would like to welcome you to the 2012 Fall semester! This year we have a lot of things planned for students. SGA represents that student body: we are here for you we represent the student body. Feel free to come to us with any questions or concerns about the University. We are located in Donahue 433. If you would like to be a part of SGA please pick up an elections packet at the HUB or in Donahue 433. They are due this Thursday, September 20th at 5pm. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at Best, Student Government Association

--The Editors

September 19, 2012


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

War on the Woman's Vote 2012
Megan Dutra Opinion Editor
As the 2012 Presidential race draws closer to an end, the final efforts of the campaign to connect with voters begin. One of those major connections for the candidates is a race to see who will get the women’s vote on Nov. 6. With healthcare being a major issue in this election, the women of America feel threatened and unheard. Both parties’ conventions this past month declared an official war on the women’s vote. Each party had powerful women from all backgrounds attempt to unite and enthuse the women of their party and some would say it worked. In particular, the speeches given by both candidates’ wives were the most inspirational. The First Lady, Michelle Obama, gave a powerful speech about hard work and the power of a family. Ann Romney presented a heartwarming speech about love and reality of individual struggles that make a family’s and a nation’s bond greater. Both of these women are able to present to the voters a different aspect of the candidates’ lives. Mrs. Obama wonderfully described her husband’s dedication to the country while maintaining a family that still eats dinner together most nights in the White House. Mrs. Romney presented to the voters a different, more personal side of Governor Romney that voters are having a hard time connecting to. They both gave wonderful and emotional speeches to connect to women particularly with mentions of love, family, and responsibility. Speaking as a conservative woman, I was not only inspired by both of these speeches, but I was empowered. My respect for any woman of power is greater than any man of power because I know it took much more effort for those women to get there. Michelle Obama embraces the First Lady title and she has been a strong voice for those that do not have a voice in politics. Ann Romney represents not only a

Courtesy of Flickr user DonkeyHotey

strong mother of five boys, but a strong survivor of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. Women have struggled for equality and we are finally at a point in time where we can use our power to demand more. This election is important for so many struggling Americans

and both parties are working their hardest to get voters excited about their cause. At a time where women’sneeds and families are being threatened, it is going to take much convincing and a lot of promises to get women to get out and vote. Whoever

can inspire the most, wins the presidency. These last weeks of the election are a pivotal time and I hope one candidate is able to encourage my fellow women enough to get out and vote!

From Combat to Commerce Zone
reducing the amount of foot traffic in the area – will be replaced with a 625 foot glass The Boston Redevelopment residential tower. The tower Authority approved a new will include 600 condo and $615 million project Thursday apartment units, which will alnight, to the delight of numerous meeting attendees. The Millennium Tower project is being led by Millennium Partners LLC, who purchased control of the former One Franklin development after Vornado Realty failed to produce results in developing the Downtown Crossing block. After years of blight and uncertainty for the Downtown Crossing neighborhood, the future looks bright once again. The Millennium Tower project will be filling the brick and concrete strewn crater at the corner of Washington and Franklin, which was the result of Vornado’s foolish partial demolition of the Filene’s building despite a lack of financing to ac- leviate the demand for more tually build. The hole – which units and help reduce the cost has blighted the neighbor- of housing in Boston. hood and has been criticized The project also includes by many local businesses as the restoration of the 1912

A.P. Blake Opinion Editor

Burnham Building on the other half of the block, which was a part of the Filene’s building that Vornado partially demolished. The Burnham Building will

testimony, all present spoke in favor of the project, with none speaking in opposition. For a project of such a large scale, this shows just how desperately the city wants this project to happen, as towers tend to evoke fear and opposition from many neighbors. Luckily for the city of Boston, the project is in good hands; Millennium Partners has a proven record of success in Boston. The firm was behind Millennium Place, just a couple blocks away, which hosts the Ritz Carlton Hotel and AMC Loews Theatre. They’re also in the process of constructing a new project across Washington Street from the Paramount Theatre on a former parking lot. Millennium Partners is almost single handedly driving the reactivation and success of Washington Street through these Photo by Alex Hall developments. The Millennium Tower contain 125,000 square feet of thority meeting by area busi- project will, in all likelihood, office space. In total, the entire ness owners, property owners, be a quality development and project will feature 122,000 residents, construction work- potentially the most important square feet of retail on the ers, and local politicians alike. project in Downtown Crosslower floors, taking full advan- When it came time for public ing’s history.

tage of its urban surroundings while also bolstering pedestrian volume that other businesses depend on. The project was heralded at the Boston Redevelopment Au-


The Suffolk Journal
claimed to tip the scale at over 500 pounds, released and led a prosecutor to charge he "ate his way out of jail." The Trentonian reported that “during an FBI raid of Ralphiel Mack’s home the morning of July 18, $2,500 in $100 bills were recovered by agents which bore the same serial numbers as bills that Giorgianni accepted for a corrupt cash payment.” According to Mack’s lawyer John Hartmann, the money was actually a loan for his brother and not a bribe payment meant for the mayor. Giorgianni has also stated “I like to make money for my friends.” I am not sure how one would classify this story of corruption; it is obvious that Mack and company are guilty. I wouldn’t call Mack an evil man but I would call him a weak man. I say this because he was a trusted government official who allowed his own downfall to be constructed from his greatest flaw—his greed. Am I appalled by this man’s actions? Yes. Am I surprised at his actions? No, but that is because there will always be corrupt officials in politics. I do have empathy for the citizens of Trenton because they deserve better. A swindler lead them in these times of recession. When investigators confronted Mr. Giorgianni after the raids in July, he defended the mayor as “basically an honest man.” Mr. Mack was looking to do good things for Trenton, and if he received small payments along the way, Mr. Giorgianni said, that was “good corruption.” Good corruption. There’s a real dichotomy to that statement. I can understand the urge to want more—we’re all human. I know it’s the nativity in my character but I would like to believe that there is still honor in having a role in the government. Mack didn’t seem

September 19, 2012

Trenton Mayor Abuses Power, Trust from City
David Frederick Journal Staff
Corruption, according to Merriam-Webster Online, is defined as an impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle. It is part of the human condition that we have yet to escape, as is the case of Trenton Mayor Tony Mack. Last Monday, federal agents arrested Mack. The arrest was based off bribery charges that pertained to a parking garage project that Mack and his brother Ralphiel, along with convicted sex offender and local business owner Joseph Giorgianni, were working on together. Mack had allegedly agreed to use his influence and is accused of conspiring to obstruct, delay and affect interstate commerce by extortion under color of official right. The garage itself was fictional—a ruse by investigators to trap Mack. The men were given over a hundred thousand dollars from the investigators and a cooperating witness who was a supposed investor. Giorgianni went to prison in the 1980s on charges of abusing a 14-year-old girl in the back of his sandwich shop. The case gained notoriety because of weight-related health problems that got Giorgianni, a steakhouse owner who once to have that same honor; the man is now a criminal associated with a sexual predator. I know it isn’t as exciting as a Martin Scorsese film to many, but this story is important because it tells of a man who just wanted more and didn’t care about his position. He took his responsibilities and threw them away. Maybe he would say that I couldn’t judge him until I am in his position, but then again maybe I am wrong.

Why I am voting for Scott Brown!
out to me, their websites. Elizabeth Warren has a home page of a huge picture of herThursday, Sept. 20, marks self asking to all who enter to the beginning of three or four give up your email for camformal debates between Sena- paign updates, while Senator tor Scott Brown and Elizabeth Brown’s website opens to a Warren. While the rest of the small picture of himself encountry will be watching The couraging to watch the debate Voice or The Real Housewives and of course an email list of New York, I would hope that sign up too. Once I get past brief overview of what the student coalition consists of, “Over the next four months, we will be growing this community - campus by campus - to talk to our friends and classmates about why we need Elizabeth Warren in the U.S. Senate. Start organizing today - sign up using the form to the right.” The next section includes links to follow for internships and then the last section is of course to get your information. That concludes the Students for Elizabeth Warren coalition page. When I go to the Students for Scott Brown coalition page, there are fun pictures of students volunteering, a calendar of events from the campaign, and the best part of all, a list of the main five bills introduced and or supported by Senator Brown that directly reCourtesy of Flikr user DonkeyHotey lates to students. They the majority of Massachusetts the opening force to sign up even give extra links to news tunes in at 7 p.m. to WBZ-TV for either of their campaigns, I articles about the impacts of to watch this debate because look for the menu bar to select these bills. When I tried to it is going to be very revealing the option to bring me to their find any information on what to many voters. separate Student Coalitions. Elizabeth Warren wants to do When doing some research Elizabeth Warren’s page is a to help students, I had to go to on these two favored candi- bit pushy. She has 3 sections her “issues” menu, click on eddates, one major thing stuck to this page. One is a very ucation, and to my disappoint-

Megan Dutra Opinion Editor

ment, she only talks about herself and never addresses what she wants to do to help students get a job or pay for loans. She says all the things every politician should about education like, “Good public schools, good community colleges, good public universities, and good technical training can give us a workforce better than any in the world.” Who could disagree with that? My only question is how are you going to make sure my training ensures me a job? That question remains unanswered from Prof. Warren. Scott Brown is the obvious choice for me. I would prefer to have a Senator who is keeping his promises about my future and my career, rather than a Prof. who uses immoral ways to get a job (aka lying). I want a Senator who understands the struggle to pay back loans after graduation. Senator Brown has introduced bills such as the “Subsidized Stafford Loan Reduced Interest Rate Extension Act of 2012 (S. 2834)” that would extend the subsidized Stafford loan interest rate of 3.4% for one year, not just 6 months after graduation. I am not too sure about my fellow students, but

that sounds pretty great to me. This bill, along with so many others affecting students, is my main reason for supporting Senator Brown. Another thing to think about, while Elizabeth Warren is a dedicated democrat, Scott Brown is a Republican but is also the second most bipartisan senator in office right now. This means that no matter which side introduces a bill, Senator Brown spends time going through the bill without being influenced by his party. If the bill is good for the people and written correctly, he will stand by it and take any criticism he meets. I would rather have a Senator willing to consider the best for his state and country rather than a Senator who will only consider which side introduced the bill. I hope this debate is able to prove to Massachusetts that they made the right choice two years ago when they voted for the new guy with his brown jacket and GMC pickup truck. He was the right choice then, and he is the right choice now. Senator Brown’s campaign slogan puts it perfectly, “He’s for us”.


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Sports Briefs
Blue Jays Suspend Escobar
Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar has been suspended by the organization for three games due to a homophobic slur painted on his eye-black during a game against the Red Sox on Saturday. The phrase was written in Spanish in white marker over Escobar’s eye black. Escobar will miss the team’s next three games, all against the Yankees.

Michael Turner Arrested for DUI
Atlanta Falcons running-back Michael Turner was arrested for drunk driving and speeding early Tuesday morning outside of Atlanta. Just hours after he scored the winning touchdown against the Broncos, Turner was pulled over while going 97 m.p.h. in a 65 m.p.h. zone. The officer who pulled him over smelled alcohol on his breath and subsequently arrested him. Turner spent only a couple hours behind bars before posting a $2,179 bail.

September 19th at Emerson, 7 p.m. September 20th vs Mass. Maritime, 7 p.m. September 22nd vs. Castleton (@ Anna Maria), 1 p.m. September 22nd at Anna Maria, 3 p.m.

Women's Volleyball

McCoy Claims Ref "Needs him for Fantasy"
In yet another interesting turn of events in the NFL’s ongoing referee debacle, Philadelphia Eagles runningback LeSean McCoy claimed in a radio interview that during Sunday’s game against Baltimore, a referee said he needed him for his fantasy team. When talking about the referees McCoy said: “They’re like fans, kind of though. I’ll be honest, they’re like fans. One of the refs was talking about his fantasy team, like ‘McCoy, come on, I need you for my fantasy.’” McCoy also went on to say that he believed Ray Lewis attempted to intimidate the referees after they made a bad call.

Women's Soccer
September 19th at Simmons, 7 p.m. September 22nd at Lasell, 2:30 p.m. September 19th vs. Emmanuel, 7 p.m. September 22nd vs Johnson and Wales, 2 p.m.

Men's Soccer
Team standings
Women's Volleyball
1. St. Joseph's (Me.) 7-2 2. Norwich 5-2 3. Rivier 7-3 4. Emerson 5-4 5. Mount Ida 2-5 6. Simmons 7-5 7. Suffolk 4-5 8. Emmanuel 3-10 9. Johnson and Wales 3-10 10. St Joseph (Conn.) 2-8 11. Anna Maria 1-7 12. Lasell 0-11 13. Albertus Magnus 5-5

President of NFL Films Dies at 69
Steve Sabol, the President of NFL Films, has died of brain cancer at the age of 69. Sabol, who passed on Tuesday, received 35 Emmys for writing, cinematography, editing, directing and producing; both the amount of Emmys and the number of categories for which he won them are records. He is remembered for bringing many changes to NFL Films, like slow motion replays and “micing up” players and coaches. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor last March after being hospitalized with a seizure.

Men's Soccer

Ronaldo's 90th Minute Goal Downs Manchester City
Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal in the 90th minute broke a 2-2 tie and vaulted Real Madrid over Manchester City in an exciting comeback win in the Champion’s League opener. Manchester City’s Aleksandar Kolarov gave his team a 2-1 lead in the 85th minute, but it was short lived. Madrid striker Karim Benzema tied the game only two minutes later, and Ronaldo completed the victory 3 minutes later. The game was an incredibly intense match against two soccer juggernauts, and didn’t fail to deliver on excitement.

1. Albertus Magnus 5-1 2.Norwich 4-2 3. Johnson and Wales 3-2-1 4. Lasell 4-1 5. Suffolk 4-3 6. Saint Joseph's 2-4-1 7. Mount Ida 1-3-1 8. Anna Maria 2-2-1 9. Rivier 0-4-1 10. Emerson 2-3 11. Emmanuel 1-3-2

Women's Soccer

1. Lasell 6-1 2. St. Joseph (Conn.) 5-1 3. Emerson 4-0-1 4. Albertus Magnus 5-1 5. Emmanuel 4-3 6. Simmons 2-3 7. Rivier 1-3-1 8. Mount Ida 3-3 9. Suffolk 1-4 10. Norwich 1-4-1 11. Pine Manor 1-5 12. St. Joseph (Me.) 3-1 13.Johnson and Wales 1-5
14. Anna Maria 1-5




The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

Christian Gnonlonfoun Shows Promise for Ram's Soccer
Jeremy Hayes Assistant Sports Editor
It is early in the season for the Suffolk Rams Men’s Soccer Team, but they have already shown promise with the play of their junior forward, Christian Gnonlonfoun. Suffolk is leading the GNAC in goals scored, with their leading scorer being Gnonlonfoun. Last week’s GNAC Player of the Week, Gnonlonfoun, from Porto-Novo, Benin, managed to score all six of his goals in a two-game span. He scored four goals against Anna Maria to cap off a 9-0 beat-down, as well as two more goals he scored the game before to win a 4-1 victory against UMass Boston. The Rams made a 3-0 start, but have fallen to 3-3 since Gnonlonfoun’s four goal game a week ago. The positive way to look at this is that the Rams have a very talented offense that has proven to be a strong and lethal force. Gnonlonfoun did not play in the previous loss to Norwich, but the team still put up three goals, losing 6-3. The Ram defense has proven to be a little shaky in all three losses. When the defense produces, they perform better than average while being able to push for more goals. In the first three games, the Rams only gave up two goals. The key to Suffolk’s success in the future is to have Gnonlonfoun lead this team being the attacker that they need to win. This is a talented team, but could still use a spark on offense in order to focus on improving the defensive game. Gnonlonfoun would open more opportunities to other extraordinary players like senior Ben Rollins and the freshman who has a chance to become the future of Suffolk soccer, Alberto Benhamu. If Gnonlonfoun is leading the charge as far as shot attempts, the Rams will become a top threat in the GNAC. Suffolk takes on Emmanuel Wednesday at 7 P.M.
Photo courtesy of Suffolk Athletics

was to be traded to, however. Given that the Lakers did give the Philedelphia 76ers Andrew Bynum in its fourLast year, the Los Angeles team package for Howard, the Lakers and New Orleans deal is not as lopsided as the Hornets agreed to a trade that would send superstar point guard Chris Paul to the city of angels; until the NBA got involved. Association commissioner David Stern elected to veto the three-team trade between Houston, Los Angeles and New Orleans infamously due to “basketball reasons.” Yet here we are almost around the same time of last year’s almost trade, and the Lake Show’s newest recruits are named Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. It was reported by ESPN after the Paul trade was nixed that part of the reason for the decision to veto was due to outraged owners such as Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland giveaway deal New Orleans Cavaliers. Apparently the agreed to with Paul, it’s still owners were just fine with one a deal that should have raised of the association’s all-time some flags around the league. great point guards and best This is a trade that happened active center going to the same after Los Angeles was able to team they were outraged Paul acquire Nash in a sign-and-

DS: David Stern's Double Standard 'Basketball Reasons'
Alex Hall Managing Editor
trade deal from the Phoenix Suns earlier this offseason. For the record, trades shouldn’t ever be vetoed in either fantasy or real sports if everyone involved agrees Howard and Kobe Bryant, but it’s shocking to see the NBA owners and commissioner not get involved in the team’s process of doing so. Stern’s reign has been

Draft in both 1985 and 2012 when the New York Knicks and then-league owned Hornets won the lottery for the No. 1 overall pick. It only seems natural that Stern and co. would decide to make life difficult for the Lakers just one year after vetoing the Paul deal. Then again, Los Angeles is still where Paul calls home with the Clippers and now the Lakers have a very marketable big-three that rivals that of the Miami Heat. Not to put on the tin foil hat and talk conspiracy, but the NBA’s decision to let Paul go to Lob City and allow the Lake Show to create a big-three one year later will likely work out nicely for the association’s pockets. Stern simply did not follow through with the precedent he set last year after negating the Lakers deal with the Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison via Hornets during this to the deal, but Stern set a highlighted by allowing or offseason. The reasons behind precedent in the Paul debacle assisting in the move of the that will certainly be debated that he didn’t follow through Supersonics from Seattle, the throughout this season where with this time around. Grizzlies from Vancouver and Los Angeles will likely be one The Lakers didn’t do the Hornets from Charlotte. of the West’s top contenders anything wrong in creating His administration has been for the NBA championship. their big-three of Nash, accused of rigging the NBA


The Suffolk Journal

September 19, 2012

New NFL Season Gives Plenty to Talk About
seat. The NFC South is stacked with teams that have potential, such as the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The New England Patriots At the end of week two, this dominated in their NFL season has already proven first game against to be one to keep an eye the Tennessee Titans. on. The headliner of the offHowever, they could season was the bounty-gate not say the same scandal involving the New against the Arizona Orleans Saints, and after two Cardinals. The Cardinals weeks, the Saints are 0-2. The are not a great team, season started on a bizarre but showed this past note right before the opening Sunday that they have Sunday, where the suspended the most underrated players were allowed to play defenses in the entire after the suspensions were league by beating the overturned by an appeal by highly favored Patriots Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, 20-18. The Patriots and Will Smith, the suspended had a chance to win, players. In new developments but missed a neveraccording to unnamed sources touched-the-net field on, Commissioner goal by kicker Stephen Roger Goodell held a meeting Gostkowski. Fans will with Vilma, and presented him remember the botched with a sworn oath by former kick, but the game defensive coordinator Gregg was really won by the Williams that theirs was a amazing defense led bounty system that was held by defensive lineman in the Saints locker room. So Calais Campbell. Tom this means, if true, that the Brady only had one NFL has a sworn statement passing touchdown from the ringleader of the Photo Courtesy of S. Schy via at the end of the final bounty scandal that claims there was in fact a bounty to another young and hopeful charges, but realistically, it is quarter, but the Patriots system during the coach’s time quarterback, Cam Newton. The a failure to execute on plays offense was never close to Carolina Panthers won a close to move the Saints forward having a shot to take a huge in New Orleans. While the world was one 35-27, to drop the Saints during a game, both on offense lead. Lethal target, tight-end and defense. One thing is for Aaron Hernandez, went out in following the details of the to 0-2. The Saints are without their sure, the Saints are on the hot the first quarter with an ankle overturned suspensions,

Jeremy Hayes Assistant Sports Editor

rookie Robert Griffin III led his Washington Redskins and took the NFL by storm by beating the Saints 40-32. This past weekend, the Saints fell again

head coach Sean Payton, which could be a contributing factor to why the Saints can’t close out a game. One could argue that it is karma for the bounty

injury, but even when he was on the field the Patriots had a tough time. The Patriots are still going to be a playoff team, but the Cardinals game was a wakeup call for them. As for the Cardinals, this shows that behind their defense they can try to compete with the best teams if they come in with a solid game-plan on offense. The season is still too young to start to separate teams into groups of good and bad, but plenty of teams are showing promise as contenders. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Detroit Lions 27-19, improving their record to 2-0. Some other 2-0 teams are the Philadelphia Eagles, Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, and as mentioned, the Arizona Cardinals. Next week has some interesting match-ups to watch for, such as the Patriots against the Baltimore Ravens, who both are coming off of close losses. Two 0-2 teams face-off, as the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Saints. One of the most intriguing games of the week is between two undefeated teams who have shown promise early as surprise teams, the Eagles and Cardinals.

Jamilla Van Dyke-Bailey

Smashes Salem State
Journal Contributor

Suffolk Women's Volleyball Team

Suffolk University’s Women’s Volleyball team saw their Saturday, September 15 game against Salem State as a way to recover from last week’s detrimental loss to Daniel Webster College. With home advantage looming over their head they were “desperate” for a win, according to Senior Captain Hannah Davis. Suffolk was headed off to a rough start when Salem took the first set, but it was then that the girls knew what they had to do. They had to take the loss to Daniel Webster and use it as ammunition to beat Salem State. They banded together as a team and pushed as hard as their bodies, skills and strategic planning allowed them to make sure they got to 25 first. After losing the first game the girls got together, brought their energy level up and “played together” using Salem’s weaknesses against them. “We started swinging at the

ball instead of lightly tipping it over,” said Davis, referencing a strategic move they first observed in their first loss and used to their benefit when it

was time to make a comeback. Throughout the first two games the girls became aware of the holes in Salem State’s line up, which they commu-

make sure the ball wouldn’t drop on their side of the court. Davis also thinks that the team’s chemistry is what aided them in the Salem win. Sarah Arbogast, junior middle blocker, Torrie Brillaud, sophomore outside, Hannah Davis, middle senior, Hailey Atkinson, outside junior, and Erica Begin, right side junior, all worked together to get the strong hits that tore through Salem State’s defense, as much as they played good defense when the time came. After their first game loss, Suffolk University’s Women’s Volleyball team took the next three sets in a row in order to claim their victory of Salem State. Davis says, “If we eliminate our own errors and get out of our own heads and continue to encourage each other we will be a definite competitor to enter the tournament.” Photo Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics The girls look forward to moving on in the tournament and nicated to one another. Davis promise they will be practicing noticed that the rallies were every day to keep up the comgoing on for longer periods of munication, strategic plantime, and the six girls worked ning, and most importantly twice as hard, if not harder, to their chemistry.


The Suffolk Journal
opponent’s opportunities while the offense finds its new identity without Hayden leading the way. Luckily for the Brouillette and company, head coach Ernst Cleophat is in charge of helping this offense find its way. Cleophat has been in charge of Suffolk’s women’s soccer team since its incarnation in 2007 and helped the team go from newcomer to the conference, to one of its most respected squads. If anyone can help this offense and team as whole find its identity, it’s the Suffolk University Athletics Hall-of-Famer. The team may be without Hayden this season, but it still has the same stingy defense and talented head coach that lead them so far last season. 1-4 is not the ideal start the Lady Rams wanted five games into the season, but with another 11 to go this team still has plenty of time to climb the GNAC rankings and find its way into the playoffs for the third straight season.

September 19, 2012


Lady Rams Stumble Out of Gate Without Graduated Star
Alex Hall Managing Editor
Gone are the days of now Suffolk alum Leslie Hayden harassing the opposition’s goalie and the Lady Rams lighting up the scoreboard in 2012, as the team has lost each of four of its first five contests this season. For anyone who followed this team last season all the way to the Great Northeast Athletic Conference title game last year, Hayden is a name that came up early and often on the Lady Rams box score. Over her four years playing for Suffolk, the team’s 2011 top goal scorer finished her career with the most goals scored in the regular season by any woman soccer player in GNAC history. It’s obvious to see that her former team is missing her uncanny ability to rack up goals in 2012 considering the less-thanideal start. The Lady Rams did finally end their early season losing streak thanks to junior Gabrielle Balestrier scoring against conference rival Norwich last Saturday. Even with that victory however, the offense has shown a lack of firepower out of the gate and that must change soon. Suffolk has just three goals to its name compared to the five scored by its combined opponents. This is a team that scored 55 goals against its opponents last season. If they are to reach that mark again in 2012, then the offense will likely need Balestrier to lead the way. The three-year team member has already recorded an assist, the aforementioned goal and had five shots in a single game against Gordon earlier this season. Defensively the team has shown that this is its strongest asset so far, with sophomore goal keeper Melissa Brouillette picking up right where she left off last year as one of the best at her position in the GNAC. This defense needs to continue its strong play early in the season and limit

Photo courtesy of Suffolk Athletics

NHL Officially Locks Out for Third Time in 20 Years
a lockout. The 1994-‘95 season was cut in half due to a lockout, and the 2004-’05 season was lost completely. For the third time during With the players officially Gary Bettman’s tenure as locked out on Saturday and commissioner, the National the scheduled season opener Hockey League has entered fast approaching, the league

Matt Bacon Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of captcanuk via

and the players remain far apart on key issues in labor negotiations. It seems at the very least as though this season will also lose a significant chunk of games. In layman’s terms, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA, has expired. The CBA governs matters spanning from the division of revenues between owners and players, to the salary cap, to the rules regarding trading and signing players. With no CBA, the league cannot operate. The casual fan might ask why the league just doesn’t come up with a new CBA in order to give us fans the hockey we’ve been waiting for all summer. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. In order for a new CBA to be passed, the team owners, represented by the league and Bettman, must agree on terms with the players, represented by the NHL Players Association. And the two sides remain as far apart as ever. The main issue concerning the forging of a new CBA is “hockey related revenues.” Basically, the owners and the players cannot agree on how to split up the money made by the NHL. Under the last CBA, 57% of these revenues went to the players, and 43% to the owners. This time around, the

owners are looking to get a higher percentage, while the players are willing to make minor concessions, but in general wish to keep the status quo. The owners argument is that they need the additional revenue in order to effectively continue running the league. The two sides have been negotiating at a snail’s pace since July, with almost no progress being made. This trend is continuing even after the players have been officially locked out. This lack of progress has caused much frustration amongst fans who, mostly due to an ingenious media campaign launched by head of the NHLPA, Donald Fehr, blame the league and Commissioner Bettman for this newest lockout. What most fans fail to see, however, is that both sides are to blame here. Since the end of the last lockout, the league’s revenue has increased every year, and last season the NHL generated a record revenue of over 3 billion dollars. In short, both sides in this dispute should be painted as greedy and unsympathetic to their fans. No matter how you slice it up, both sides will be rolling in millions of dollars. Going into this season, the highest paid NHL player is Nashville Predator’s defenseman Shea Weber.

Lockout or no lockout, he is going to make 14 million dollars in the next year. In one year, he will make enough money to last him three lifetimes. It is truly astonishing that both the NHL and its players have the audacity to allow their dispute over money to damage yet another season. It shows both sides true colors; that they really don’t care about their fans. It is even more unfortunate that both sides rely on these fans to make their living, and that they know it is ok to push them around because when they eventually do settle, the die-hards will come right back to the sport they love. The fans aren’t the only ones hurting. Already, several teams have announced layoffs due to the labor stoppage. Team equipment managers, bus and plane drivers, zamboni drivers, concession stand workers, and countless over “average Joes” that rely on the sport of hockey to support their families (and make much smaller paychecks than the owners and players) are hurting, while the men who make millions either way squabble over single percentage points of revenue splits.