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Exam III


a) A ventilation fan has blades 0.25 m in radius rotating at 20 rpm. What is the tangential speed of each blade tip? (a thru e: 5 points/problem) a. 0.02 m/s b. 0.52 m/s c. 5.0 m/s d. 20 m/s b) A ventilation fan has blades 0.25 m long rotating at 20 rpm. What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on the outer tip of a blade? a. 1.1 m/s2 b. 0.87 m/s2 c. 0.55 m/s2 d. 0.23 m/s2

c) A 2.00-kg ball has zero kinetic and potential energy. Ernie drops the ball into a 10.0-m-deep well. Just before the ball hits the bottom, the sum of its kinetic and potential energy is: a. zero. b. 196 J. c. 196 J. d. 392 J.

d) A baseball outfielder throws a baseball of mass 0.15 kg at a speed of 40 m/s and initial angle of 30. What is the kinetic energy of the baseball at the highest point of the trajectory? Ignore air friction. a. zero b. 30 J c. 90 J d. 120 J e) A 75-kg swimmer dives horizontally off a 500-kg raft. If the diver’s speed immediately after leaving the raft is 4 m/s, what is the corresponding raft speed? a. 0.2 m/s b. 0.5 m/s c. 0.6 m/s d. 4.0 m/s . f) A 2 500-kg truck moving at 10.00 m/s strikes a car waiting at a traffic light, hooking bumpers. The two continue to move together at 7.00 m/s. What was the mass of the struck car? a. 1 730 kg b. 1 550 kg c. 1 200 kg d. 1 070 kg

4. Calculate the time needed for a force of 1000 N to stop the car.0 kg child sits at the outer edge of the turntable. with the bullet in it.25 kg soccer ball is rolling at 6. 3.1. A 0. The block is standing on a frictionless surface. If a 70.0 m/s toward a player.0 x 10 -2 s? . what force is necessary to keep the child from sliding off? (1 thru 5: 5 points/problem) 2. An amusement park ride consists of a turntable of 2. The player kicks the ball back in the opposite direction and gives it a 14 m/s velocity.0 m/s. Calculate the velocity of the bullet before it struck the block.000 kg freight car is rolling along a track at 3 m/s. acquires a velocity of 1. A 10.0 m radius turning at 4 rev/s about the center. The block. A 15 g bullet is shot into a 5085 g wooden block. What is the average force during the interaction between the player’s foot and the ball if the interaction lasts 2.

doesn’t matter in which car you are in. What is the value of m? m is hanging at 50 cm above the floor. -----------------------------------i) When a mass m is attached to it. Consider the following Frictionless System of Spring Cart Mass with the following information: (20 points) a) spring constant k= 50 N/m. a. the rear most car. They all move with the same speed. the front most car. the middle car. (Give reasons for 5 Points Bonus!) I. d) the tabletop is 1. d. b. c. Take the mass of the cart to be at same level as the table top. Everything is at rest and in equilibrium. c) unstretched length of the spring is 45 cm. Sitting in which car will you be moving fastest at the very bottom of the track? Take the mass of each car to be at its center. .5.2 m above the floor. the spring’s length becomes 75 cm. b) mass of the cart is 2 kg.

if the cart is held at rest in a new position such that the length of the spring is 85 cm? iv) If the cart is now released.Take the TABLETOP to be the plane of ZERO gravitational potential energy. compute the kinetic energy of the system and the speed of the cart as it passes 10 cm from the equilibrium position in (i). . ii) What is the total mechanical energy of the system when it is in situation in part (i)? iii) What is the total mechanical energy of the system.

300 .DO only TWO from the THREE groups of problems (15 points/problem) You may try all the three groups but only one from each. The tension of the string is 200 N. Find the mass m and its velocity. Do i or ii – one of them only i) A two-meter long string with a mass m at its one end is whirled along the surface of a cone of half angle 300. The mass goes around in a horizontal circle.

ii) A 2 kg mass is sitting on the floor connected by a rope via two pulleys to a mass of 1 kg as shown. What is the angle at which the kg mass from rest should be released so that the 2 kg mass is just barely lifted off the ground? 3m 2m 3m   .

will complete its motion all the way in contact with the vertical loop of radius 10 cm. There is no friction.) . (First determine the minimum speed needed for the mass to be in contact at top of the loop using centripetal forces and use conservation of energy concept to find H so that it has that speed at the top.Do iii or iv – one of them only iii) Determine the minimum height H needed so that a 10 kg mass starting from rest at that height H.

Find the total vertical distance traveled by the smaller piece from the launching point of the bomb. .7 m/s at 300 below the horizontal. The larger fragment moves with a velocity of 14.8 m/s.340001234324782312398778 kg bomb is projected upwards with an initial V0 = 9.iv) A 10. At the highest point it breaks up into two pieces with mass ratio of 1:3.

. On release. What is the compression d needed so that after crossing the patch the block has a velocity of 2.Do v or vi – one of them only v) A 1. except for patch of 5.44.2 kg block is held at rest against a spring with k=730 N/m compressing the spring by a distance ‘d’ from its equilibrium position. the block travels on a frictionless surface.3 m/s.0 cm with µk=0.

vi) A bullet of 10 g mass moving horizontally hits a wooden block of mass of 1. Compute the initial velocity of the bullet. After the collision the block moves through a distance of 1. .0 kg sitting on a horizontal table with µk =0.0 m on the table before coming to rest.1 and gets embedded inside the block.