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Start time: April 2013 Michael Kriegsman – 25 years old. - The main focus of the group.

A psychologist at his own firm. He meets Tamina in a club, and their relationship is the main story of the first season. Michael and Tim are childhood friends, when they met at the age of 5-6 years old. They have ever since been almost as thick as thieves. Except for Tim and Caitlyn being twins, that's the oldest friendship in the series. Kyle Bannen – 25 years old. - Owns his own company, in the beginnings of making himself a name in the country. He is currently dating Chloe Turner. He met Michael when they started school together at 7 years old. The teacher called them «The Ducks» because they always reminded them of the Disney characters «Huey, Dewey and Louie», Donald Duck's nephews. Chloe Turner – 18 years old. - The youngest person in the cast. She's a student that will go to Chicago at the end of Season 1. She is Kyle's girlfriend. She is John's little sister and Robert's daughter. She met Kyle through John, as they are occasionally friends with him. She had a sexual relationship with Tim for a few months before starting to date Kyle. Timothy Andrews – 25 years old. - Tim is the free-spirited person of the group, with the exception of Tamina. He doesn't have a job and takes life as it comes. He starts dating Sharon sometime during the first season. He will eventually get a job. Michael always supports Tim no matter what, and trusts him completely. Kyle doesn't think too highly of him as of late, but still trusts him almost completely. Caitlyn loves her brother to death. Caitlyn Andrews – 25 years old. - Caitlyn is Tim's twin sister, who has a romantic/sexual history with Michael. She works as a 4-star restaurant manager. She starts officially dating Rick during the first two-three episodes of the first season, after a few months of secretly sleeping with him. Caitlyn has a special bond with her brother, them being twins. John Turner – 27 years old. - A short-tempered guy who has worked out excessively since he became 13 years old. He loves his sister very much and is very over-protective of her. He works at a club, initally as a bouncer, but was promoted to bartender when the bar had a sticky situation. Rick Vanderveen – 28 years old. - The «outsider» of the group. He was taken into the group at a very late point, but is a very respectable member of it. He works at a law firm in the same building Michael has his office. He will start dating Caitlyn in the beginning of Season 1. Robert Turner – 48 years old. Bob is John and Chloe's father. He works as a teacher at an elementary school not very far away from

where Chloe goes to school. John and Chloe's mother is in jail for a hit and run incident a year prior to the series start. She will serve 5 years in prison. John and Bob are very affectionate to her, and defends her at every opportunity. Chloe is the only one who sees her mother for who she really is. Tamina Hewitt – 24 years old. Tamina is a very free-spirited girl who went to college with Michael in Albuquerque. She is educated as a lawyer and recently started working at a little known firm in New York. She meets Michael at a club and starts dating him. Sharon Dixon – 24 years old. Sharon is Caitlyn's current roomate and good friend. She's a waitress at the restaurant Caitlyn manages. She meets both Michael and Tim through Caitlyn and starts dating Tim. She's a big fan of Seinfeld. Ricardo Fuentes – 38 years old. Ricardo is the owner of the bar the gang frequently goes to. He likes the gang a lot, especially Kyle. He is a divorced man with two kids. Victoria Ingolfsson – 23 years old. Victoria is Michael's very attractive secretary. She is known to be sexually attracted to Michael, but he shuns it off.