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What does power have to do with fairness and justice in a 21st century world? In the 21st century there is still corruption because of power. When there is a powerful and corrupt leader many times fairness and justice are lost for greed. This idea is present in Persepolis and Night. The leaders are using their power for personal gain and want to keep the dissidents repressed which leads to no fairness or justice. Most of the leaders have the same policies; remove the nonconformists, lie to the people, and take away all justice. Removing the nonconformists is what dictators from Germany and Iran did. In 1939, Germany began deportation of Jewish people. He was the dictator and enforced drastic policies against Jews. In Iran during the Shah’s rule he had many massacres to try and stop the revolution. Satrapi writes, “After Black Friday, there was one massacre after another. Many people were killed” (40). The Shah was desperately trying to stay in power so he killed without mercy, and tried to drive the people into submission. He tried to use his power to remove the nonconformists. By removing fairness and justice, he created a revolution. Shown by Hitler and the Shah, killing and repressing the people helps dictators retain control of the people. Dictators lie to people to deceive them into believing they are the greatest country. In North Korea, Kim Jong IL said that North Koreans are God’s chosen people and everybody wants to be North Korean. He did this to keep his approval rating up. The Shah in Iran seized the education system and changed the textbooks to read that the Shah was chosen by God. Satrapi says, “As for me I love the king he was chosen by god… He did so! It’s written on the first page of our schoolbook” (19). At this point in the story, Satrapi’s father is talking about how they need a new king when she says this. The Shah is brainwashing the children into believing lies about him. He is doing this so when the children grow up they believe the Shah is great and he might stay in power for a long amount of time. Dictators lie to their people to create a false sense of pride in their country and leaders.

With absolute power brings absolute corruption. the result is corruption. and creating strict laws. Satrapi says. during Stalin’s rule. The Shah constantly arrested people at demonstrations and held them without any news to their family members. They try to stay in power by removing basic rights of freedom. his secret police captured political prisoners and held them indefinitely. The Shah imprisoned people that were anti-government so that they couldn’t spread their message. This is human nature. . When power is given to a single person. “The political prisoners were liberated a few days later. creating false nationalism. He did this to retain power over the citizens. There were 3000 of them” (47). In Soviet Russia. justice will be lost.Schoeps 2 The Dictators stay in power by removing all judicial systems. Dictators remove basic human rights and liberties in order to maintain order and control. This is present in governments ruled by dictators. As long as there is absolute power there will be corruption.

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