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com | March 2012

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Why companies should treat health and Wellness as a competitive advantage

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Cook MediCal: A LeAder in QuALity MedicAL devices

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WRiTTeN By kaTie WegNeR PRoduCed By jeff soBoleski

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Cook Medical

March 2012

Cook Medical, Asia Pacific

A Leader in Q

ince its inception in 1963, Cook Medical has built its business on the philosophy of making the right decision based on the patient rather than on financial concerns. Bill Cook started the company by building relationships with physicians and developing their ideas into medical devices that have provided good patient outcomes over many years. Over 49 years later, the company has grown from building devices out of a two bedroom unit in Bloomington, Indiana to a global leader in the medical research and manufacture of medical devices and supplies. This growth is due to Cook Medicals focus on creating the highest quality products for patients and physicians. Today, Cook Medicals devices are manufactured and distributed to over 130 countries worldwide. These products apply to patient needs in endovascular therapy, critical care medicine, general surgery, diagnostic and interventional
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Quality Medical Devices

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March 2012

procedures, bioengineered tissue replacement and regeneration, gastroenterology and endoscopy procedures, urology, and obstetrics and gynecology. Barry Thomas, Vice President and Director of Cook Medical, Asia Pacific, a manufacturing and distributing subsidiary of Cook Medical explains that it is the companys versatility, entrepreneurial spirit, and patient-centred focus that makes it exceptional. Cook Medical has a culture of ingenuity that constantly looks for ways to take ideas to commercialisation as well as develop
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suPPlieR sTaTs

inventia Pty ltd Employees: xxx ESTd: 2006 Industry: Fine chemicals, Biotechnology Services: > Api development > Api Manufacturing > contract r&D On-Going Projects: > Api development > GMp packaging > tissue engineering Management: > Julio ribeiro ph.D.
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existing products. This Asia on developing new product products. A recent major in endovascular stent graft tec
A VersAtile Business

As a privately-owned and f and agility to forge its own patients as well as the heal working on the research an Solutions, another facet of

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a Pacific subsidiary has a facility in Brisbane that focuses ts as well as manufacturing and distributing existing Cook nnovation by the facility has been the development of an chnology to treat aortic aneurysm disease.

family-operated company, Cook Medical has the freedom n path to create products for the health of individual lth of the medical industry as a whole. In addition to nd development of medical products, the Health Business the Cook Medical company, develops ways of delivering
March 2012
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smart solutions


Introducing the COOK K-MAR-5200 designed + manufactured by IntelliDesign

Since 1995, IntelliDesign has been developing award-winning electronic products that solve problems in a variety of markets including defence, transport, medical and mining. Contact us to find out how our experience in industrial design, hardware and software engineering, certified quality assurance and in-house manufacturing can help you solve your next design challenge.

Cook Medical

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healthcare more efficiently. The Health Business Solutions team recently helped to implement electronic data interface technology to several private and public sector hospitals, a tool that greatly improves their efficiency, accuracy, and cost-savings. Cook Medical is able to adapt to change very quickly due to its private ownership and flat management structure. This private ownership also affords the company the freedom to make unusual business decisions not hampered by shareholder opinion, like its decision to continue to focus its APAC resources and money in Australia on research and development. We see ourselves as being the early innovators and adopters who take an idea and develop it to commercial application, explains Thomas. Cook Medicals Australia facility is also unique in that it is able to custom-make products based on the requisitions of physicians. Cooks engineering and design team is able to customise products to fit the particular anatomy of a patient.
March 2012

suPPlieR sTaTs

3716 7000

smart solutions


intellidesign Pty ltd Employees: 42 ESTd: 1995 Industry: product Development Services: Design & manufacture of award winning electronic products On-Going Projects: Medical, mining, transport & defence Managing Director: Dr chris Bishop

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Since 1995, IntelliDesign has g the Engineering Director: been developing award-winning -5200 Dr Andrew Ward, solve electronic products that tured problems in a variety of markets esign including defence, transport, Visit Website

medical and mining. Contact us to find out how our experience in industrial design, hardware and software engineering, certified quality assurance and in-house manufacturing can help you solve your next design challenge.

Quality control is a comple like Cook Medical because no fail-safe way to predict Cook Medical looks at th to the output of the final p constantly look at new ma are up to date. There is als products. Finally, the comp if procedures need to be up

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nD inteGrity

ex and multifaceted issue for a medical device company e of the inexplicable nature of the human body, there is how a human body might respond to an implant. he larger picture of quality from the input of materials product implanted in a human body. Employees aterials and research to gauge if current procedures so a rigorous testing and validating process for new pany also utilises their research and development to see pdated or completely changed.
March 2012

powerful partnerships

World Travel Professionals has consistently delivered excellence in travel management for over 17 years. We provide a high standard of service supported by an integrated and adaptable suite of technology solutions. Winner of multiple AFTA Awards for Excellence and recently voted by a variety of corporations as winner of BTTBs Best Supplier/Travel Management Services Award. Our talented team works in partnership with our clients and suppliers to improve efficiencies, drive down costs and improve the overall travel management programme, while delivering a high level of service to your travellers. Why not see why so many well known companies have stayed so long with us and why even more are joining us today.

A reliable partner for our rapidly growing business in APAC is key to our success. WTP are one such partner, they take the worry out of travel for us, this is invaluable.
Barry Thomas, Vice President Cook Medical, Director - Asia Pacific

Brisbane | Gold Coast | Sydney | Melbourne | Perth Please call: Ross Contarino Director - Research and Business Development on 1800 355 508 or e-mail

Quality, Professional Cleaning Services

We strive to provide a superior service that not only meets but exceeds our customers expectations

Commercial Cleaning Specialists Delivering Multiple Services to: Hospitals and Medical Facilities Private Schools and Universities Sporting Facilities Corporate Offices Industrial Buildings Ports and Terminals Medical Hygiene Systems Eatons understand that cleaning and environmental services are a critical component of infection control in the OR and other patient areas in healthcare facilities. We address environmental hygiene through comprehensive processes and procedures to remove pathogens and minimize the risk of infection. Consumables and Washroom Services Eatons supply a large range of consumable items at competitive prices.

Contact us:

1800 807 057

Unit 2 - 18 Riverland Drive, Loganholme Qld 4129

Cook Medical

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suPPlieR sTaTs
World Travel Professionals Employees: 88 Industry: travel Management Services: corporate, leisure and conference travel
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DeVelopinG its eMployees

suPPlieR sTaTs eaton services group Employees: 300 Industry: Facility services Services: cleaning to Medical/ washroom/hygiene
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The work culture at Cook Medical is described by Thomas as being family-oriented, collaborative, and transparent. A significant number of employees stay with the company until retirement due to the positive work culture and competitive benefits as well as the personal satisfaction they feel from being part of an organization that is focused on the personal rather than the financial. The company talks freely with employees about the present state and future plans of the company so as to enable honest conversations and confidence between leaders and employees. Cook Medical also provides
March 2012

Romar manufactures a range of Tooling for liquid silicone and plastic injection moulding. We manufacture a range Medical Devices in both silicone and thermoset polymers.

69-71 CLAPHAM RD SEFTON, NSW 2162, AUSTRALIA TEL: 61 2 9644 5022 FAX: 61 2 9644 5347 |

Cook Medical

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suPPlieR sTaTs
Romar engineering Employees: 40 Industry: silicone & plastic Medical components & tooling Services: romar provides silicone and plastic components for medical and industrial applications. Visit Website

a great deal of training and development opportunities for employees. We focus on seeing the potential of what people can become and produce through training and development. This training and development varies from a PhD to a certificate in workplace health and safety because its all about improving our people and helping them grow, explains Thomas. This development also means that Cook is able to promote from within as about 80 per cent of positions are filled internally according to Thomas. Cook Medicals reputation and working relationships with universities enable it to find qualified employees for the other 20 per cent.
March 2012

expAnDinG into AsiA

Cook Medical Asia Pacific plans on continuing to manufa Cook products while also developing products from idea The company also plans on expanding its products and s needs of the Asian market. With its proximity to the Asia Australia facility is uniquely positioned to evaluate and d for the requirements of the Asian population. As Cook M reach of its products and services, its foundation of innov customer-focus ensures that it will continue to provide th constantly changing medical market.
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Name: cook Medical Est: 1963 Employees: Aus: 438 (as at Dec 2011) ApAc: 891 (as at Dec 2011) Vice President and Director of Cook Medical, Asia Pacific: Barry thomas Director of Finance, Cook Medical, Asia Pacific: Mark Muller Medical Director, Cook Medical, Asia Pacific: Dr. Anthony Wilkinson Director of Logistics, Cook Medical, Asia Pacific: ross Harvey Director of Healthcare Business Solutions, Cook Medical, Asia Pacific: robert Webb Website:
March 2012

acture and distribute to commercialisation. services to fit the an Pacific Rim, the develop products Medical expands the vation, flexibility, and he best products for a